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ifm electronic gmbh - Compact Speed Sensors

The compact speed monitors of the DI series integrate rotational speed detection and monitoring in one unit. The sensor head operates using inductive sensing principles. The sensor detects metal actuating surfaces on rotating machine parts, e.g. on toothed wheels or camshafts. (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - Safety Light Curtains for Factory Automation

OY series safety light curtains are used to safeguard hazardous areas and protect personnel. Depending on the protected area height and number of beams, the units can be adjusted to protect hands or an entire person. Thanks to their slim design, they are suited for applications with limited mounting space. (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - 24 V DC Power Supplies

ifm power supplies for control cabinet installation provide power to the connected controllers, sensors and actuators. They provide high noise immunity and sufficient power reserves to reliably handle short current spikes. (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - Illumination Units - Contour/Position Verification

ifm backlights can be screwed onto a wall or fixture, requiring only little space due to the extremely flat design of only 9.2 mm. They generate a homogeneous light field with visible red or invisible infrared light and can be obtained in three different sizes. (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - Fiber Optic Sensors and Amplifiers

Fiber optic systems are used where mounting space for photoelectric standard sensors is restricted. The evaluation unit and the fiber optics are mounted separately. These systems can therefore be installed in places where access is difficult. Fiber optic systems are designed as through-beam or diffuse reflection sensors. (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - Magnetic sensors for utmost security
  • Activation from different directions aids installation
  • Conceal behind stainless steel for enhanced tamper prevention
  • Connect in series and still identify which door is open
  • Meets the new interface description CB24I from ZVEI
  • Meets highest safety level to ISO 13849-1 and SILCL 3 to IEC 62061
(read more)
ifm electronic gmbh - TA Temperature Transmitter

ifm's new line of transmitters offer an ideal combination of features, performance and value. The TA2 temperature sensor is a compact transmitter with a 4...20 mA current output and a prescaled 0…300 °F measuring range. Scaling over the -58…302 °F range is done simply via the integrated IO-Link interface. (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - Single Phase Power Supplies

ifm's power supplies are designed to provide the voltage supply for sensors, actuators, controllers, and other electronic loads. These new power supplies are compact and lightweight, generating less heat and occupying minimal space in control cabinets. Models operate from a wide input voltage range with short circuit and overload protection, including "no-hiccup" short circ... (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - PS Submersible Pressure Transmitter

ifm's PS3 Series submersible pressure transmitters indicate liquid level measurement in tanks, containers, sumps, wells and river water. The two-wire, stainless steel transmitter is inserted directly into the medium and provides a 4…20 mA analog output signal. Its watertight, vented polyurethane cable withstands over 220 pounds of strain. (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - 2D Pixel Counter Sensors

ifm's Vision Sensors are compact and powerful. Each sensor type applies a unique, high performance algorithm to solve most of today's industrial error-proofing applications without the high-cost of traditional vision systems. (read more)

ifm electronic gmbh - Incremental Encoders - with Display

ifm introduces a versatile line of intelligent encoders that can perform as an encoder, counter or speed / direction monitor. They operate using a superior magnetic sensing principle that ensures accuracy and speed. Features include a simple pushbutton menu for programming resolutions and output, an integrated digital display, and rotatable connector. (read more)