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DEPRAG, Inc. - Clamp Force Control in Action!

Adaptive screwdriving procedure ensures a constant clamp force when drive-in torque values are fluctuating. A typical area of application is direct screwdriving into plastic and or metal. The patented screwdriving procedure for DEPRAG EC servo screwdrivers, in combination with the AST40, is used for greatly varying tightening torques. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Screwdriver Function Module with electronic stroke

The Screwdriver Function Module with electronic stroke (E-SFM) has been optimally designed to react accommodatingly to complex screwdriving tasks, new fasteners, and varying assembly requirements (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - The future of screwdriving technology

Screwdriving System DEPRAG Plus -
ONE platform for DEPRAG handheld and spindle screwdrivers (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Adaptive direct fastening of sheet metal

ADAPTIVE DFS, a revolutionary tool, is a game changer for the lightweighting industry. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - The revolutionary assembly system by DEPRAG


Automated, controlled Screwdriving with optimal process due to automatic adaptation to altering parameters (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - DEPRAG Press-Insertion Systems

Efficient placement and setting of connection-elements

The handheld Inserting Machine can be used where the efficient and process reliable press-insertion and placement operations are done by hand.

Our handheld and stationary press-insertion tools are combined with the suitable feeder.

Our Press-Insertion systems are an adaptive solution for many different applicatio... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Clever Solution for Robotic Flow Drill Screwdriver

"Drop that Feedhose" - The material mix used in the modern automotive body construction, as well as the one-sided and rather limited accessibility of the assembly positions, are a perfect reason for the use of a DEPRAG Flow-Form Screwdriving Unit (D-FFS). (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - DEPRAG's Intelligent Screwdriving System

In addition to an EC-Servo screwdriver, this revolutionary tool uses EC-Servo technology for linear movement and to generate the substantial downforces needed. Unlike widely used pneumatic cylinders with proportional valves,

ADAPTIVE DFS is capable of instantaneously changing force, which is essential for this unique fastening technique. Its compact and modular unibody design, as... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - MINIMAT-ED Digital Electric Screwdriver

MINIMAT-ED Digital Electric Screwdriver

Straight handle design: torque ranges between 0.24 - 4.8 Nm

  • Flexible
  • Economical
  • Comfortable
  • Process reliable
  • Robust The updated, more powerful MINIMAT-ED is available in three versions for torques between 0.24 to 4.8 Nm at speeds of 1500 rpm. The speeds can be individually adjusted up t...
(read more)
DEPRAG, Inc. - Lose That Feedhose!

Lose that Feedhose - A Unique Way to Assemble Flow-Form Screws

A feedhose can interfere with the rather rapid movement requirement of a robot, which in turn can cause production interruptions as well as quality issues. DEPRAG now offers a clever solution to this problem. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Cordless Screwdrivers-mechanical shut-off clutch

The new catalog comes in an updated, more reader friendly design. Aside from the detailed description, pictures and drawings, you will now find an additional accessory, the Torque Setting Tool. The torque setting tool can be used without disassembling the protective sleeve and it is particularly beneficial when a frequent change to the torque setting is required. The cordless scre... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - MINIMAT-EC-Servo Screwdrive Spindles

Servo screwdriver spindles in connection with the sequence controller AST40 allow free programming of the screw tightening process and offer maximum flexibility, accuracy and process control.

Torque, speed, angle, drive direction and sequence delay times can be customized to the individual screwdriving task within the power range of the selected screwdriver spindle.

The app... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - The “eacy feed” vibratory bowl feed from DEPRAG

Intelligent and efficient feeding with the "eacy feed" from DEPRAG

"eacy feed" (efficient assembly communication yield) is the next generation vibratory bowl feeder. Just in time for the MOTEK, DEPRAG presents its innovative new development: energy-efficient Industry 4.0-capable feeding machines.

"eacy feed" devices are distinguished by dr... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - MICROMAT Screwdrivers

The basic solution for almost all screwdriving tasks straight design - torque from 0.02 to 0.7 Nm (3 to 97 in.oz)

  • robust
  • completely accurate
  • ergonomic, long life, quiet

The particular strength of the MICROMAT screwdriver - scarcely larger than a pen - is that it can carry out screw assemblies with torque ranges from 2 Ncm... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - D6800E-DEPRAG Specialty Air-Motors

Air vane motors for special applications

drilling motors 80 - 600 W

milling motor 400 W

grinding motors 150 - 1000 W

  • robust and precise bearing
  • high running accuracy
  • high precision drill chucks and collets

High performance drive for installation in robots and machines.

