E+E Elektronik has promoted these products / services:

E+E Elektronik - Modbus RTU Humidity and Temperature Probe

The EE072 probe measures accurately and reliably relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) and calculates all other humidity related parameters. It is the ideal choice for demanding process and climate control such as in agriculture, life stock, food, pharma or clean rooms. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Modular Probe for CO2/Humidity/Temp. & Pressure

The versatile EE872 is the perfect solution for agriculture and industrial OEM applications. Probe heating, an excellent protection and a replaceable sensing module ensure outstanding reliability, even in harsh environments. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Miniature Sensor Module for CO2/Temp. Pressure

The all-new EE895 is the ideal sensor for building automation and process control. Compact design, easy integration and the unique pressure compensation allow new possibilities, fast time-to-market and reliable performance. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - CO2 Measurement Sensors

E E's years of experience in sensors and thin-film technology lead to highest quality non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 measuring cells. The cells with gold-plated light path are assembled in state-of-the-art clean rooms and represent the prerequisite for highly accurate and long term stable CO2 measurement. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Temperature Measurement

Transmitters, sensors and hand-held meters for temperature measurement in HVAC and clean room applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Air Velocity Measurement

All E E air velocity measuring devices are based on the thermal anemometer principle. They employ E E sensing elements manufactured in state-of-the-art thin film technology. Due to their design and small mass, the E E sensing elements stand out by fast response time, as well as highest sensitivity even at very low air speed typical for clean rooms and laminar flow control. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Moisture in Oil Measurement

Online monitoring of moisture content in lubricating, hydraulic and insulation oil is an important factor in maintaining the functional reliability of equipment and machines in the long term. (read more)

E+E Elektronik - Humidity Measurement for Most Industrial Applications

The high quality E E humidity sensors, modules, probes and transmitters are well proven in most industrial applications over several decades. All E E humidity measuring devices are developed and manufactured in Austria, and feature E E humidity sensors manufactured in state of the art thin film technology. (read more)