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Chemence® high purity instant adhesives are produced in ISO accredited cyanoacrylate synthesis plants in North America and Europe. Our company is a world leader in cyanoacrylate technology research and has developed a wide range of high-performance grades of industrial cyanoacrylate adhesives based on ethyl, methyl, methoxyethyl, isopropyl, n-butyl and octyl monomers over the year (read more)

Chemence Inc. - Adhesives and Sealants for the Automotive Industry

Chemence’s adhesives and sealants have gained a range of approvals with automotive OEMs over the years. Whether using a threadlocker for securing nuts and bolts or a cyanoacrylate for assembling interior components, many of the world’s most influential automotive leaders trust Krylex®. (read more)


With the advent of wearable technology, devices such as smart watches, sleep trackers and heartrate sensors have become a part of our life. In addition to fitness and wellbeing, these wearable electronics find many applications in medicine and healthcare, and they have tremendously helped in improving the quality of life for many people globally (read more)


Adhesives require a chemical reaction to convert their structure from the liquid to the solid state. Once cured, the adhesive provides a high-strength bond between two substrates, which resists temperature or humidity changes and is impervious to many chemicals. (read more)

Chemence Inc. -  The many uses of cyanoacrylate adhesives

Making it stick: The many uses of cyanoacrylate adhesives

Cyanoacrylate, commonly known as superglue, is a one-part adhesive that can form strong bonds with a wider variety of materials than most other types of adhesives. It can join plastics such as ABS, polyester, polycarbonate, PVC and nylon; (read more)

Chemence Inc. - Cost Savings Achieved with Krylex Anaerobics

KRYLEX® MRO adhesives are trusted by maintenance professionals around the world. We develop a wide variety of adhesives for every type of repair with the goal of making maintenance professional’s lives easier. Our high quality threadlockers, gasket makers and retaining compounds perform as well as market leaders while providing our customers significant cost savings. (read more)

Chemence Inc. - Chemence Supports Custom UV Adhesive Development

Chemence has optimized an extensive range of formulations for bonding, tacking, sealing, coating, encapsulation, lamination and potting. Chemence® has developed light curing resins for printing, medical use and general industrial assembly. Light curing compounds with secondary moisture curing or secondary thermal curing for shadowed areas are also available. (read more)

Chemence Inc. - Krylex Cyanoacrylates for Durable Instant Bonds

KRYLEX® cyanoacrylates are manufactured by Chemence® in ISO accredited plants operated around the world. Chemence is a world leader in cyanoacrylate technology research and has developed over 150 grades of cyanoacrylate based on ethyl, methyl, isopropyl, n-butyl and alkoxy-ethyl technologies. (read more)

Chemence Inc. - Chemence Acquires Electronics Adhesives Business

Chemence, Inc. announced its purchase of the electronics adhesive business and technology of Georgia-based manufacturer Supreme Recourses, Inc. The acquisition of Supreme Resource’s electronics adhesives portfolio by Chemence features adhesive technology in consumer electronics, including mobile devices and computers, and industrial electronics. (read more)

Chemence Inc. - KRYLEX® Polyurethane Hot Melt - KH101

KRYLEX® KH101 is a one component reactive polyurethane hot melt. It is solid at room temperature. After being applied warm, the product will cool to allow immediate handling. Upon further exposure to ambient humidity, KRYLEX® KH101 will achieve high strength bonds and excellent environmental resistance. (read more)

Chemence Inc. - KRYLEX® Industrial Assembly Solutions

Chemence® is continuously developing state of the art technologies that lead the industrial adhesive market in performance, quality and value – all under the Krylex® brand. (read more)

Chemence Inc. - Light Cure Adhesives for Electronics Industry

Chemence partners with electronic manufacturers and designers to develop custom solutions for applications ranging from cover screen bonding to speaker assembly to battery assembly. Our range of light cure adhesives, cyanoacrylates and reactive urethane hotmelts (PUR) hold the right solution for your manufacturing issues. (read more)