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Daemar Inc. - The O-ring

O-Rings, seals and braided packing are essential components in valves. Achieving optimal sealing performance for maximum longevity of the seal requires the correct elastomer and seal type for the operating environment. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - A Proper Shaft Seal Improves Performance

Daemar shaft seals featuring single, double or multiple lips are engineered to retain lubricants and exclude contaminants. Identifying the correct seal extends bearing life and reduces overall system maintenance costs. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Fiber-Lube composite bushings

The HT bushing is a high load, low RPM bearing designed for applications where self-lubrication is desired, but conventional composite bushings will not perform at high temperatures. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Oilfield Thread Protection

Oilfield drilling equipment requires the use of heavy drill pipes that are expensive and are susceptible to damage. Thread protection is vital for the optimal successful operation of drilling systems. Tubing,Casing, and Tool joint series are available. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Brass Shim Rolls

It has been cold rolled to a 1/2 hard temper with a tensile strength of appox. 62,000 PSI. Brass Shim Stock is 70% Copper & 30% Zinc. It has a Rockwell hardness of 30T 56/68. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Braided Packing

Braided Packing Construction

  • Square Braided
  • Braid over Braid
  • Braid over Core
  • Interbraid
  • Die Form
(read more)
Daemar Inc. - Flexible Oil Seals

Made from a Kevlar reinforced heel, this seal can be used as a solid or a split seal. With inch and metric shaft sizes we can provide from stock a seal for almost any size ranging from below one inch to well over 40 inches OD. Nitrile, Vitonmore materials are available and many lip designs for your specific sealing environments. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar offers a complete line of masking tapes

Daemar offers a complete line of masking tapes for the finishing industry. Our standard product line of masking tapes are available in a range of materials that include: Polyimide, Polyester, Crepe, Glass Cloth and Silicone Rubber. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - A Complete Range of Standard Disc Springs

The complete range of standard Disc Springs

  • DIN 2093 Metric Series
  • DIN 6796 Series - Belleville Washers
(read more)
Daemar Inc. - Unique Solutions for Extended Bearing Life

DMR bearing isolators can normally replace existing sealing devices, without modification to the equipment. Extending equipment operating life across these industries:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Food and Beverage
(read more)
Daemar Inc. - Corrosion & Abrasive resistant seals

The super tough materials that make the DMR™ Type W Mechanical Seal are selected for their corrosion and abrasive resistance and can be used in any low speed application that must endure such extreme conditions. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Uniform Loading and Elimination of Spring

The advantage of this design is uniform loading throughout the seal’s life, elimination of springs that can be jammed by contaminants and zero wear on expensive shaft or housing components. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - The Benefits of Detectable Seals

At Daemar, our solution for this is seals that are made of materials that are detectable by x-ray, metal detectors, or both. This includes making o-rings out of Metal Detectable Seal Logoelastomeric compounds such as Buna, EPDM, FKM, Tuf-Steel, and Silicone. The products are perfect for use in applications where even the slightest contamination can ruin a process or a large batch of prod... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - U-Cups

U-Cups derive their name from their shape and are self-sealing on both the inside diameter and outside diameter. They are most often used for sealing rams or rods and are very popular due to the small gland space required. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Standard Duty Well Casing Thread Protectors

Patent Pending Design - no other like it in the industry (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Protect bearings with zero lubricant leakage

Bearing isolators (Protech seals) are designed to protect bearings with zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Molded O-Rings to suit your every need.

The O-ring is a simple and versatile seal that can be used in thousands of applications. O-rings are manufactured in a wide variety of compounds to suit your every need. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - The Wave Spring Advantage

A wave spring is made from coiled flat wire with waves added to give it a spring effect. Wave springs are superior to coil springs in certain applications because they provide lower work heights with the same force. This not only provides for space savings, but also smaller assemblies that use less materials, hence lower production costs. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Simplify Bushing Applications with Dryslide THX

DMR Dryslide THX Bushings are designed to provide long life and trouble free maintenance. The simple uni-body design allows for high load capacity, low speeds and the POM (Acetol) liner enables both rotary and oscillating movements. Dryslide's excellent physical properties coupled with its low cost relative to other bearing solutions make it the unbeatable choice for value. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Promote Better Seal Performance

For a seal to optimally operate requires the appropriate design of the two components that the seal interacts with - the Bore and the Shaft. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Choosing Vinyl Parts for Product Protection

Advantages of Choosing Vinyl Parts for Product Protection - Caplugs (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Product Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Selecting the correct material and design for these components is crucial to the longevity of your processing equipment and can help reduce maintenance costs and downtime. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Precision stainless steel wear sleeves

