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General Pump - Pumping System Skids for Your Application

Tell us what type of liquid you need to pump, the GPM flow, Duty Cycles, Temperature and other requirements and we will design & build a skid system with your desired power unit type. We offer electric, gas, diesel or hydraulic drive options, dual, stacked or multiple configurations, and stationary or portable skids (read more)

General Pump - Expanding the Limits of Desalination Systems

Expand your line of reverse osmosis desalination systems for sea and land based applications. General Pump's desalination series pump solutions are designed to handle flows ranging from .5 - 86.9 GPM, constructed of 316 stainless steel or aluminum bronze manifolds & wetted parts to ensure durability in salt water environments (read more)

General Pump - Oversized hydraulic ports for maximum efficiency

Turn your system’s hydraulic pressure into water pressure (read more)

General Pump - Ideal for light commercial applications

• Forged brass manifold
• Die cast, anodized aluminum oil-bath crankcase
• Solid ceramic plungers
• Ideal for light commercial applications
• Fixed chemical injector built-in (read more)

General Pump - Drilling & Mining Industry Pump Solutions

Muds & slurries are a by product of drilling/mining and the challenge is to remove spent mud with pumps that can endure the rigors of moving the media in rugged environments. General Pump's innovative M Series Pumps have years of testing behind them and technological advances that make them up to the task. (read more)

General Pump - Plunger Pump Products for High Pressure Fluid

While known as the leader in plunger pumps for the pressure cleaning industry, we have expanded to serve Vehicle Wash as well as many Industrial Applications including Sewer Jetting, Oil and Gas, Mining, Misting and many more. (read more)

General Pump -  M Series

GP's "Mud" series consists of three different pumps designed for handling drilling muds typical of the mining industry (read more)

General Pump - Pulse-Actuated Chemical Pump

• 303 Stainless Steel body
• EPDM diaphragm offers resilience and chemical compatibility
• Mounts to one of the drive pump inlet valve ports by using a special valve adapter
• Draws cleaning solution with each stroke of the drive pump
• Permits cleaning solution application at system pressure up to 1500 PSI (read more)

General Pump - Sewer Jetting

General Pump offers pumps with low pressure for smaller lines and higher pressures of 4,000 PSI for industrial applications. (read more)

General Pump - New Economical Flat Surface Cleaner

General Pump now offers a heavy-duty flat surface cleaner that can be connected (using an M22 inlet) directly to a gun, lance or telescoping wand. Available with a cleaning width of 12 inches, the DFSCP12E cleans flat surfaces in a percentage of the time it would take with ordinary methods. (read more)

General Pump - Pump mixtures of water, bentonite and/or polymers

Specifically designed to pump mixtures of water, bentonite and/or polymers typical of mining and directional drilling applications. (read more)

General Pump - Designed to handle rigorous duty cycles
  • Specifically designed to handle rigorous duty cycles, high temperatures and chemicals
  • Ideal for use in carpet cleaning and other high pressure cleaning applications
(read more)
General Pump - Pressure packing design with integrated cooling

• A “New Generation” Pump
• Triplex Plunger Pump, available in 2 flows
• Patent pending, symmetrical power end design featuring top and bottom mounting holes for easy left to right shaft conversion
• Pressure packing design with integrated cooling system
• Horizontally fitted in-line valves
• Splash lubrication. (read more)

General Pump - High volumetric efficiency suction/delivery valves

New high performance aluminum alloy connecting rods and a floating wrist pin enable extra load at half the weight. This reduces vibrations and off center loads on the bearing for longer life and quieter operation (read more)

General Pump - TR/SR Series

Ultra high pressure triplex plunger pumps. (read more)

General Pump -  Jetter Pump Solutions!

GP pumps offer 0.5 to 112.00 gpm flow rates and gives you the features you need most—from a rugged cast iron crankcase and nickel-treated cast-iron or stainless steel manifolds to forged connecting rods with anti-friction bushings and multiple gear reducer options. Plus, easy access ports for draining/priming, an optional SAE hydraulic drive, and unitized valves for easy service. (read more)

General Pump - KL Series Industrial Pumps

A heavy-duty industrial pump with a nickel-treated, spheroidal cast iron manifold. Performance from 22.2 gpm at 2600 psi to 43.3 gpm at 1,150 psi. See the KLS models for higher pressure, intermittent use ratings. Also see the KLZ and KLA models for stainless steel and nickel-aluminum bronze manifold options. (read more)

General Pump - Skid Mounted Pump Motor Units

General Pump introduces Industrial Pressure Systems Skid Mounted Pump Motor Units. These units are custom built systems to meet the needs of you and your customers. (read more)

General Pump - Our Pumps Stay Up And Running!

