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Hitachi High-Tech America has promoted these products / services:

Hitachi High-Tech America - Enhanced microscopic analysis

Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC): NEXTA DSC600 and NEXTA DSC200

DSC is used to measure heat flow for material characterization by providing thermal properties such as melting point, glass transition and crystallization. DSC instruments are used both in quality control and R&D across a wide range of industries including polymers, pharma, electronics, chemical, academia,... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Revealing microscopic insights in polymers

In the polymer industry, manufacturers face challenges in identifying small features such as contaminations. These impurities, although minute, can lead to defects in final products, impacting quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Therefore, pinpointing and rectifying these contaminations is crucial for maintaining product integrity and reputation in the market.

Here, w... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Smart coatings analysis for faster measurement

The FT200 Series benchtop XRF analyzers have been designed to significantly reduce the time taken to make a measurement. Recognizing that the most time is taken with sample setup and measurement recipe selection, engineers at Hitachi have created a series of ground-breaking analyzers that effectively ‘set up’ themselves, making it possible to analyze many more parts within a... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Mastering smart manufacturing for coatings

In today's ever-changing manufacturing environment, efficiency and precision play a pivotal role in ensuring product quality and competitiveness.

Across various industries, there's an emphasis on harnessing advanced technology to optimize operational processes and the need for proactive strategic responses. Within this context, we'll explore notable developments in quality control... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - The role of consumables in material inspection

Small Parts, Big Impact: The role of consumables in material inspection (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Material Analysis Solutions - Automotive Industry

Download the Essential Guide

Safety, reliability and reducing environmental impact play important roles in the automotive industry. That’s why material composition analysis is not a nice to have but a must, regardless of the vehicle or component being manufactured.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve with the transition into electric, fuel cell, hybrid-elec... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Optical emission spectroscopy -best choice for MIM

Why optical emission spectroscopy is the best choice for metal injection molding quality control

Download your copy of the guide

Metal injection molding – or MIM – is a technique that has been widely used since the 1970s. In the metal injection molding process parts are made by fusing together metal powder which allows very dense and complex shapes to be created... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - 5 ways to get the most from materials analyzers

5 ways our training helps you get the most from your materials analyzer

hen you purchase an OES, XRF, LIBS or TA instrument from us, you’ll be offered a range of training options to help you become familiar with your new analyzer. You can choose the location and content of the training courses to suit your timescales, budget, and how familiar you’re with analysis for y... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Want to introduce recycled plastic in production?

Ask an expert: How can we introduce recycled plastic in our production?

When choosing analytical equipment to support your high-quality production, you need a supplier you can rely on. Both in terms of providing reliable equipment and experts, who can answer your questions and work with you to make sure you are using the right techniques for what you’re looking to achieve. We (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Improved thermal analysis workflow efficiency

Hitachi High-Tech improves thermal analysis workflow efficiency through enhanced analysis software (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Rapid Coating Analyzer - analyze many more parts

FT230 | Automated XRF for rapid coatings analysis

Simply Smarter

The FT230 benchtop XRF analyzer has been designed to significantly reduce the time taken to make a measurement. Recognizing that the most time is taken with sample setup and measurement recipe selection, engineers at Hitachi have created a ground-breaking analyzer that effectively ‘s... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart is a new generation optical emission (OES) spectrometer, offering field-proven high analytical performance despite its extremely compact size. It is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a cost-effective but reliable metals analyzer for for uncompromized analysis of light elements. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Stationary & mobile OES - seamless quality control

We offer a range of stationary and mobile optical emission spectrometers (OES) for seamless quality control and metals analysis throughout the metals industry, from trace element analysis in scrap metal, to incoming inspection, melt process control and quality control. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - OE750 - Next generation OES analyzer for metals

OE750 Ultimate quality control. No compromise. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Compact OES Analyzer with Low Limits of Detection

PMI analysis just got smarter with the PMI-MASTER Smart, a breakthrough for Arc-Spark OES metal analysis that is compact and highly-portable. This rugged optical emission spectrometer allows for precise analysis of key elements, rapid material verification, PMI and sorting of different metals. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - X-MET8000 Handheld XRF for Marine Fuels

The new X-MET8000 Optimum solution provides ship owners and port state control an alternative, portable option to benchtop XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) analysers to measure and monitor sulfur content in bunker fuel to meet the legislative requirements of the International Maritime Organisation’s global 2020 sulfur cap. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Guide: Melt Control in Cast Iron Using OES

The exact chemical composition of the alloy being manufactured needs to be checked throughout the melt process to ensure the quality of the finished product meets specification. OES technology is primed to deliver accurate and reliable one-step quality control. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - FT160 benchtop EDXRF for coating thickness

