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EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. has promoted these products / services:

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Unlock the Potential of EV Battery Testing

With the rapid growth of the EV industry, development and test engineers face new challenges, such as higher voltage and power levels, increased energy density and faster response times. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - How to Test EV Batteries

To ensure reliable performance, EV batteries must be well-tested during development and production to ensure they will meet real-world demands. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Conventional and regenerative power supply

What could more than 96% energy recovery do for you?
Less noise? Less energy costs? Quick ROI? Help your company meet its sustainability goals? (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Choosing the Ideal Programmable DC Power Supply

These considerations will ensure you pick the best instrument for your needs and avoid unplanned costs and delays. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Become a More Powerful Test Engineer

Become a More Powerful Test Engineer with the EA IU Table Function (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - New Industrial Series 60 kW DC Power Supplies

Unleashing Power and Efficiency: EA Elektro-Automatik’s EA 10000 Industrial Series Revolutionizes High-Power Testing (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - EA Programmable DC Electronic Loads

EA Elektro-Automatik''s ELR series of regenerative DC electronic loads are state-of-the-art. Featuring 15 kW in 3U and 30 kW in 4U and a built-in function generator (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - EA Bidirectional DC Programmable Power Supplies

The lower the test voltage, the higher currents are possible. Likewise, higher voltages are available for lower currents. This means that a much wider range of test routines can be covered with a bidirectional DC power supply. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - EA-BT 20000 Series

High-Current with 3 channels
High-Precision for measuring voltage and current
High-Speed with maximized throughput (read more)


High-Current with 3 channels
High-Precision for measuring voltage and current
High-Speed with maximized throughput (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Autoranging vs Conventional DC Power Supplies

How Autoranging Saves Capital Costs and Rack Space (and How True Autoranging Saves Even More!) (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - DC Power Supplies/Loads: No Lead Times!

New EA 10000 Series DC Power Supplies/Loads: No Lead Times!
It’s time to say yes to High power level, maximum functionality and state-of-the-art technology with EA's new 10000 series. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Fast Shipping of 10000 Series DC Power Supplies

New 10000 series programmable DC power supplies from EA Elektro-Automatik offer high power density and superior performance over a greater range of power from 10kW to 30kW. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Looking for power control software solutions?

Are you looking for power control software solutions? Take a look at the EA-Power Control software package with simple-to-use features for control and test simulation on up to 10 devices. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - The new 10000-series power supplies

SiC Technology is Powering our Series 10000 Power Supplies – Here is Why (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Considerations for Selecting an Electronic Load

Let us save you valuable time and suggest parameters you will want to consider when selecting an electronic load for your test needs. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - High-Power Racks

Do you need a high-power system for testing or performing burn-in on solar panel arrays, electric vehicle batteries, fuel cells systems or other products that require high power? (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - New Technology and Training Center in Detroit

EA Elektro-Automatik’s new Michigan facility offers on-site training and high-power testing to nearby automotive engineering community and other regional manufacturers. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Marine & Offshore bidirectional power supplies

Following the trend of battery- and fuel-cell-powered cars, the marine industry has now introduced the direct current (DC) system for the electrical distribution system and the powertrain in ships in combination with the AC on-board electrical system. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Products used in Test Automation

Products used in Test Automation:

  • DC Bidirectional programmable DC power supplies
  • Programmable DC Electronic Laboratory Power Supplies
  • Programmable DC electronic loads Conventional and Regenerative
(read more)
EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Simulate Batteries with the EA Battery Simulator

There are many advantages to simulating batteries when testing battery-powered equipment, battery chargers, or battery-management systems during design and production tests. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - EA & EV/HEV Automotive Industry Focus

EA Elektro-Automatik is Germany’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads since 1974, with North America sales and service offices. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - EA Turnkey High Power DC Racks

EA Elektro-Automatik's turnkey DC power racks and cabinet systems utilize either bidirectional programable DC power supplies or regenerative DC electronic loads to produce test solutions with output power up to 1.92MW. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Power Electronics for Research & Development

EA Electric Automatic Product Lines of DC Power Supplies, Electronic Loads and Bidirectional Power Supplies has features that allow you to effectively test today's renewable energy technologies (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Power electronics for lifting off

EA DC power supplies, electronic loads, and bi-directional power supplies have features that test today's avionics and meet future requirements. EA's PSI, EL, ELR, and PSB product lines can deliver up to 2000 V, feature autoranging and on-board arbitrary waveform generators. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Faster testing For battery systems in vehicles

EA Elektro-Automatik's product lines for DC power supplies, electronic loads and bi-directional power supplies make it possible to test significantly more flexibly and efficiently. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - DC Power Supply Selection Guide

Choosing the right programmable power supply for your test system or application can feel overwhelming if you are not sure of all the considerations involved. (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Autoranging DC Programmable Power Supply Benefits

EA Elektro-Automatik''s True Autoranging technology allows our DC Programmable Power Supplies to maintain full power over a wider current and voltage range. Essentially you can test more applications with one unit (read more)


Power supply and regenerative load in one (read more)

EA Elektro-Automatik Inc. - Future-proof your Power Supply with EA-PSI 10000

EA Elektro-Automatik’s PSI 10000 series features true autoranging for full power across a wider test range, and offers 30kW in 4U power density with a function generator and touchscreen control. (read more)