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Hypertherm, Inc. - Maximize Infrastructure Efficiency: Plasma Cutting

Thursday, July 13 11 a.m. - Noon Eastern Join Hypertherm, a leading provider of industrial cutting solutions, for an exclusive webinar on plasma cutting designed for end users in construction, heavy equipment, steel service centers and other metal cutting businesses involved in infrastructure projects. Learn about some of Hypertherms industry leading products and... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Powermax SYNC Plasma, The Value of Data

Hypertherm’s Powermax SYNC® contains a lot of advanced features to make plasma cutting easier and more efficient. One of those features is the data collection. As you use your system, it keeps track of things like the number of starts and transfers and pilot arc time. The system also keeps track of recent fault codes and tells you which torch type and amperage or pow... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Goodbye Guesswork, Hello Powermax SYNC

New Powermax SYNC™ systems are unlike any plasma you've seen before, featuring built‑in intelligence and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable.

Available at authorized store locations worldwide. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Introducing Robotmaster 2023

Robotmaster, a Hypertherm Associates brand, recently released a major version update of its offline programming software for robots: Robotmaster 2023.

Robotmaster 2023 enables seamless integration between a user’s chosen CAD/CAM software and Robotmaster. This automatic integration eliminates the need to import and sync data for a 75 percent reduction in programming time and... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Plasma cutting aluminum, what you need to know

There are many misconceptions when it comes to this topic, however the bottom line is yes, a plasma cutter will cut aluminum. In fact, plasma systems, especially Hypertherm’s X-Definition™ class plasma, are one of the best ways to cut aluminum. Though some people think laser is a better and more cost-effective method of cutting aluminum, the reality is quite the opposite. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - OMAX OptiMAX 60X

Designed and manufactured by Hypertherm's OMAX factory in Kent, WA, the new OptiMAX 60X Waterjet is the culmination of three decades of engineering expertise and experience, resulting in the world’s most accurate waterjet.

  • Cutting envelope of 10' 10" x 5’ 2” (3,302 mm x 1,575 mm)
  • ±0.001" (±0.025 mm) linear position accuracy
(read more)
Hypertherm, Inc. - OMAX Maxiem 1530 waterjet

Designed and manufactured at Hypertherm's OMAX facility in Kent, WA, the MAXIEM 1530 Jetmachining Center is used for prototype development to full-scale production.

  • Cutting envelope of 10’ 0” x 5’ 2” (3048 mm x 1575 mm)
  • ±0.003" (±0.076 mm) linear position accuracy

OMAX waterjets come with:

  • 1 yea...
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Hypertherm, Inc. - OMAX ProtoMAX - Compact, Affordable Waterjet

Engineered and built at Hypertherm's OMAX facility in Kent, WA, the ProtoMAX compact waterjet brings all the versatility and benefits of large abrasive waterjet cutters in a sleek and economic package that’s perfect for small job shops, engineering classrooms, makerspaces, and personal use. With a compact footprint and comprehensive versatility, the ProtoMAX is an ideal abrasive wa... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Experience Hypertherm PlateSaver Technology

With Hypertherm XPR™plasma systems equipped with PlateSaver™ Technology technology, machine shops have the power to maximize plate utilization, reduce waste and save money. Learn more about this new technology and calculate your savings. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - HPR cartridge for HPRXD systems

The Hypertherm HPR® cartridge represents a revolutionary change to traditional mechanized plasma consumables. Dramatically simplifying plasma cutting, the cartridge replaces five standard consumables, eliminating costly stack-up errors. Increase productivity with faster consumable changeover and reduced training time. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Choosing a CNC plasma table

If you are in the market for a plasma CNC table for metal cutting, you likely know the search for the best CNC plasma table can be daunting, with many choices and pieces. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult. While Hypertherm does not manufacture CNC tables, we are ready to guide you through the process of choosing the best CNC plasma table and cutting system for your speci... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - ProNest® LT nesting monthly subscription

ProNest® LT is a powerful CAD/CAM part nesting software for light industrial, mechanized plasma and oxyfuel cutting. Users love the easy-to-use, built-in design tools, and the ability to import their own designs. Incorporating more than 50 years of Hypertherm cutting expertise, ProNest LT ensures the best possible part quality. Try it free for 7 days. Monthly subscriptions as low as... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - X-Definition™ XPR™ Plasma

