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Edgetech Instruments Inc. - High efficiency chilled mirror dewpoint sensor

Edgetech Instruments’ high efficiency X3 chilled mirror dewpoint hygrometer sensor with a measurement range to –85°C frost point temperature lowers the cost of installation, operation and maintenance. Fast response coupled with drift-free high accuracy when measuring dew/frost point in very dry atmospheres can help improve product yield and reduce process down-time. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - DewMaster now with high efficiency X3 Sensor

The Edgetech Instruments DewMaster is now available with a high efficiency X3 chilled mirror sensor. With all stainless-steel wetted parts and a pressure rating to 300 psi, the new X3 sensor is more chemically resistant in aggressive applications. It can achieve -70°C frost point without secondary cooling and -80°C frost point with liquid cooling. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - NIST traceable relative humidity calibrator

The RH CAL is a programmable humidity calibration system that is at home in the metrology lab or in the field performing on-site, NIST traceable humidity calibrations. Unlike other calibration systems, the RH CAL is entirely self-sufficient. It does not need compressed air or a water connection to operate. ISO/IEC 17025 certification is available. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - High precision wide range portable hygrometer

The PDM75 portable hygrometer is now available with the high efficiency X3SF chilled mirror sensor for high precision, wide range, field portable use. With a dew/frost point temperature range of +70 to -65°C, it provides drift-free accuracy, NIST traceability, low maintenance and high durability, all in an easy to use portable configuration. ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration is av... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - PDM75-X3 high accuracy portable hygrometer

A portable dew/frost point hygrometer that integrates the accuracy and reliability of the newest Edgetech Instruments chilled mirror sensors with the convenience and ruggedness required for field use. PDM75-X3 hygrometer features drift-free accuracy, NIST traceability, low maintenance, high durability and ease of use in a highly portable package. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - HP125 humidity, temperature, pressure probe

The HP125 Multi-Sense probe is a cost effective, easy to use solution to many industrial and laboratory measurement and control applications. It continuously measures up to four parameters including percent relative humidity, dew/frost point, temperature and absolute or barometric pressure using a single intelligent sensor tip. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Flush mounting dewpoint hygrometer for ducts

The DewTrak II is a precise, low maintenance, industrial dewpoint and relative humidity hygrometer using a chilled mirror sensor to monitor the water vapor content of gases, and a platinum resistance thermometer to measure temperature, without drift or the need for routine recalibration. The DewTrak II is available in configurations including duct, wall, flange and pipe mounting. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Precise dewpoint hygrometer has remote sensor

The Edgetech Instruments DewTrak II dewpoint/humidity transmitter is a precision hygrometer for industrial and process applications using a primary method chilled mirror sensor to continuously measure the water vapor content in gases without drift or the need for routine recalibration. The sensor can be attached to the electronics housing directly or mounted remotely in various configura... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - High accuracy dew/frost point generator is IS

The DewGen is a high accuracy dew/frost point generator for use as a stand-alone device to create a known and precise dew/frost point calibration gas. When the DewGen is coupled with a NIST traceable chilled mirror hygrometer, the result is an extremely cost effective dew/frost point calibration standard at a fraction of the cost of other types of calibration systems. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - NIST traceable rackmount precision hygrometer

The American made DewMaster hygrometer is known in the industry for its high value and top performance. In 19-inch rackmount configuration with its corrosion resistant, primary method, chilled mirror sensor, it is a drop-in replacement for products by other manufacturers you may now be using. The sensor may be remotely mounted on a connecting cable or mounted to the hygrometer console. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Compressed air measurement and alarm system

The SENTRY 85 has a strobe lamp and pulsing horn plus an alarm relay contact that activate when a programmable, low pressure or high dewpoint alarm trip point is detected. Either condition triggers the alarms. It also has a local display of the measured pressure and dew point of the compressed air system plus analog outputs, one each for measured pressure and dewpoint at atmospheric pres... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Model 200M Meteorological Hygrometer

The Model 200M is a complete instrument with ISO/IEC 17025 Certification for measuring atmospheric dew/frost point, temperature, relative humidity and other psychrometric variables. It uses the accurate and reliable chilled mirror sensing technique that provides a primary measurement of dew/frost point. It is well suited for continuous, automatic, and unattended measurement of atmospheri... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Dewpoint hygrometer doesn’t need recalibration

The DewTrak II precision dewpoint hygrometer for industrial and process applications doesn’t need cleaning or recalibration to remain accurate without expensive and disruptive maintenance, making it highly cost-effective in the long term. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Hygrometer sensor for dirty environments

