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Chemetall has promoted these products / services:

Chemetall - Innovative for performance in metalworking fluids

Metalworking fluids, such as the coolants and lubricants offered by Chemetall, enhanced tool life, lower disposal costs, and promote energy savings. (read more)

Chemetall - Cleaners

The cleaning step is for most of applications a essential process prior to any further surface treatment activities. (read more)

Chemetall - Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic particle testing (MT) is a widely applied non-destructive inspection method.  (read more)

Chemetall - Viant Coating

A smarter way to corrosion protection

The VIANT process is a conversion coating and primer paint in just one coating layer that enables reliable corrosion protection on edges and inner surfaces. It leads to a shorter process chain, resource savings and reduced running costs. (read more)

Chemetall - Flawless Edges and Throwpower of Electrocoating

BASF I Chemetall's Electrocoat Flawlessly coats every crevice to provide the finest corrosion protection available today. (read more)

Chemetall - Optimize your processes with Gardo® Control

Gardo Control is engineered specifically for the chemical industry and provides monitoring, systems control, data acquisition and real time logging capabilities. (read more)