(read more)
DEPRAG, Inc. - MINIMAT-E Screwdriver Spindles

MINIMAT-E Screwdriver Spindles

Torque range from 0.3 - 4.8 Nm

The electric screwdriver with mechanical shut-off clutch. The solution where compressed

air is not desired or there is no compressed air available.

robust, long life cycle

highest shut-off accuracy

The stationary electric screwdriver series 342E with mechanical shut-off clutch i... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - GET green energy turbine

The GET turbine generator is an innovation that pays you back!

The GET green energy turbine can recover an even small residual energy from 5 to 20 kW and turns the recovered energy into income!

No matter if used on natural gas pipelines where the pressure is reduced to direct the gas into a regional net or if it is used during the cooling process of smelting t... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Energy-Efficient Step Feeder System

The new “eacy step feed,” now enables the efficient, intelligent, and technically clean feeding of even longer screws! The DEPRAG step feeder system combines all the advantages of a step feeder with the outstanding energy-efficiency of DEPRAG’s vibration and regulating technology. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Introducing the Nanomat®

Small, Smaller - the Smallest! DEPRAG has always stood on the forefront of innovation and has been extremely successful with its Miniature Screwdriver series, the Micromat, which is available in many different executions, pneumatic or electric, handheld or stationary, etc (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Automatic feeding of screws with square washers

Generally, screws that have a captive washer are not very difficult to feed. DEPRAG integrates a hammer mechanism that compresses the washer tightly to the bottom of the screw head, so that any shingling or jamming is avoided. However, that is exceedingly difficult, when the washer is square. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. -  Battery Operated Pistolgrip EC-Screwdriver

The more that compressed air hoses and cables are a hindrance during assembly work, the more preference is given to battery-powered EC-screwdrivers for mass-production environments. The increased performance of modern batteries also increases the application field for those tools. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Cordless Pistolgrip Screwdriver with shut-off

This new Screwdriver series features two pistolgrip cordless Screwdrivers with a mechanical shut-off clutch. The torque range is 1 - 6 Nm [8.8 - 53 in.lbs.] with a speed ranging from 2,000
to 650 rpm. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - DEPRAG Cordless Impact - up to 184 ft.lbs. torque

This cordless impact wrench features a 3-step, timed torque-adjustment that allows for a quick shut-off when torque is reached. The maximum torque capability is 250 Nm [184 ft.lbs.] at a speed of 2,300 rpm. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - CleanFeed-the right concept to eliminate particles

Technical cleanliness is gaining increasing importance, particularly in the automotive technology. Minute particles can cause devastating damage. For example when components are assembled onto a PCB a tiny stray piece of metal could connect two of the conducting strips and cause a short. Contaminating particles can clog up jets and filters, block valves, or cause bearings to jam. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. -  DEPRAG MINIMAT-ED Screwdriving System

The new revolutionary DEPRAG Minimat-ED Screwdriving System features an Electric Screwdriver that displays its preset torque directly on the Screwdriver! Need to assemble many different screws? Do you require constant changing of the torque? Do you run short production cycles? Then this is definitely the tool for you (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Automotive Construction made easy with DEPRAG

Lightweight construction moves into the fast lane! Mixed materials for car bodies require alternative fastening techniquesDEPRAG flow drilling screw fastening assembly system also copes with tight spaces. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Top efficiency when grinding cast iron components

The optimal balance between grinder and abrasive can actually translate into savings of over 30% by combining a turbine grinder with high quality abrasives. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Turbine powers innovative 6-HP angle-grinder

The shipbuilding worker uses an angle-grinder to smoothen the bumps on the welded seams that join together the steel plates of the ship’s hull. It is a difficult job for man and machine, and it is usually performed in piecework and multi-shift operations. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - DEPRAG Flow-Form Screwdriving System

In assembly areas where access from both sides is not possible, an alternative fastening process is required. In such cases, screw tightening made with flow drilling screws have come to the forefront as a solution to the problem. Flow drilling screws create a high-strength fastener connection and form a process-reliable joint for different types of sheet metals. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Pneumatic Pliers

