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HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - 10nm Particulate Analyzer, MEXA-2010SPCS

HORIBA has developed a new particulate measurement analyzer, MEXA-2010SPCS Solid Particle Counting System, to address upcoming new regulations requiring measurement of solid particles which are smaller than the current 23nm particle size. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Driving Robot

Automatic driving system, ADS EVO for vehicle testing

The ADS EVO improves the efficiency of vehicle testing by reducing the number of repeat tests, laboratory operating costs, overall test time and the amount of human errors. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Fast Response, Smallest Sample Cell FTIR Analyzer

HORIBA announced it has developed the FTX-ONE, a new Fourier transform infrared measurement analyzer (FTIR). The FTX-ONE will enable more accurate transient measurement of NH3, aldehydes, alcohols, CH4, N2O, and CO2 because it’s higher sensitivity to fluctuations in vehicle exhaust emissions even with a very low sample flow of only 3.5 L/... (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Torque-Matching for Real Driving Emmissions


  • User-friendly real-world RDE route capture and novel chassis-dyno control
  • Delivers high fidelity replication of real-world or RDE test in the laboratory
  • Supports emulation of real-world or RDE test und...
(read more)
HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - PR-PD3 Reticle/Mask Particle Detection System

The PR-PD3 Particle Detection System offers excellent throughput, a dependable optical system, and functions that reduce false detections. These features are packaged together in a compact system that is designed to minimize running costs. The PR-PD3 is capable of great versatility thanks to its 0.5 μm detection sensitivity. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - HORIBA UP-100 Micro Volume pH Monitor

HORIBA's pH measurement technology gets an upgrade with new ultra-small capillary electrodes. HORIBA's UP-100 affords ultra-low sample consumption of just 500 uL/measurement, enabling continuous pH monitoring for a variety of critical manufacturing processes that include Semiconductor Cleaning, Etching, Plating); Chemical Manufacturing, Bio, Pharma, Food Processing, etc. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - HORIBA CS-900 Chemical Concentration Monitor

HORIBA next generation of chemical concentration monitors optimize process by providing chemical concentration management equipment that increase yield rate. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - HORIBA Vapor Concentration Monitor IR-300

The HORIBA IR-300 controls the temperature, pressure and the carrier gas flow rate (bubbling method) of liquid and solid precursors delivered to the reaction chamber. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Improve Your Emissions Data Quality and Uptime with Low Maintenance Design Analyzer

Exhaust sample handling is enhanced through improved filtration, water removal efficiency and component selection for improved availability and data quality. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - URZ700 Series Digital Automatic Pressure Regulator

HORIBA's high performance auto pressure regulator UR-Z700 Series has electronic regulators with high-precision pressure sensors and high resolution, fast response piezo actuator valves. UR-700 control the pressure relative to the external control signal that they receive. For both Digital/Analog and DeviceNet™ communications. (read more)


The MEDAS system is a compact altitude simulator that supplies the correct atmospheric conditions to reproduce a wide range of environmental scenarios. It is suited for a variety of testing applications, including calibration, durability, and road to rig testing. The patented technology inside the MEDAS allows accurate, dynamic changes to the simulated atmosphere. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Real Driving Emissions Solution


HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - XF-100 Series Digital Liquid Mass Flow Meters

The digital liquid mass flow meter XF series uses the differential-pressure measurement method to achieve a high-speed response of 100 msec. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Fiber Optic Type Hot Phosphoric Acid Monitor

HORIBA Advanced Techno., Co., Ltd. launched the CS-620F, a fiber optic type hot phosphoric acid concentration monitor on June 27, 2020. The monitor keeps track of the concentration of phosphoric acids that are used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, mainly in the SiN layer*1 etching process for three-dimensional NAND flash memory. Previously, it was necessary to cool high-temper... (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - VC Series Direct Liquid Injection System

The HORIBA VC Series rapidly vaporize pure water or other liquid sources without carrier gas, which enables you to construct a more compact vaporization system. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Fuel cell electric vehicle development solutions

Learn more about how HORIBA Fuelcon’s advanced fuel cell and powertrain technologies are shaping the future of mobility. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Battery Testing

Batteries have gotten larger, more powerful, and far more complex as automotive OEMs expand their electrified fleet to meet impending global GHG (green house gas) regulations. A wide variety of battery platforms, more robust communication requirements, and increased expectations have pushed battery technology far beyond previous test requirements. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - 7 Challenges BEVs/PHEVs/PEVs Must Overcome-Horiba

7 Challenges BEVs/PHEVs/PEVs Must Overcome to Achieve Large Scale Adoption

2020 is upon us, and a chance to predict what will happen in vehicle electrification over the coming decade. These are interesting times for electrified vehicles (EVs) as they enter a phase of mass production following years of discruption and uncertainty. All major OEM's have bettery electric vehicles (BEV... (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Electrifying Commercial Vehicles - Horiba

