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JBC Technologies, Inc. - Choose the Right PSA for Your Die-Cut Components

How to Choose the Right PSA for Your Die-Cut Components

JBC Technologies has been working with pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and foam tapes for over three decades, sourcing material from best-in-class suppliers including 3M™, Avery™, CCT, and more. Over the years, we’ve laminated adhesives to a wide variety of materials (foam, rubber, silicone, insulation,... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Heat Shielding Material

JBC has over 30 years of experience processing heat shielding and thermal management materials and our relationships with the key suppliers and end-users in this market makes us an invaluable supply chain partner. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Selection Criteria for Shielding & Grounding Tape

The 3M Electronics Materials Solutions Division offers a selection of electrically conductive tapes and adhesives that minimize EMI noise and crosstalk and provide EMI protection from a wide range of frequencies. JBC Technologies can convert these tapes to the specific size, shape, and configuration that you need to solve your specific challenge. Yet, due to their complex nature, choosin... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - The Cold Hard Facts About Hot-Melt Rubber Adhesive

This post dives into the details of the hot melt rubber based adhesives that are used on hundreds of millions of die-cut seals and gaskets applications in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare. A quick snippet of what you'll learn: Hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives are very good for bonding to polyester urethanes and features excellent performance when paired with polyethy... (read more)



JULY 13-15, 2021 (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die-Cut Tapes for EMI/RFI Shielding/Grounding

Tackle your EMI/RFI shielding and grounding challenges with go-to adhesives from 3M™ and precision die-cutting from JBC Technologies. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom Die-Cut Medical Grade Tapes & Adhesives

Medical-grade tapes & adhesives are ideal solutions for stick-to-skin wearable monitoring devices, fashion and beauty tapes, electrode assembly and attachment, and much more. But they must be converted to the size, shape, and composite construction needed for optimal performance of the end product. That’s where a versatile converter like JBC Technologies can make a big differen... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Light weight heat shielding solutions

JBC Technologies provides a variety of custom heat shield materials in sheets, rolls, or die-cut to your specific requirements. Whether you are looking for an insulated aluminum heat shield patch, an embossed or micoperforated light gauge aluminum (with or without adhesive backing), a heat reflective tape, or even a non-metallic solution, we are here to help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Precision Die-Cut Foam Tapes

JBC Technologies converts both single and double-sided foam tapes for use in a wide array of markets. We’ve created custom die-cut foam tape solutions for our customers in the automotive, HVAC, appliance, electronic, medical, and industrial markets all designed to absorb impact, dampen vibrations, seal out the elements, and even replace mechanical fasteners. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom Die-Cut Double Coated Tapes & Adhesives

A 3M™ Preferred Converter with extensive manufacturing capabilities that range from hot roll laminating to slitting to high-speed precision rotary die-cutting, JBC Technologies is a premier converter of double-coated tapes for OEMs and Tier suppliers. Applications include gasketing, mounting, sealing, spacing, cushioning, absorption, insulating, vibration damping, and more. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - On Demand Webinar: Die Cut 3M™ VHB™ Tapes

Need to reduce weight or bulk from your product design? Or reduce noise, vibration, and harshness? Join JBC Technologies and 3M for this on-demand webinar to learn where and how VHB™ tapes can be used to replace mechanical fasteners for lighter, sleeker, and quieter products. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - 5 Foams That Can Stop Your Buzz, Squeak & Rattle

5 Common Foams That Can Stop Your Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle

Every driver has experienced it; every automotive manufacturer wants to prevent it. Buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR). The solution: Foam. Specifically, die-cut foam gaskets and seals. Read on to learn which foams are ideally suited to help. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Lightweight solution to mitigate heat and noise

Innovative material layered with foil, fiberglass, polyester insulation core and peel & stick backing manages radiant & conductive heat, absorbs road noise and is lightweight. JBC’s TABshield patch series provides superior thermal and acoustic performance under tough conditions. A lightweight alternative to traditional metal heat shields, it is easy-to-install, conformable... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom Die-Cut Acrylic Foam Tapes

Acrylic Foam Tapes: Replacing Screws, Rivets, and More

Consumer demand for interconnected, high performing devices, cars, and home appliances that are also sleek, lightweight, and quiet continues to grow worldwide. In order to keep up with consumer demand, manufacturers need innovative, high performing, long-lasting materials that also help reduce cycle time. Die cut acryli... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - 3M™ VHB™ Design Guide

3M 's VHB™ high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tapes let you quickly and easily create long-lasting bonds that build strength over time. See how these tapes can replace traditional fasteners to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - WHITE PAPER: Die-Cut Thermal Management Solutions

Electronics demand smaller, sleeker, lightweight designs that are capable of processing at optimal speed. But all that increased power consumption generates heat so engineers need to find the right thermal management solutions. This White Paper provides insight and ideas. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - TABshield Meets Ford WSS-M99P32-E6

North Ridgeville, Ohio, January 4, 2021 – JBC Technologies has recently announced the successful completion of third-party testing of their TABshield™ thermal acoustical barrier material against two Ford automotive heat shield specifications. The pair of multi-test specifications focuses specifically on the performance requirements of acoustical and thermal components... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die-Cutting Specialty Materials: A Vendor Q & A

About a year and a half ago, we started our Vendor Q&A blog series with one goal in mind: to provide our customers with in-depth, useful information straight from the experts on some of the more common performance materials that we die cut every day here at JBC. We covered things like what makes these materials so special, why you’d use them and why you wouldn’t, and the... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Materials spread shield & dissipate heat

Electronic devices don't perform well when they overheat. You can mitigate the problem by transfering heat away from the device such as from a microchip or board to a heat sink. Materials such as flexible graphite, acrylic and silicone pads, foils, papers and films are all possible solutions for thermal management in electronics. Read this article for insight (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Improved Face Shields Made in the USA

Re-engineered for improved aesthetics and comfort, plus models for smaller faces with customizable white headbands - so kids can decorate! (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Wide variety of face shield components by JBC

Face shield component requirements vary by manufacturer and JBC is well-positioned to support a wide variety of needs. As a vertically integrated flexible material converter we have the people, the processes and the equipment to produce face shield components at high volume, including die cut elastic, die cut hook and loop, die cut foam, and die cut PET plastic.