Air pliers are suitable for the industrial use for example in the automotive industry, in machine building industry, in the appliance industry as well as in maintenance and assembly departments. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Turbine Motors - a powerful solution

Great power-weight ratio while also delivering high revolution rates in continuous operation! The turbine motor: the air motor packing maximum efficiency (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Screwfeeder Series 6

Billions of screws are assembled every day in worldwide industrial production-screws with diverse dimensions, light and heavy, screws that you can hardly grasp with your fingers, screws for electrical toothbrushes, mobile phones, kitchen mixers, screws for automotive or aircraft parts, and many more applications. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Powerful Air Vane Motors

We can supply interesting alternatives for drive- and control-options that fit our powerful air vane motors and that are pretty much suitable for all industries. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - DCAM - Compact Assembly Machine From DEPRAG

Over the past 25 years, DEPRAG has carried out a strategic study and analysis, and incorporated the results into the new DCAM. However the modular structure means that it is now easier to calculate investment costs, and it can be delivered sooner. It means that the new "off the shelf" DCAM is available at a fixed price and comes with a manageable delivery lead time. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Easy Roller

Maneuver a parked aircraft by hand... An air motor powers an innovative transport device designed for wheeled equipment. Moving heavy rolls of paper, railway wagons, and even parked aircrafts by hand may sound like magic, but it is humanly possible! The unassuming "Easy Roller" works just as its name implies. With this device, you can easily maneuver up to 100 tons without exerting great... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Press-Insertion Machine

Press-Insertion Machine (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - 2-Axis Gantry Style Screwdriving Robot

The required process is to assemble brackets used in the production of controller boxes; machine is designed as a stand-alone system, which can accommodate either one or two Operators. (Automatic feeding of two different screws and assembly capability of up to 180 different part variations) (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Use turbine technology to earn from surplus energy

DEPRAG has completed the development of the prototype of the innovative GET turbine generator for the power range 3-50 kW into the sizes 5 kW, 20 kW and 50 kW. These design sizes are individually configured. For the fluid mechanic layout and design specific processing parameters need to be defined: type of medium, inlet pressure, outlet pressure, mass flow, and inlet and outlet temperatu... (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - DCAM -- designed as Stand-Alone Unit

The process requires the assembly of a fuse-housing (two components) with 3 screws (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Accreditation for its Calibration Laboratory

DEPRAG SCHULZ GmbH & CO., experts in screwdriving technology, receive "The Deutscher Kalibrierdienst" accreditation for their calibration laboratory (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - DEPRAG Assembly Station for Medical Industry

Automatic feeding of covers used on a dialysis device in the medical industry; also the feeding, stamping and insertion of filter-membranes into the dialysis cover. A difficult requirement was that the station and the finished products are located in different rooms. The processing of the cover occurs in a "Cleanroom", which is an imperative production method in the medical industry. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Screwdriving Station for Anti-Vibration Grips

Required Process:Manual loading of six (6) grips; screw tightening to depth only – vertical from top down; verify screw assemblies were OK or NOT OK - if needed grips will be sorted into a reject container – automatic unloading onto a conveyor leading to the packaging station. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Screwdriving Machine

Manual Workstation to assemble Pump Covers - The required process was to assemble a pump cover onto two different pump housings, using 4 screws and 2 different torque values and with one Manual Workstation [HAP]. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - XYZ Screwdriving Machine

This machine was designed and manufactured for the assembly of an automotive Multimedia Control Component (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Screwdriver Station

Requirement: Press-insert a relay roller-bearing and a timing-belt holder; dispense an adhesive with activator

Cycle time: 10 seconds

Solution: DEPRAG Station with Machine Frame BOSCH TS2 Conveyor SIEMENS RFID-System DEPRAG Lift- and Locate Stations Automatic Part- and Style Recognition System DEPRAG Feeding- and Placement Units LOCTITE Dispenser DEPRAG Controller Beacon Light (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Screwdriving Machine

This is a Manual Workstation with multi-function control options. Since the individual screw locations need to be accessed using different angles and recesses, the part fixture is designed to swivel along its horizontal axis by 300-degrees. This feature allows the effortless access of all screw locations. (read more)

DEPRAG, Inc. - Screwdriving and Pressing Station

DEPRAG Rotary-Index Assembly Station for the installation of rivnuts and bolts into protection covers for automotive exhaust systems. (read more)