New benchtop EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) analyzer with powerful software and hardware created to deliver high sample throughput with quality results achieved by any operator. Designed to play a key role in production quality control, the FT160 series measures a wide range of applications in the semiconductor, circuit board and electronics components markets. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Powerful Solutions for the Coating Industry

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science expands its range of coating analyzers. Designed to play a key role in production quality control, the FT series coatings analysers measure a wide range of applications in the metal finishing and electronics markets. The FT110A and FT160 series offer new solutions to measuring large parts with complex geometry and measuring ultra-thin coatings. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - X-Supreme for Improved Quality Assurance

The innovative, high performance X-Supreme8000, is a compact, energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer used for quality assurance, inspection, and process control across a diverse range of industries. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Next generation software for mobile OES analyzer

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science today introduces SpArcfire, an intuitive operating software already available across Hitachi’s stationary spark OES (optical emission spectrometer) range, to its mobile OES analyzer range. The new interface, optimized for touchscreens, delivers a greatly improved user experience, maximizing speed and efficiency for both simple and complex metals... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Handheld LIBS analyzers | Vulcan+ range

Vulcan is one of the fastest metals analysers that is built to last. Just squeeze the trigger and one second later the result appears. As it uses Laser Induced Breakdown (LIBS) technology, you won’t need to worry about X-rays. Whether your business is scrap sorting or PMI quality control Vulcan delivers accurate and consistent grade ID every time. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - LAB-X5000, a new compact benchtop EDXRF

LAB-X5000 is a compact benchtop EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) analyser with a streamlined user interface and the shortest measurement start sequence on the market, designed to deliver high sample throughput with quality results achieved by any operator. Measure a wide range of materials. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Ultimate Guide: LIBS vs OES

Our ultimate guide, created by a team of industry experts, will help you make the right choice. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - New Coating Thickness Gauges CMI255 & CMI257

Quality assurance for thickness of paint, lacquer, zinc and other protective coatings on metal substrates

The Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science CMI255 and CMI257 dual technology coating thickness gauges offer high reliability testing of protective and decorative coatings applied to steel, iron, aluminum and other metal substrates. Now available for purchase online at www.analyt... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - New Coating Thickness Gauges CMI155 & CMI157

Coating Thickness Measurement on Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Substrates

Rapid inspection of paint, lacquer and other protective coatings on iron, steel, aluminum and other metal substrates. With a probe foot designed for smooth surfaces and an extended measurement range. Now available for purchase online at www.analyticalspares.com (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Handheld analyzers to optimize export process

Tanzanian Mining Commission invests in 24 Hitachi handheld X-MET8000 analyzers to optimize export process for precious and rare earth element metals (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - New Guide: Material Analysis in Automotive

The drive to cut carbon emissions, fierce competitiveness and current market state are causing rapid change that affects all elements of the supply chain: foundries, fabricators, plating and coating facilities, electronic component manufacturers, battery producers, vehicle manufacturers and recycling plants. Learn more in our guide. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - When handheld LIBS pays for itself

Our Vulcan series of handheld LIBS analyzers deliver results in one second and are popular for incoming inspection, metal verification and scrap sorting. The features of the Vulcan that make it so useful on a practical level, such as no X-rays, less licensing hassle, instant results and accurate grade ID, also ensure that the instrument delivers rapid return on investment.

Below a... (read more)


Multinational appliance manufacturer streamlines quality control of coatings with the X-MET XRF analyzer (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Live Demo: Advanced XRF Features

Join us on October 22nd at 11 AM EDT for a special demonstration of our FT110A XRF Analyzer. In this presentation, we will provide an inside look at how to operate the FT110A including unique features of this instrument that can help you save time and money on your plating operations. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - New Guide on Using XRF to Meet IPC Specifications

When 1 nanometer can be the difference between success or failure, choosing the right XRF supplier is paramount. Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has a new guide on using XRF to meet IPC Specifications. We've created a guide for you we hope you'll find useful. Click on the image to download the guide and be registered to win an iPad. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Ultra-versatile benchtop analyzer from Hitachi

an ultra-sensitive SDD detector, large sample chamber and optimized X-ray detector arrangement, it can be used for a range of applications and is ideal for RoHS regulatory screening. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Customer Story: Inspection with PMI-MASTER Smart

Hitachi High-Tech's customer PTS TQM turns to the PMI-Master Smart Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) for materials analysis and materials verification. The PMI-MASTER Smart represents a saving in costs for third-party analysis for PTS TQM when verification requirements are needed by their customers in the nuclear energy, oil & gas, petrochemical, defense and steel construction indu... (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Thermal Analyzers

Complex products for demanding applications mean that component materials need full characterization to ensure they meet specification. (read more)

Hitachi High-Tech America - Handheld XRF and LIBS Analyzers

Handheld LIBS and XRF analyzers offer users ultimate portability with lab quality results virtually anywhere. (read more)