New Model DX primary method chilled mirror hygrometer sensor has integral membrane filter for use in dirty environments. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - How Dewpoint is Affected by Pressure

It is extremely important to understand that dewpoint is a function of pressure. In other words, depending on the pressure of the system being measured, the sample gas can have an infinite number of dewpoints, all dependent on the pressure of the system. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Temperature Depression

Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Temperature Depression Explained
There is often confusion about the dewpoint measurement range of chilled mirror hygrometers and their temperature depression range. The hygrometer dewpoint measurement range and the temperature depression are interrelated, but they are not the same. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Battery portable high sensitivity hygrometer

The battery portable, fast responding PPM2 hygrometer uses a fundamental principle and diffusion barrier to measure trace water vapor in gases from 0.1 to 1250 ppmv. Recalibration is not required. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Hygrometer helps new tech battery developers

The Edgetech Instruments Inc. DewTrak II hygrometer with DX sensor helps new technology battery researchers develop next-generation batteries that have high energy densities to meet market demand for higher volumetric energy, lower cost and safer batteries, especially for grid energy storage. These researchers intend to develop new battery technology that will change the future. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - COM.AIR now with X3 high performance sensor

The COM.AIR dewpoint monitor is now available with the X3 high performance primary method chilled mirror sensor, offering the highest level of reliability and accuracy in compressed air system dewpoint measurement. The sensor’s minimized sample cavity results in rapid dry-down times, fast response and quick detection of upset conditions, with the ability to measure very low frost p... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Wide Range X3 Dew/Frost Point Moisture Sensor

The X3 chilled mirror dew/frost point sensor is chemically resistant with technology advancements for demanding process and laboratory applications. It is available in multiple configurations to accurately measure a very wide dew/frost point range even in aggressive background gases, without auxiliary cooling. The X3 sensor can be used with a variety of Edgetech Instruments' precision hy... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - The DX Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Sensor

Continuous innovation, the Edgetech Instruments DX, a high performance primary method chilled mirror direct insertion dew/frost point sensor with an integral PRT temperature sensor, wider operating range and high temperature stability. The DX sensor can be inserted into the process stream or used to monitor the local environment (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Critical Dew/Frost Point Measurement Applications

Accurate Dew/Frost Point Measurement is Assured for Critical Systems with Edgetech Instruments' DewMaster and PDM75-X3 Primary Method Chilled Mirror Hygrometers (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - A High Precision Dew/Frost Point Hygrometer

Featuring Flow-Through, Insertion and Chemically Resistant Chilled Mirror Sensors, the Edgetech Instruments DewMaster is a fast, multi-function, high precision chilled mirror hygrometer for continuously monitoring the dew/frost point temperature, parts per million water vapor by volume or percent relative humidity in gas streams. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - DewTrak II Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Transmitter

The Edgetech Instruments DewTrak II dew/frost point/humidity transmitter is a precision chilled mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content in gases. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - NIST Traceable Wide Range Moisture Analyzers

The DewMaster fixed location and PDM75-X3 portable moisture analyzers are now available with the high performance X3 chilled mirror moisture sensor. These NIST traceable primary method chilled mirror moisture analyzers accurately measure ambient to trace moisture levels with no drift or ill effects. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Model 1500 Field Portable Dewpoint Hygrometer

The Model 1500 drift-free, low maintenance hygrometer features high durability, NIST traceability and ease of use. Highly regarded by calibration technicians and manufacturing personnel for its wide range, quick dry down and fast response, this self-contained portable hygrometer accurately and reliably measures moisture content in gases, with the battery life and ruggedness required for... (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Portable Relative Humidity Calibrator Chamber

The highly accurate yet economical RH CAL is a portable, microprocessor based, programmable humidity calibration system and humidity chamber used in metrology labs, calibration labs, and product/material testing labs. Easy to use - simply dial in the desired RH and temperature and the unit automatically creates the conditions within a controlled mini-chamber. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - DewTech 390 Precision Low Dew Point Hygrometer

The Edgetech Instruments DewTech 390 is a precision, laboratory grade hygrometer system for measurement of an extremely wide range of dew/frost points in a variety of gases. Based on the primary method chilled mirror sensor technique, it assures highly accurate measurement of dew or frost point temperature to as low as –90°C frost point and as high as +20°C dew point. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - PPM1 Trace Moisture Analyzer

The Edgetech Instruments Model PPM1 is a trace moisture analyzer designed specifically for monitoring moisture levels in dew/frost point and PPM units. This trace moisture analyzer utilizes an electro-chemical (P205) sensor in combination with a proprietary semi-permeable diffusion membrane. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Upset conditions alarm for compressed air systems