Electrifying Commercial Vehicles: Challenges for 2027 and Beyond

With encouragement from regulators, automakers and drivers alike, the automotive industry has made immense progress toward the electrification of passenger cars and light-duty vehicles in recent years. In fact, U.S. electric vehicle (EV) purchases increased by 81% in 2018, even as overall new cars sales flattened. As... (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - 3 Key Challenges Cell-to-Cell Correlation-Horiba

3 Key Challenges of Cell-to-Cell Correlation Across Multiple Test Facilities

Today's vehicle test lab is more complex than ever. At the same time, the demand for quality data, produced as quickly as possible, continues to grow. On top of the demand electrification is placing on the entire industry, new regulations are coming. As a result, OEMs, tiered suppliers, and regulators are... (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Electrify and Meet Regulations

Upcoming green house gas regulations have created an industry-wide race to compliance. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, CARB’s Zero Emission Vehicle production requirements, China 6 regulation, and the European Commission’s fuel economy standards are all part of an overwhelming web of standards forcing the entire industry to vehicle electrification. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - SEC-8000 Series High Temperature Digital MFC

The SEC-8000F/D/E series can operate in high temperature environments, from 15 ℃ to 120 ℃. This specialized MFC can be used in high temperature processes such as Process Control and In-situ Measurement for Photovoltaic Manufacturing Process, semiconductor, and compound semiconductor. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - A Full Range of Brake Testing Solutions - Horiba

A Full Range of Brake Testing Solutions GIANT Evo Brake Testing, STARS Brake Test Automation, and Brake Dust Testing solutions for applications from motorcycles to trains.

The GIANT Evo Family of Brake Testing Solutions Choose from four specialiized test sytems, each driven by a powerful core module. GIANT Evos feature a modular, robust, and extremely intuitive design. All systems... (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Z500 MFC - Digital Multi Range/Multi Gas

HORIBA will participate in AVS Virtual Showcase on October 27-29, 2020. Use this link for free registration to this event Z500 is HORIBA's best selling model for digital mass flow controllers. It has multi-range/multi-gas functions enabling users to change the type of gas or full-scale flow rate on-site quickly and easily. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - HORIBA Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Controller

The HORIBA CRITERION D500 Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module. is a high performance pressure insensitive mass flow module with differential pressure detection and a piezo actuator valve. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Altitude Simulation for Automotive Testing

The MEDAS system is a compact altitude simulator that reproduces a wide range of environmental conditions. It is suited for a variety of testing applications, including durability, RDE replication, emission tests and mapping. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - High Precision, High Stability Chemical Concentration Monitor

The HORIBA CS-700 chemical concentration monitor enables high performance measurement of the individual chemical constituents of complex chemistries used in the leading edge Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - On-board Emissions Measurement System

OBS-ONE is the latest Portable Emissions Measurement System designed for engine/vehicle certification under real road conditions. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Mixed Injection System Liquid Vaporizer

The MV-2000 Series achieves stable vaporization, even at low temperatures for critical process chemistries. An innovative nozzle design, combined with HORIBA's tornado flow heating concept assures efficient vaporization and delivery. This is suitable for the vaporization of a range of liquids, including challenging high K sources. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Dissolved Oxygen Monitor in Low Concentration

High stability measurement of Dissolved O2 in low concentration HF. Also available for Dissolved O2 in bases such as TMAH. Automatically switches measurement ranges for low O2 concentration (0 – 200 ug/L and 200 – 2000 ug/L) and high O2 concentration (0 – 20mg/L) samples. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - STARS VETS - Vehicle Emissions Testing

Find out why more than 1,000 installations rely on STARS VETS to meet demanding test and development schedules across the globe. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Driveline Testing

The increased demands for performance and reliability in modern vehicles require well-developed solutions, especially in the vehicle driveline. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Chassis Dyno for development and certification

The Vulcan Evo Chassis Dynamometer from HORIBA is suitable for light- and medium-duty vehicles in a two-wheel or a four-wheel drive set-up. The Vulcan Evo enables maximum flexibility to accommodate your different vehicle types, is able to integrate additional devices and systems, and allows software upgrades for the latest legislation changes. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Emissions Regulations

New standards driven by CARB and EPA regulations are due for finalization this year and will roll out over the next five to seven years. The final regulations will significantly impact the heavy duty on-road industry from a variety of perspectives. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Fuel flow meters for vehicle R&D and certification

Our FQ-3100DP enables more accurate fuel flow measurement at low consumption rates, providing a reliable measurement when testing at idle, or even small engines. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - Residual Gas Analyzer

The MICROPOLE system is one of the smallest complete mass spectrometer systems. The compact size is achieved using a patented array design of miniature quadrupole mass filters. (read more)

HORIBA Instruments, Inc. - HORIBA IR-400 Gas Monitor

The IR-400 offers real-time monitoring of the chamber cleaning end point during the deposition process. By optimizing the cleaning process, the IR-400 reduces cleaning time and gas usage. Reduction in cleaning gas usage means a reduction in chamber damage and increases the life span of systems components. (read more)