Reduce your down time with the new Emperor line of pumps with HT technology .

Proven performers from General Pump. (read more)

General Pump - Pumps To Withstand Aggressive Environments

General Pump has a variety of industrial pumps to withstand the aggressive environment of the ocean. (read more)

General Pump - LHZ 6015 for ling life industrial duties

These pumps feature a 316 Stainless Steel manifold and wetted parts for superior corrosion resistance and years of trouble free operation in aggressive environments. (read more)

General Pump - General Pump Water Brooms

General Pump Water Brooms…Are designed with performance and value in mind,featuring Heavy-DutyAluminum Blocks and Casters, High-Pressure Stainless Steel Filters, and High-Performance Stainless Steel Nozzles. (read more)

General Pump - Pumps for Muds, Slurries & Polymers

A specialized line of pumps for Muds, Slurries & Polymers (read more)

General Pump - Pumps That Rule Any Environment

Specifically designed to handle rigorous duty cycles, high temperatures and chemicals

Ideal for use in carpet cleaning and other high pressure cleaning applications (read more)

General Pump - High Temperature/Run Dry Seal Capability

Now your equipment will work in the toughest of environments with the new Emperor line of pumps with HT Technology. The Emperor line features “High Tech” packing and “High Temp” valve design. These premium pumps can withstand temperatures up to 185°F and can run dry for several hours. (read more)

General Pump - LH Series- High Pressure Plunger Pump

• Drive shaft with double projection.

• Double pressure packings.

• Vertical-fitted valves.

• Water-spill venting.

• Oil bath mechanical parts with splash lubrication.

• Operated by pulley, flexible joint or cardan shaft.

• Internal gear box. (read more)

General Pump - Industrial Quality For The Pressure Wash Market.

• Compact design
• 3/4" hollow shaft, flanged for direct couple to gasoline engines (SAE J609A)
• Oversized bearings for long life
• New generation seal system for longer life
• Forged brass manifold with an exclusive lifetime warranty* (read more)

General Pump - Pumps for the Beverage Industry

Pumps are often used in the CO2 industry for the transfer of liquid CO2 in the making of dry ice. They are also used in the beverage industry. Due to the nature of this liquid a pump must be able to withstand very cold liquids and hold up in a harsh environment. Pumps from General Pump are designed to work effortlessly in this industry. (read more)

General Pump -  Offers Solutions to Space Limitations!

Solid ceramic plungers with advanced surface finish assure durability and longevity
Compact design offers solutions to space limitations
Parallel inlet and outlet valve design for efficiency and easy maintenance
Innovative wear resistant high and low pressure seals
Available in left-hand configuration (read more)

General Pump - 66 Series Pumps :The Synthesis of Experience

Exclusive and innovative plunger guide design allows for even greater ceramic thickness
•Decreases possibility of cracking from thermal shock (read more)

General Pump - Essential for 24/7 tasks in the Oil & Gas Industry

Pumps are used in the oil and gas industry to handle the transfer of oil and gas, supply hydrostatic pressure to blow-off preventers, provide fire protection and perform trenchless underground boring. A variety of high flow and high pressure pumps are available depending on the application. Our quality materials and long life are essential features to these 24/7 tasks. (read more)

General Pump - Expanding the Limits in the pressure wash market

General Pump is the leading supplier of high -pressure plunger pumps for pressure washers, in both the consumer and commercial segments of the world Market. (read more)

General Pump - Use The Force of a HURRICANE

Use The Force of a HURRICANE to Clean Vehicles! (read more)

General Pump - High Pressure “MUD” Pump

Specifically designed to pump mixtures of water, bentonite and/or polymers typical of mining and directional drilling applications (read more)

General Pump - Connect to any Commercial Pressure Washer

Perfect for cleaning Decks, Garages,Sidewalks, Driveways and most anywhere you want a clean, uniform surface. (read more)

General Pump - The New Generation from General Pump

Longer life, Easier Installation and Maintenance, Reduced Operation Costs (read more)

General Pump - Ideal For Use In Carpet Cleaning Applications!

The high-temperature pumps of the HT series have been designed for use in applications where the water must be pre-heated, such as in carwash, food and pharmaceutical industries. (read more)

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General Pump proudly announces the release of its M line. GP’s new “Mud” series consists of three different pumps designed for handling drilling muds typical of the mining industry