Ewellix has promoted these products / services:

Ewellix - New LIFTKIT for FANUC cobots

Extend cobot operating range to increase productivity with our plug-and-play solution (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix demos new products for the X-ray suite

Ewellix, the leading global innovator and manufacturer of advanced linear motion technologies, has developed a package of modular lifting column platforms developed specifically for medical applications. (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix 2023 trade shows

Ewellix will showcase products at a variety of shows in 2023 (read more)

Ewellix - Schaeffler completed the acquisition of Ewellix

The Schaeffler Group completed the acquisition of Ewellix on January 3, 2023. This starts a new era for Ewellix being part of a large industrial group with a strong focus on industrial applications (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix online Linear Guide Calculator

Help designers select the best product for their project (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix virtual showroom

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Ewellix virtual showroom, a digital platform where you can learn and interactively navigate through our main applications and solutions, view documents, open links, and request additional information, i (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix launches smart actuator

Ewellix has developed a smart electro-mechanical actuator with extended functionality, for use in demanding applications such as agricultural and construction machinery. (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix launches new high precision ball screws

A new series of high precision ball screws from Ewellix has been launched in the US offering longer service life, higher speed capability and lower noise levels. (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix's LIFTKIT now available for Omron cobots

Cobots are often used for palletising but reach their limits as soon as the pallet stack reaches a certain height. The easy-to-assemble LIFTKIT increases the reach of the Cobot by moving it along a vertical axis (read more)

Ewellix - CASM-32/40/63 now manufactured in the US

Ewellix offers a wide range of electromechanical linear actuators, in a variety of designs and setups for both general and specific industrial applications. (read more)

Ewellix - MAX7 actuator - Matrix series

Learn how our MAX 7 Linear actuator helped our customer comply with new requirements and regulations. (read more)

Ewellix - CASM 32/40/63 and CASM 100 soon made in USA

Ewellix offers a wide range of electromechanical linear actuators, in a variety of designs and setups for both general and specific industrial applications. (read more)

Ewellix - New LLS miniature profile rail guide assortment

Ewellix is adding the new sizes 15 standard and 15 wide to its miniature profile rail guide portfolio. (read more)

Ewellix - New play-free electromechanical CAMT actuator

A smart design for surgical tables and procedure chairs. With the brand-new electromechanical actuator CAMT from Ewellix, shaky operating tables and procedure chairs belong to the past. (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix expands assortment of linear ball bearings

The complete range of new D-series linear ball bearings has now been launched and Ewellix has increased its portfolio of units. (read more)

Ewellix - Ewellix transforms industrial robots' capabilities

The company’s new LIFTKIT and SLIDEKIT can extend the reach and mobility of standard robots without the need for expensive upgrades or complex accessories and programming. (read more)

Ewellix - Ground ball screws

Made in the US Ewellix ground ball screws are available in a variety of cost effective types and designs to ensure precise positioning in linear-actuation applications (read more)

Ewellix - LLT profile rail guides

LLT profile rail guides Ewellix are uniquely designed for smooth running performance, high repeatability, precision and accuracy, long service life, and customized solutions (read more)

Ewellix - Linear ball bearings with enhanced performance

Ever since it was launched, the new generation of D-series linear ball bearings has excelled thanks to its enhanced performance and higher load ratings. Now all the advantages of the D-series are integrated in the open linear ball bearings LBCT D and LBCF D for supported shafts. (read more)

Ewellix - Miniature profile rail guides LLS Series

Ewellix launches next generation miniature profile rail guides for industrial and medical automation (read more)

Ewellix -  IoT-ready electro-mechanical actuators improve efficiency

The actuators deliver force up to 82kN and travel speed of 1m per second, and provide real-time operating information to remote interfaces. (read more)

Ewellix - CEMC actuators reduce time, costs for auto OEMs

The CEMC electro-mechanical actuator from Ewellix, formerly SKF Motion Technologies, now delivers even greater flexibility, productivity and cost benefits to car manufacturers. (read more)