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Charles Industries, LLC - Broadband Enclosures - CUBE Modular Cabinets

Charles Modular Cabinets offer the ultimate in flexibility for outdoor enclosure deployments. Multiple standard bays can be mixed and matched into a multitude of different configurations to suit a specific application. The cabinet lineup can be built and shipped direct from the Charles factory in the desired configuration. Additional bays can be ordered separately at a later date to be a... (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Strand-Mount Radio Brackets (CRSM)

Concealment Shrouds and Pole Solutions for Wireless Radio Networks

CRSM radio brackets are designed to mount RRH and antennas on aerial strands of 1/4" to 7/16" diameter. These weather-resistant aluminum brackets make it simple and easy to securely deploy up to two RRH and 4 antennas in aerial wireless networks. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Composite Mounting Pads for EVC Chargers

Charles Industries has created an innovative Composite Mounting Pad (CPAD) that replaces poured-in place or pre-cast concrete pads designed for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. The CPAD saves installation time and is less expensive and safer to use than concrete. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Protect Equipment for 5G Communications

Charles Industries is poised to help carriers succeed in the rollout of their cutting edge 5G cellular wireless investment. Charles’ Innovative Enclosed Solutions™ expertise is being applied to 4G & 5G equipment concealment shrouds and fiber termination enclosures to offer solutions for housing and protecting remotely deployed equipment. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Versatile and easy-to-use fiber access closures

For FTTH networks Charles fiber optic sealed drop closures provide a versatile, functional and cost-effective solution for FTTH network connections to the subscriber. FSDC series closures are fully-sealed units which can be strand, pole or pedestal mounted; or placed in below ground vaults and enclosures to meet any installation topology. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - FTTX Applications? New Buried Pedestals Deliver

When it comes to designing and building fiber optic distribution networks, the methods of deployment vary greatly from project to project. Service providers have many options at their disposal, with choices between fiber types, splicing methods, or the use of pre-connectorized solutions. See new distribution pedestals (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Industry First - Edge Computing Enclosures

ADLINK Technology and Charles Industries, Ltd. (Charles) have joined together to demonstrate the industry’s first complete micro-edge low latency Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Deep Learning (AI/ML/DL) solution that can be co-located on LTE small cell poles or with emerging 5G radios. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Environmental Enclosures for Communications

Innovative Enclosed Solutions These enclosures protect active electronics and passive interconnection for both outdoor and indoor applications at residential neighborhoods, multi-dwelling units (MDU), business parks, strip malls, cellular sites, base stations and other distribution points. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Small cells boost coverage

The nation's leading mobile provider has been boosting its coverage area by adding small cells in several Kentucky cities. Charles CUBE Small Cell Cabinets (SC Series) have been utilized as power and battery cabinets in these deployments (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Composite Enclosures the solution for mountaintop

Mason Butte in nothern Idaho is 3,655 feet high with sweeping views and is a great location for a cellular site..... But (pun intended) access to the remote location via logging roads in back country forests is a real challenge. The wireless service provider needed to upgrade the infrastructure and equipment - but concrete pads were out of the question (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Universal Broadband Enclosures MADE IN THE USA

From protecting LTE and 5G equipment to ensuring power sources are secure, Charles Universal Broadband Enclosures' (C.U.B.E.) optimized size and weight allow technicians to install these terminals in virtually any location quickly and easily. They are ideal for placements at cell sites, right-of-ways, business parks, MDU and equipment rooms. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Riser Line Guards

harles Riser Line Guards provide total protection of vertical utility pole cables, a necessity for a network component that is particularly vulnerable to accidental damage leading to both both safety hazards and service interruptions. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - CP2 Power Distribution Pedastal

When it comes to power distribution in residential and public areas, safety must always be the primary concern. Charles CP2 Power Distribution Pedestals were designed with input from leading utility providers to create the safest, most functional secondary power service pedestals available. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Airport Lighting Transformer

Charles Industries' 1500 Watt Isolation Transformers are used by airports worldwide to isolate high operating voltage for constant operation of approach lighting used on airport runways. Made in the U.S.A., Charles Isolation Transformers are built to the highest quality testing which includes visual inspection, ratio testing and HIPOT testing. Fully ETL accepted and FAA approved. (read more)

Charles Industries, LLC - Rugged Outdoor & Indoor Enclosures

Charles Universal Broadband Enclosures (CUBE) bring a new level of compactness to full-featured fiber optic and copper remote terminals. Their optimized size and weight allow technicians to install these terminals in virtually any location quickly and easily. They are ideal for placements at cell sites, right-of-ways, business parks, MDU and equipment rooms. (read more)