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Gardner Spring, Inc. - Wave Springs-helpful when radial space is limited

Wave Springs

Wave Springs are highly useful when thrust loading is needed for small deflections. Also helpful when radial space is limited. Typical applications include axial loading of ball bearings.

Gardner Spring has been providing quality springs since 1907.

Gardner Spring, Inc., a Tulsa-based spring manufacturer supplying the OEM, industrial supply... (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Large quantity of Curved Disc Springs

Curved Springs

Curved Disc Springs exert relatively light thrust loads and are often used to absorb axial endplay.

Gardner Spring has been providing quality springs since 1907.

Gardner Spring, Inc., a Tulsa-based spring manufacturer supplying the OEM, industrial supply and hardware industries, celebrates its 113th anniversary in 2020. Gardner Spring was... (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Torsion Springs

Torsion springs offer resistance to externally applied torque as the ends are rotated in angular deflection. Commonly used over an arbor or mandrel for support.

Gardner Torsion Springs are available in left or right hand wound in a variety of Deflection Angles. Type 302 Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Music Wire. Custom sizes and materials are available upon request. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Precision Compression Springs

For demanding applications where reliability is essential. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Ultra Precision Extension Springs

Ultra Precision Extension Springs are the perfect solution when dimensional and performance accuracy is essential. Stock sizes in premium quality Music Wire and Stainless Steel. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Utility Extension Springs

High quality general-purpose extension springs come in a wide range of lengths and load capacities ideally suited for OEM applications, equipment maintenance, as well as numerous industrial projects. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Belleville Disc Springs

Belleville Disc Springs (conical disc springs) are ideal for applications where a large load is required in a small space. These springs provide high load capabilities in limited space, and through variations in stacking they can be adjusted to provide either larger deflections or loads or both. May be used in either static or cyclic applications. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Ball Bearing Bellevilles

Ball Bearing Bellevilles are used to pre-load ball bearings to reduce noise and vibration, and are ideal for absorbing axial end play. These parts can be used to pre-load either the inner or outer ring of ball bearings, and are manufactured in sizes complimentary to a range of standard ball bearing sizes. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. -  MS 3.5 Serrated Belleville Disc Springs

Serrated Disc Springs are similar to Bellevilles in shape and basic design, but provide the benefit of serrations on contact surfaces, offering additional grip against nuts or bolt heads. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - COC Compression Springs

COC Compression springs deliver a maximum load of 3.76 lbs. and a wire diameter of .023 inches. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Cut to Length Compression Springs

12 inch long "Cut-to-Length" Compression Springs allow the user to cut the springs to the desired length and still be able to make use of the remainder of the part for other applications. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Safety Drawbar Extension Springs

Drawbar Extension Springs are ideal for tensioning applications such as fences or gates, and also function as shock absorbers in intermittent load applications or for marine vessel mooring. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Finger Springs

Finger Springs are used to preload ball bearings and to reduce vibration in precision hard drive assemblies and other applications where light to medium loads are needed in a small space. Can be used at high speeds. Finger springs reduce noise and end play and do not increase in diameter during loading. (read more)

Gardner Spring, Inc. - Spring FAQ's

What material should I choose when selecting a spring? (read more)