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Equipto Electronics Corporation - Rack Enclosures that look like Full Custom

Customized Rack Enclosures that Look Like Full Custom
Equipto offers you proven EMI/RFI shielded enclosures, customized for appearance, functionality, easy-of-assembly, level of shielding, seismic hardening, graphics and much more. Save time, money, and likely simplify compliance testing. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Protect your Ka band communications & data

With shielding effectiveness of over 75 dB up to 40 GHz you can be assured that your equipment is protected against any threat. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Isolated system for testing wireless devices

This “MUT” is a thoroughbred!

The MUT is based on the proven technology of Equipto enclosures that exceed the requirements of the toughest TEMPEST MIL standards, and have already been approved by one the world’s largest communications companies. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Modular and Flexible Heavy Duty Cabinets

The Heavy Duty enclosure is made to take on all challenges and can be modified to meet even the most severe applications. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Equipto KDi Series Knock Down Server Rack

Designed for use in server rooms, data centers and other applications requiring multiple open racks, the new KD Series open rack is very cost competitive. And with knock down (KD) assembly, the rack can ship for a much lower dimensional weight than all-welded frames. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Tempest PC for EMI/EMP Protection

(read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Testing wireless devices without anechoic chambers

First modular system for testing wireless devices without anechoic chambers (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Multi-Unit Testbed for Emulating RF Environments

With the Multi-Unit Testbed, manufacturers of wireless products for 5g cellular networks and handsets, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other wireless protocols can lower test costs by as much as 90%, vs. third-party testing. Other applications include: robotics, tele-medicine, military communications and drones. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Take RF Performance Testing In-House

Take RF Performance Testing In-House with the EQUIPTO MULTI-UNIT TESTBED.
Configured to match your product and instrumentation requirements (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Equipto Electronics new Ka-Shield rack enclosure

New Ka-Shield Rack Cabinet with EMI/RFI Protection Up to 40 GHz (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Heavy Duty Cabinets

Our top of the line enclosure offers incredible strength and flexibility. Double-ledge double-plane provides support for over 3,000 pounds of equipment per cabinet. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Solid System Cabinets

Solid System is our most economical line of vertical frame and sloped front consoles. The product features a "solid", non-removable side panel. This "Solid Side" offers a cost saving and increases the strength of the cabinet. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Heavy Duty Work Station / Desk

The Heavy Duty Work Station product line offers superior strength and cable management (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Instrument Cabinets

Our price-leading Instrument Cabinets feature the same modular construction as our other enclosure lines. Instrument Cabinets are available in: aluminum or steel, 60 standard sizes, two widths, three depths and 10 heights. Standard EIA mounting angles ensure compatibility with your equipment. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - The Ka Band is hot!


Equipto Electronics Corporation - Keep your communications & equipment safe

Whether your application involves Satellite communications or radar targeting with military planes or data transfer with space telescopes Equipto's Ka-Shield enclosures will keep your communications and equiptment safe and operational (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Certified shielding up to 40GHz!

No other rack enclosure provides this much certified shielding up to 40GHz! (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Economy, versatility, modularity & size selection

The Challenger enclosure offers economy, versatility, modularity and size selection.

The Challenger product line is available in vertical racks, sloped front consoles (15 degree), double slope consoles (30 and 45 degree), low profile frames and bench top racks. It has been value engineered to incorporate quality, performance and interchangeability. (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - EEC's newest enclosure

Ka-Shield Enclosures

EEC's newest enclosure to protect your Ka Band communications & data (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - High End shielded water-tight enclosures

High End shielded water-tight enclosures

EEC's N6 enclosure - High End shielded enclosure with a NEMA 6 rating (read more)

Equipto Electronics Corporation - Nema Custom Enclosures

NEMA enclosures custom built to meet your exact needs

NEMA Types we manufacture:Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 3R, Type 4, Type 4X, Type 6 and Type 12

Custom design, fast turnaround and industry-leading quality will maximize the potential of your products (read more)