PET... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Q&A

Insight from companies offering performance materials that solve critical challenges for noise, vibration and harshness, bonding, fastening, sealing, and gasketing. Learn why pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have become a game-changer for demanding assembly applications in a wide range of industrial applications. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Face Shield Manufacturing

In direct response to the severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) initially faced by our nation’s frontline healthcare workers, JBC Technologies reacted quickly – supporting the custom face shield manufacturing needs of organizations nationwide and launching our very own line of Tech-SHIELD™ face shields.

Available in both adult and youth sizes, ou... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Value Analysis Value Engineering On demand webinar

Customers want to cut costs. Marketing wants to add value. Everyone wants to increase profitability. Engineering is caught in the middle. The good news is that there is a process that can be used to make everyone happy: Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE). (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Protect your workforce - MEDICAL FACE SHIELDs

North Ridgeville Manufacturer Mobilizes Die-Cutting and Materials Conversion Expertise in Fight Against COVID-19

JBC Technologies Produces Face Shields, Face Shield Kits and Shield Components (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Covid-19 Face Shield Manufacturing

To help meet the surging demand for healthcare personal protective equipment (PPE) JBC has put our die-cutting and materials conversion expertise to work making medical face shields for frontline healthcare workers. (read more)



JBC Technologies is putting our our die cutting expertise to use in support of organizations that are manufacturing face shields. With high-speed, high-capacity equipment, we offer fast turnaround and competitive pricing. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Face Shield Components - High Volume

High Volume Face Shield Components For Faster Face Shield Production

JBC Technologies is putting our our die cutting expertise to use in support of organizations that are manufacturing face shields. With high-speed, high-capacity equipment, we offer fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

Face Shield Components: Plastic Face Shield

... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Ohio Manufacturing Alliance & JBC - Face Shields

April 1 Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the formation of the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance to Fight COVID-19. This collaborative effort will engage manufacturers in repurposing their manufacturing operations to produce some of the most in-demand products in the fight against COVID-19, especially products for the healthcare industry. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Prevent interference Dissipate Heat in Electronics

Smart phones to semiconductors, appliances to automotive applications, electronic components and systems require protection, shielding, heat management and seals. For more than 30 years, JBC Technologies has been providing industry leading die cut products and solutions for the Electronics Industry. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Thermal acoustical barrier material TABSHIELD

Achieve superior thermal and acoustic performance under tough conditions. Targeted thermal protection for engine shields, tunnel insulators, dash insulators, hood insulators, engine compartments, exhaust shields, tunnel shields, marine heat shields, HVAC, and more. Ideal in areas with space constraints. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Case Studies Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers

Read these two in depth case studies and learn how auto manufacturers reduced material waste, improved throughput & automated processes (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Die Cut Gaskets, Seals, and More

JBC Technologies is your one-stop resource for all your die-cutting needs. For over 30 years, we've been using our industry expertise and vertically integrated converting capabilities to turn rolls of flexible materials into custom die-cut parts—solving critical challenges for gasketing, sealing, heat shielding, thermal management, buzz, squeak and rattle/NVH, and more. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Converting foams, foils & tapes into custom parts

We’ve invested in the technology, equipment, and experts that it takes to manage the flexible materials converting process from beginning to end. (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Custom die-cutting, flexible materials converting

JBC Technologies is a custom manufacturer that converts flexible materials into custom die-cut parts that solve critical challenges for gasketing, sealing, bonding, joining, heat shielding, heat spreading, sound damping, and insulating as well as for applying long-term wearable medical devices, and other stick-to-skin applications.

We fabricate these custom parts usi... (read more)



Add to that an arsenal of equipment, 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space, years of process know how, and an unmatched sense of mechanical aptitude topped off with a core value of “Don’t Ever Quit” and you have a die cutting partner that has your back. Equipment is only... (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - The JBC Advantage

A Collaborative Die Cutting & Converting Partner (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - Quick Turn Rapid Prototyping

Need a quick turn for trials, engineering builds or short production runs? (read more)

JBC Technologies, Inc. - JBC Die Cut Markets

JBC Technologies is a leading die cutter and flexible materials converter that has been serving leading organizations in diverse industries for over 30 years. (read more)

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This webinar will arm engineers with a go-to material list, process selection tools, and converted tape solutions they can use to attack EMI/RFI and electromagnetic compatibility issues head-on.


JBC Technologies announces the successful completion of third-party testing of TABshield™ thermal acoustical barrier material against two Ford automotive heat shield specifications.


Join JBC Technologies and 3M December 10 at noon, EST for a virtual training webinar. Learn where and how VHB™ tapes can be used to replace mechanical fasteners for lighter, sleeker, and quieter products.