Hypertherm’s X-Definition XPR plasma boosts overall performance, productivity and profitability, offering unmatched process flexibility to cut, bevel and mark metal. X-Definition plasma is available in two models

XPR300 with a rated cut thickness of up to 1-3/4" on mild steel, and 1-1/2" for stainless and aluminum. Severance capacity up to 3-1/8" on mild steel, 3" on stainle... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Save time by taking robotic programming off-line

Whether you already have a robot, or are considering automating your shop’s processes, Robotmaster® offline robotic programming will help you streamline your workflow. Features like click-and-drag interactive simulation/editing provide a level of ease-of-use unparalleled in the robotic industry. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Choosing a CAD/CAM nesting software

What to consider when choosing a CAD/CAM nesting software solution (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - HyAccess consumables for Air Plasma Systems

If you're having a difficult time cutting channels or beams with deep grooves, cutting or gouging inside an engine compartment or inside a wheel well, or gouging welds in oddly shaped pieces, you may need HyAccess extended reach consumables. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Unique FlushCut™ consumables for 45 amp cutting

Hypertherm introduces the availability of FlushCut™ consumables for more Powermax® plasma systems. These consumables are designed to work at 45 amps on Powermax45 XP, 65, 85, and 105 systems. In addition, owners of the original Powermax45 can use the consumables provided they upgrade to a Hypertherm Duramax® series torch. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Significantly better hole quality with True Hole®

As part of Hypertherm's SureCut™ technology, our patented True Hole® technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma. It is exclusively available for use in conjunction with Hypertherm's HPRXD® auto gas plasma systems including the new XPR300™ system. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - XPR300™ technology advancements

Hypertherm engineers developed these seven technologies that, when combined, create X-Definition:

  • HyFlow vortex or vented nozzle technology
  • Vented Water Injection (VWI)
  • Vent-to-shield
  • Plasma dampening
  • Cool nozzle™
  • Advanced arc stability
  • Arc Response Technology™

In addition to automatic system mon... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Powermax Torch Line-Up includes 4' Long Torch

The Powermax air plasma torch offerings include “long” torches for extended reach cutting and a number of robotic applications.

The long torches, designed for hand-held cutting, come in two different lengths—2 and 4 feet—and two different torch head angles—45 and 90 degrees. The torches are ideal for scrapping, skeleton cutting, overhead cutting and m... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Cutting thin material with Powermax air plasma

Cutting thin metal has its challenges - warping, large kerf widths, inability to cut fine features. If you're cutting gauge material with a Powermax® air plasma, you need to be using FineCut™ consumables. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - The rugged Powermax45 XP - cut, gouge and mark

Meet the best-selling Powermax45® XP. This industrial air plasma system delivers a cut capacity of up to 5/8” at 20 inches per minute and severance capacity of 1-1/8" at 5 ipm. Engineered enhancements include automatic gas adjustment for quick, simple setup and operation. Tough Duramax® Lock torches support handheld and mechanized cutting. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Why spend more on Hypertherm Powermax Plasma?

Here’s a question we get a lot…why should I buy a Hypertherm Powermax instead of a (sometimes much) less expensive competitive air plasma system? It’s a good question and, as consumers, we often ask the same question when shopping. After all, no one wants to waste hard earned money.

There are a number of reasons why Hypertherm Powermax systems can cost more... (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - 5 steps to save money on compressed air

Most shops depend on compressed air for general use. It’s great. You can power tools and run key processes like air filtration, sandblasting, and plasma cutting. However, because compressed air is everywhere (and truly invisible), it’s easy to overlook. Click to see 5 things you can do to optimize your compressed air supply. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - HyPerformance Plasma still a great choice

With the launch of Hypertherm's new X-Definition™ class plasma, you may be wondering if the HyPerformance® platform is still a viable alternative. The answer is a resounding yes! with more than 10,000 units operating worldwide, HyPerformance HPRXDs are a trusted choice and proven reliable and durable in shops and manufacturing facilities. (read more)

Hypertherm, Inc. - Deciphering air plasma system ratings

By system ratings, we don’t mean the number of stars given to our product, but rather the cut capacity ratings Hypertherm has for its systems. If we say “System X has a recommended cut capacity of X inches,” what do we mean? The word “recommended” seems to throw people off, but really all it means […] Read more (read more)