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Gelest, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Gelest, Inc. - Silanes & Silicones for Epoxy Resins

The outstanding properties of epoxy resins toughness, rigidity, elevated temperature performance,chemical resistance and adhesive properties haveenabled their acceptance in a wide range of criticalelectronic, optical and aerospace applications. (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Gelest Reactive Silicones

Materials for adhesives, binders, ceramic coatings, dielectric coatings, encapsulants, gels, membranes, optical coatings, photolithography, polymer synthesis, and sealants. (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Gelest: On-demand webinar, watch now

Cut Curing Times and Temperatures: New Self-Bonding Silicone Potting Compound for Electronic Device Protection. Our next-gen silicone potting compounds redefine electronic device protection, addressing the call for improved performance, productivity and energy efficiency.


Silicone potting materials are used to protect electronics from environmental c... (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Linkers/coupling agents for array technology

Silanes can be used to prime metals, bind biomaterial, immobilize catalysts, provide crosslinking, and improve polymer and particle dispersions. (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Functional Silane Blends: SIVATE

SIVATE blends are blends of silanes that are specifically chosen for enhanced reactivity, bonding, or surface properties. (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Chemical Vapor & Atomic Layer Deposition

Silanes can be applied to substrates under dry aprotic conditions by CVD, which favors monolayer deposition. (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Silanes can improve electrolyte stability.

Improvements in battery capacity and cost are being addressed through modification of electrode materials and electrode thickness, while improvements in safety and capacity retention are being addressed by modification of the electrolytes through additives and entirely new electrolyte materials. (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Dipodal Silanes

Dipodal silanes are silanes employed in surface modification that possess two silicon atoms capable of bonding to surfaces through oxane bonds. Functional dipodal silanes and combinations of non-functional dipodal silanes with functional silanes have significant impact on substrate bonding, hydrolytic stability, and mechanical strength of many composites systems. (read more)



Gelest, Inc. - BIMAX® TBAEMA

This material has applications in adhesives, coatings, oil additives, textiles(as a dye additive),paints, photoresists, photopolymer plates, rubber modifiers, dental composites, and cosmetics (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Optical Coatings

In addition, metal organic compounds can be used in vapor deposition techniques to apply coatings on surfaces. Silicones and silanes can be applied to optical fibers to provide lubricity, protection from moisture and help to reduce breakage and surface fractions.

Gelest offers pre-formulated materials as well as the raw materials for these coatings. (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Bimax® Acrylates & Specialty Monomers

The Bimax® brand is a line of specialty acrylic monomers and polymers, as well as other organic specialties. These products can be formulated into coatings, adhesives, resins, and latexes for optical, electronic, and industrial applications. (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Advanced Ceramics

Advanced ceramics are used today in many applications and the market continues to grow at close to 10% per year.  (read more)

Gelest, Inc. - Gelest ExSil

Gelest ExSil is a two-component high elongation silicone elastomer developed for molding applications. (read more)