DMR Sleeves are precision stainless steel wear sleeves designed to prolong the life of damaged shafts and yokes by providing a new sealing surface that is superior to most original finishes and materials. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Single Spring "Pusher" Mechanical Seals

Most mechanical seals single spring style come in two parts: The "Head" & the "Seat". The Head is part of the spring assembly and it usually mounts on the shaft. The Seat is not part of the spring assembly and usually mounts in the bore (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar's mechanical pump seals are cost effective

Daemar's mechanical pump seals are cost effective for a wide range of applications such as pool and spa pumps, centrifugal pumps and well point pumps. We also provide multi-spring seals. Daemar delivers a range of Mechanical Seal solutions from the standard Types A, B, C, D and E. Daemar can also supply custom seals such as our new Type W Axial Shaft Seal. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - High Performance Braided Packing

Daemar offers a huge inventory of the most popular packing styles. In addition, our manufacturers fabricate a wide variety of other constructions designed to meet specific customer requirements. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Mechanical Braided Packing

Our most popular braided packing styles. In addition, our manufacturers fabricate a wide variety of other constructions designed to meet specific customer requirements. Daemar is a proud Distributor of Chemstar Mechanical Packings. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Promote Better Seal Performance

For a seal to optimally operate requires the appropriate design of the two components that the seal interacts with - the Bore and the Shaft. The Bore should have an adequate lead in chamfer and proper tolerancing to allow a proper press fit of the seals outer casing when installed, this will prevent leakage between the seal and bore and it will eliminate any rotating or movement of... (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Extending Seal Life Starts with Proper Selection

Although not often the most expensive component in a bearing assembly the proper selection of the radial shaft seal can be crucial to ensuring bearing longevity and reducing system maintenance costs of gear boxes, pumps, motors and other power transmission devices. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Slotted Shim Kits

DMR™ slotted shims are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. Each kit contains 10 (mini) or 20 (standard) shims of each thickness (.001, .002, .003, .004, .005, .010, .015, .020, .025, .050, .075, .100, .125). Let DMR™ kits provide the right solution for all of your slotted shim applications. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar Releases New Caplugs Selector Guide

Caplugs come in a number of materials, shapes, and sizes to serve various applications. To better help customers determine the right plugs for their needs, Daemar has recently published a detailed Caplugs Selector Guide online (read more)

Daemar Inc. - The Benefits of X-Ray and Metal Detectable Seals

Our seals can help ensure the safety and integrity of your products, and allow you to work with confidence. Get in touch with a representative here at Daemar to find out how we can help you integrate these money-saving seals into your process. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Prevention of product loss through contamination.

There are numerous benefits to using X-ray and metal detectable seals in your pipe lines. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar supports the Water Treatment industry

We support the water treatment sector with a wide selection of products, from rings and seals to caplugs and packing (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar supports Automotive industry applications

Combine our product mix with local inventories and EDI computer systems integration and Daemar becomes a valuable supply chain partner who can help reduce your acquisition costs for many automotive industry applications. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - The Construction of DMR™ Shaft Seals

Rotary shaft seals play a key role in extending the operating life of bearing systems and reducing the overall costs of maintaining these systems. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Sanitary Gaskets - Hygenic Seals

Sanitary Gaskets

A wide variety of sanitary gaskets and o-rings. Hygienic seals are used widely in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverage, Industrial and Semi Conductor industries to seal clamp connections in sanitary pipe lines. We offer the entire product range of specialty gaskets in several elastomers, and fluoroelastomers. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - X-Ray and Metal Detectable Seals

X-Ray and Metal Detectable Seals

Metal Detectable products provide confidence to food, dairy and beverage manufacturers by insuring product safety and integrity as outlined by the Food Safety Modernization Act.

As a result of excessive use, shearing and damage can occur to equipment causing undetectable product contamination. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Hammer Union Seals

A hammer union comprises of a thread end, a nut end and a hammer nut which, when cinched up, compresses a composite seal assembly thereby preventing leakage. The seal assembly comprises a metal insert of a size to pass into the seal groove of conventional hammer unions and a small seal acting between the insert, the thread end and the nut end. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Eliminate Bearing Contamination in Pumps

Protech bearing isolators provide total bearing protection by ensuring zero leakage of lubricant to the atmosphere and total exclusion of contaminants from the bearing housing. Non-contact sealing element design eliminates scoring and shaft wear. "Wash Down" profiles are ideal for food processing industry applications. Contact Daemar for more information. (read more)

Daemar Inc. - Daemar P/N Plastic Bushings

Oil-free & self lubricating, available in a range of engineering polymers depending on the application. Designed to be cost efficient compared with metal bushings, plastic bushings are ideal for light, maintenance free applications. (read more)