The Edgetech Instruments SENTRY turn-key measurement and alarm system features a smart multi-sense probe that continuously monitors the dew/frost point and pressure of compressed air systems to detect compressor or dryer failures and system pressure leaks, giving visible and audible indications if either parameter goes out of user configurable limits. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - High Precision, Low Frost Point Hygrometer

The DewTech 390 Precision Hygrometer now is available in a 19-inch rack mount configuration. Like the standard bench top model, the rack mount unit offers measurement of extremely low dew/frost point temperatures, as low as to -90°C, at a very attractive price for a laboratory grade hygrometer. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Precision Hygrometer for Engine Test Cells

The high accuracy DewMaster is a fast, multi-function, precision chilled mirror hygrometer for continuously monitoring dewpoint in engine test cells. Commonly installed onto instrument carts for measuring the dewpoint of air intake and exhaust streams, it features an Easy Access Sensor, automatic startup, auto-balance, self-diagnostics, analog outputs, serial interface, and alarms. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - DPS3 High Temperature Hygrometer is Heated

The DPS3 is a heated dew/frost point hygrometer that can measure dew points up to 95°C (203°F) and as low as -35°C (-31°F) in demanding industrial applications. It is ideal for measuring the dew/frost point in furnaces, heat treating systems, fuel cells, chemical reactors, fluidized beds, centrifuges, glass plants and heated MAP systems. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - COM.AIR Dewpoint Monitor for Compressed Air

The COM.AIR dew/frost point hygrometer uses a primary method chilled mirror sensor for the highest level of reliability and accuracy available in compressed air system humidity monitoring. The chilled mirror sensor does not drift, so periodic recalibration is not needed, saving downtime and maintenance expense (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Sentry compressed air alarm lowers cost

The SENTRY alarm module detects low pressure or high dew/frost point conditions in compressed air or inert gas systems through a single penetration, lowering installed cost. Featuring a strobe lamp, pulsing horn, alarm relay and mA output, the Sentry continuously monitors humidity and pressure with a single probe and sounds the alarm if conditions are not within preset ranges. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Drift-Free NFPA 99 Dew/Frost Point Monitor

The DPM-99 is a complete medical air dew/frost point monitoring and alarm system consisting of a chilled mirror hygrometer with LED display plus audible and visible alarm functions, all contained in a NEMA-12 enclosure. Using a primary method chilled mirror dew/frost point sensor, it is the drift-free alternative, meeting Level 1 and Level 2 requirements of NFPA 99 for medical air. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Hygrometer meets ASTM Standard for octane testing

The DewTrak II-MO is specifically designed to measure conditions required for Motor Octane Number (MON) and Research Octane Number (RON). It uses the primary method chilled mirror dew/frost point temperature condensation principle to determine the water vapor concentration and a pressure sensor to measure barometric pressure of the motor intake air/fuel mixture. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - PPM1 Moisture Analyzer for Battery Maker

Edgetech Instruments Inc. Moisture Analyzers Assist Innovative Liquid Metal Battery Maker Ambri Inc. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Compressed air module for dewpoint monitoring

The CAM (Compressed Air Module) sampling chamber for humidity and dewpoint probes connects directly to a pressurized gas or compressed air take-off point for monitoring or calibration.

It has an inlet ball valve for connection to a pressurized take-off point, providing easy connection to a probe and allowing isolation from high pressure during maintenance or service. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Expedited Recalibration and Recertification

Don’t wait months or even weeks for recertification or recalibration of your hygrometer to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard. Edgetech Instruments Rapid Response Customer Service now offers expedited recertification and recalibration services. Contact us for details about this special program. All certifications and calibrations are traceable to NIST. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - ISO/IEC 17025 calibration from Edgetech Inst.

Edgetech Instruments Inc.'s calibration laboratory is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard. This formal accreditation is recognition of Edgetech Instruments Inc.'s calibration laboratory's competence. Edgetech Instruments calibration services can now be expedited for the fastest turn-around time available. Contact Edgetech Instruments Service Department for details. (read more)

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Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Hygrometer service and sensors available now

Edgetech Instruments Inc. introduces certification services and replacement sensors for other chilled mirror hygrometer brands, plus Rapid Response Customer Service. (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Accuracy is assured with Edgetech Instruments

Don't take a chance with accuracy, call the calibration experts at Edgetech Instruments today! (read more)

Edgetech Instruments Inc. - Edgetech Instruments services all hygrometers

Edgetech Instruments services all brands of hygrometers with our quick and friendly Rapid Response Customer Service. (read more)