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Dynapower Corporation - Video & White Paper Solar Energy Storage Solutions

NORTH AMERICA currently has over 20 GW of installed utility-scale PV generation. In 2016 the largest amount of PV installed to date was over 14 GW brought online. The majority
of this installed utility-scale PV base could expand production hours and increase revenues
with the addition of energy storage. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - Extend high power rectifier life economically.

High Power Rectifiers are at the heart of powering many businesses. Major plant facilities & crucial processes are built around rectifiers and uptime is critical to success. Upgrading to the Latest Control Systems Improves Plant Reliability, Safety, and Your Bottom Line. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - IGBT Chopper Rectifiers Advantages WEBINAR

High power IGBT chopper rectifiers hold distinct advantages over traditional thyristor rectifiers. IGBT chopper rectifiers, which employ diode rectification and a modular configuration, have a higher power factor, lower harmonics, simplified transformer design, lower output ripple, higher efficiency and greater reliability and lifespan than thyristor rectifiers. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - High Power Chopper and Thyristor Rectifiers

Dynapower designs and manufacturers high power rectifiers for large applications. These are available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 pulse sets with higher order combined systems available. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - Learn about our battery formation solutions

Dynapower has over 50 years of experience powering the formation of batteries for vehicle and industrial use for battery manufacturers worldwide. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - DC-DC Converter Partner Program

Dynapower Launches DC-DC Converter Partner Program For Central Solar Inverter Manufacturers (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - Helping to Power the Copper Mining Industry

ASARCO’s copper refinery process is powered by Dyanpower’s high power rectifier. Dynapower is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of chopper and thyristor rectifiers for mining and electrowinning applications. Most electrowinning units consist of a tank, pump, and rectifier, making Dyanpower a key piece of the process. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - Extend Life of Aging & Obsolete Rectifiers

Digital control upgrades are a cost-effective means of improving the performance and extending the operating lifetime of high power rectifiers. The control platforms are designed with specialized electronics that, due to rapid technology advances, can quickly become obsolete, whereas rectifier transformers can last decades. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - Power Grid Resiliency - New Patented Technology

Dynamic Transfer technology enables grid resiliency for utility and commercial & industrial customers. The patented technology enables the seamless transition of an energy storage system with a Dynapower inverter from grid-tied to backup battery power in the event of a grid disturbance. Access a White Paper on the technology (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Transformers

Developed in the United States for our internal use as the heart of our rectifier products, these transformers are designed for long and reliable service life in rugged industrial applications. Designed to be cooled using air or water, these transformers are also environmentally safe, which benefits the end user. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - MPS-100 Inverter

For 480 VAC-class, grid-connected energy storage applications, Dynapower offers the patent-pending MPS-100, a 100 kW inverter from the Micro Power Systems™ (MPS) family of behind the meter, four-quadrant, energy storage inverters. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - Oil Immersed Transformers

Dynapower's line of oil immersed transformers was developed for our internal use as the heart of our larger rectifier products and are designed for long and reliable service life in rugged industrial applications. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation - Pre-Engineered Silicon Controlled Rectifiers

Dynapower is pleased to offer an economy line of pre-engineered air and water-cooled SCR rectifiers that puts efficient, reliable power in your facility faster and at a substantial savings compared to a custom engineered SCR rectifier. (read more)

Dynapower Corporation -  DPS-250 — 250kW DC-to-DC Converter

Designed specifically for installation with existing or new utility-scale solar installations, Dynapower's patent-pending DPS-250 bi-directional 250 kW DC-to-DC Converter is a new cost-effective approach to coupling energy storage with solar. The DPS-250 allows utility-scale owners to maximize production and utilization of solar energy on the grid to increase project revenues. (read more)