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Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Vibration measurement & data evaluation in testing

Whether your challenge is condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, structural health monitoring(SHM) or efficient data storage and analytics in various test applications – a comfortable and easy-to-run vibration measurement setup is crucial. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Modular and Scalable Data Acquisition Hardware

Gantner’s modular and scalable Q.series X data acquisition hardware provides accurate signal conditioning for a wide range of sensor types, supporting both conventional electrical sensors and fiber optic sensors. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Gantner Instruments Data Acquisition Software

Gantner Instruments’ software strategy can be summed up in a single word: open.

Our software suite is designed to allow you to get the most out of Gantner DAQ measurement systems. Included are tools for configuration, visualization and archiving of test and measurement data, as well as tools for the graphical programming of embedded automation functions in our test controller. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Lab-Grade Accuracy with Industrial-Grade DAQ

Gantner Instruments specializes in the measurement of mechanical, thermal and electrical quantities. Our innovative measurement technology solutions help you to optimize the quality of your product and manufacturing technologies in almost all applications: engine or component test stands, process monitoring and long-term monitoring. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Data Acquisition Solutions for Aerospace Testing

Gantner Instruments has delivered measurement systems for many years to the aerospace industry. The scope of applications ranges from the testing of turboprop equipment for helicopters and aircraft through outdoor testing of jet turbines for large aircraft with more than 1,000 measuring points, primarily for temperature measurement. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Measurement Technology for Energy Generation

Relevant environmental data, information from generators and the energy grid are recorded synchronously and decentrally, and can be easily integrated via standardized and open interfaces. For the plant operator, this data is easily accessible so that specific analyzes and reports can be created quickly. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - 3 Trends in testing you can no longer ignore

Testing is an agile business by its core definition. The structures and systems to be tested, whether it is in the automotive, aerospace, energy or civil engineering segment, keep evolving quickly and the data acquisition system needs to keep pace with it. At the same time not every new, hot trend will change your tomorrow. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Testing of 48V Battery Management System

For a battery manufacturer in Germany, we delivered the testing application for the new 48 Volt battery management system. The new 48 Volt battery for hybrids is helping a great deal on saving fuel and thereby producing remarkably less CO2 emissions. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - How to use GI products to customize DAQ solutions

Systems integrators tasked with designing test cell technology need to utilize best-in-class tools to meet the unique needs of their customers. Read our new case study to discover why our client, a global leader in test automation designed a new I/O product family for analog transducers based on Gantner technology. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Solution for Vibration and Wind Speed Measurement

For our Canadian client PINNACLE RENEWABLE ENERGY, we delivered the condition monitoring solution for the unloading process of industrial wood pellets. Fast-changing weather conditions and remoteness were among the top challenges of this project, but we could offer a solid solution. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Measuring Combustion Health for CHP Cogeneration

In this application, a distributed monitoring system continuously analyzes the combustion health of a dual-fuel combustion turbine from a central control room of a 300 MWe Combined Heat and Power (CHP) cogeneration plant. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - High Voltage Battery Management Testing

In this application for our German client ACCUmotive, a subsidiary of Daimler AG, we tested high-density battery packs. The testing of this high voltage battery management system focused on the simulation of temperature profiles and thermo-mechanical load conditions. The testing was set up to prove the suitability of all new materials and components. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - Temperature measurement of hybrid electric drives

For our client, a well-known German engineering and technology market leader, we delivered the testing application solution for temperature measurements of components and new materials of hybrid electrical drives. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - The importance of modern data management

A new study by Gantner Instruments shows two opposing trends: aircraft structures are becoming increasingly complex, whilst development times need to be shortened. Test engineers are continually being pressured to look for ways to reduce test time and risk. (read more)

Gantner Instruments, Inc. - How to transform the data avalanche into insight

In a world of increasingly complex products and faster release cycles, the ability to accumulate and efficiently analyze test data has never been more important. (read more)