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Harbour Industries, Inc. - Lightweight Flexible Coax for Aerospace/Avionics

Harbour Industries now has a lightweight equivalent of an RG142 coaxial cable that is 38% lighter than the standard RG. Built for harsh environments and compatible with industry-standard coax connectors (SMA, Type N & TNCA). (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - Need extra umph in data rate? Aerospace Grade Cat8

Pushing the Aerospace Envelope!
Harbour Industries DataMaster AeroBIT® 8

Harbour Industries has an Aerospace Grade Cat8 cable that supports full-duplex 40 GBASE-T with the headroom you need for your harsh environment digital networks. We have both 24 & 26 AWG available and can operate in temperatures ranging from -55°C to 200°C. (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - Cables to power your Aerospace Electrical System!

AeroPOWER™ Cables by Harbour Industries is just the product for your USB jacks, in-seat power receptacles, cabin controls, cabin lighting, satellite communications, and other business aviation electrical systems. Multiple conductor configurations are available in this small, light-weight, and FAA/Airbus compliant cable. (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - NEMA Cable WC27500 Type JF (replaces M27500)

Harbour Industries is now qualified for NEMA WC 27500 - JF-06 WRAPPED PTFE with M25038/3 inners! NEMA WC 27500 cables are constructed for use in aircraft and ground support equipment for commercial and military applications. Built to withstand high temp environments up to 260 C. Harbour Industries AeroPOWER Firezone cables are just what you need when you need them! (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - MIL-SPEC & HIGH TEMP CABLE -aircraft/harsh envir.

AeroPOWER® FIREZONE M25038/3 Cables are built specifically to withstand the extreme temperatures of an aircraft engine environment and other harsh environments.


» Voltage Rating: 600 V
» Temperature rated to 260 C
» Meets or exceeds the MIL-DTL-25038/3 requirement
» Fire Resistant: 15 minutes at 2000 F
» In... (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - Harbour Industries is Hiring in Vermont!

Work for a good company? Why don't you come work for a great company! Harbour Industries has fantastic benefits, signing bonuses, opportunities for growth and there's always the beautiful mountains of Vermont. Check out these positions and more:

  • Sr. Applications / Development Engineer - Specialty RF
  • Product Development Engineer
  • S...
(read more)
Harbour Industries, Inc. - Space is Tough. So is Harbour Industries Cable.

With small and lightweight cable constructions, Harbour Industries has what it takes to make your mission-critical systems reliable. Our wire and cable uses industry-standard shield and jacket materials for easy termination along with unique polymer blends to combat the destructive nature of atomic oxygen. (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - Cable Extrusion Process Saves You Time and Money

Process Makes Perfect – Melt Extrusion Saves Time and Money

Challenge: Although commonly used in the manufacturing process of aerospace data cables, PTFE ram (formally known as PTFE paste extrusion) extrusion of inner conductors has a number of negatives. The nature of this process and its start-and-stop production method causes ram extrusion to have l... (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) Cable Equivalents

Harbour Industries manufactures high-speed data cables for all your retrofit needs. We've got a range of products from twisted pairs to gigabit ethernet. Looking for an equivalent? Check out our part number cross chart. (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - RF Microwave Coaxial Cable

Harbour Industries is the leading supplier of QPL approved MIL-DTL-17 cables.  (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - Harbour Aerospace Data & Power Cables

As a premier manufacturer of High-Performance Wire and Cable, Harbour has developed a full line of high-speed data and power cables for Aerospace applications. (read more)

Harbour Industries, Inc. - AeroPOWERâ„¢ High Performance Aerospace Power Cables


AeroPOWER™ Cables are designed to provide reliable power to In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) networks while meeting the FAR 25 airworthiness requirements needed in-flight. Ideal for applications such as in-seat power receptacles, USB jacks, cabin controls, cabin lighting, satellite communications, and other aerospace electrical systems. (read more)