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Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Semigood Design Lift Table

The Lift Table was privately commissioned and built for Howard S. Wright offices in Seattle, WA. More than a table, this work of art constructed of steel, wood and glass, spans ten feet and elevates twelve inches with the turn of a ship's wheel.

Semigood Design, LLC approached Joyce/Dayton with a concept for a unique conference room table that combined both bold and function... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Metric Screw Jacks in Machine Design

Joyce metric screw jacks, series MWJ, are specifically designed for applications that must be fully metric. Both upright and inverted configurations operate at full capacity whether the load is in tension or compression. These jacks are commonly used in OEM machinery manufactured in the U.S. and shipped to other countries. They are fully interchangeable with several European products. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Install Bellows to Reduce Expensive Maintenance

Protect your Equipment Investment

When Joyce bellows and covers are fitted to machinery, expensive maintenance costs and down time can be reduced or eliminated. Choose to protect exposed lead screws, ball screws, splines, shafts and other machine components with Joyce bellows and covers. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Stainless Steel Lifting Jacks for Harsh Conditions

All exposed surfaces on Joyce/Dayton stainless steel jacks feature 316 or 17-4 stainless steel construction and bronze traveling nuts and bushings. Valued for their corrosion resistant properties and full capacity tension or compression lifting, these jacks are easily retrofitted into designs that previously used non-stainless jacks. A logical choice for food service, paper mills, and mo... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Ball Screw ComDRIVE® - Motorized Jack

Motorize your lifting system with Joyce Ball Screw ComDRIVES. Each Joyce ComDRIVE® is a self-contained actuator package that combines a ball screw jack, motor, and gear reducer into a single compact package. ComDRIVE Models are available in capacities up to 30 tons and provide speeds up to 26.3 inches per minute (CDB) and 55.5 inches per minute (CDHB). (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Machine Screw ComDrive® - Motorized Jack

Joyce/Dayton ComDRIVE motorized jacks are a self-contained actuator package that combines a machine screw jack, motor and gear reducer into a single compact unit. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Lead Screws & Assemblies (Acme & Ball Screws)

Choose from a wide selection of Lead Screw & Nut Components and Assemblies.

Joyce/Dayton offers everything from cut lengths of screw stock and nuts, to complete assemblies including finished screw ends, flanged nuts and bearing block supports. Components and assemblies are offered at competitive prices with favorable lead times. Contact Joyce today! (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Custom Solar Trackers to meet unique applications

Joyce/Dayton remains committed to providing custom drive solutions to meet unique application demands. These products are used to position PV systems, solar dishes, CPV, heliostats, and large arrays in utility and commercial installations. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Joyce Solar Tracking Jacks

Joyce Solar Jacks Reliably Track the Sun

Designed for heavy-duty solar tracking applications up to 44-tons. Configured to meet specific load and positioning requirements. An integral trunnion mount makes installation simple. Cost effective and efficient Joyce Solar Tracking Jacks provide reliable service and years of operation. Custom solutions are available. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Screw Jack Lifting Systems

Joyce/Dayton screw jacks and lifting systems offer wide-ranging lifting and positioning solutions for diverse industries. These robust jacks reliably move and accurately position loads up to 250-tons. Joyce can configure jacks with components such as motors, gear reducers, shafting, couplings, and motion control devices to create complete multi-jack systems. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Bevel Gear Jacks - Self Locking & Fast

Joyce/Dayton Bevel Gear Jacks lift and hold massive loads. Consider the benefits of higher efficiency and faster travel. S-series self-locking Bevel Gear jacks may be the best choice for your next stage lift, 4-post lift, or gantry application because they eliminate the need for miter gear boxes in multi-jack systems. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Electric Cylinders Customized for Your Application

Let Joyce customize their electric cylinders to lift and precisely position your load (up to 20-tons). Include the motor of your choice and special features and finishes to meet your specific requirements. Achieve travel speeds up to 546 inches per minute, and raise loads up to 100 inches. These industrial-duty actuators are designed for low maintenance and require only electric power. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Leveling Log Homes with Joyce Screw Jacks

Joyce/Dayton Corp. offers innovative solutions for challenges facing builders when leveling log homes during construction and throughout the life of the home.

Unlike conventional residential construction, log homes present a challenge because their heavy support columns need to be adjusted over a period of several years. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Bevel Ball Jacks - Higher Speed/Greater Accuracy

Choose Joyce/Dayton high-efficiency bevel ball actuators (BB) when speed and precise positioning are required. Designed for near-continuous duty operation and with static capacities up to 100-tons, these actuators have a fully predictable J-10 life expectancy. They provide higher speeds with less heat generation than other mechanical actuators. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Solar Tracking Actuators

Ideal for rugged environments common to the solar industry, these cost effective SA actuators have an IP65 protection rating. Self-locking features in the mechanism ensure that the solar actuator can be held in position throughout the daily tracking cycle. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Solar Energy Moves into a Brighter Future

Renewable energy is one of the hottest topics today, and one of the main priorities of the country. That's why Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. of Phoenix recently signed an agreement to construct a massive, 4,500-acre solar generating station in Southern California. The power station will be the world's largest solar facility, capable of producing more electricity than all other... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Serious Jacks for Severe Service

Built to your specifications, Joyce jacks and systems lift and precisely position loads in the most extreme environments. Customize standard machine screw, ball screw, and bevel gear jacks to your form and fit requirements. Modify with custom materials and finishes for high/low temperatures, corrosive or wash-down environments. Contact Joyce today! (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Compact, versatile multipurpose actuators

Joyce multipurpose actuators (MA) are compact, versatile and designed to lift dynamic loads ranging from 500N (112 pounds) to 7000N (1574 pounds) and at travel speeds up to 47 mm/sec (111 in/min). Each 120 VAC or 12 VDC linear actuator is equipped with a potentiometer and preset limit switches, and offers an IP65 rating that qualifies them for many wash-down and outdoor duty applications. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Miniature Jacks used in Food Processing Equipment

Joyce/Dayton Serves the Food Packaging Industry

Did you know that jacks and actuators manufactured by Joyce/Dayton Corp are used extensively by the food processing industry?

Equipment manufacturers are using our light-weight miniature jacks and integrated actuators to move and position loads up to 1-ton. These jacks have aluminum housings and may also feature stainless stee... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Machine Jack vs. Ball Screw Jack

Engineers and designers frequently use screw jacks in the design of lifting and positioning equipment. They know that mechanical jacks offer reliable lifting and holding options that can be easily incorporated into their systems.

Once loads, duty cycles, and travel speeds are established, engineers and designers must choose the type of jack to select - Ball screw or Machine... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Stainless Steel Jacks vs. The Elements

Joyce Stainless Steel Jacks offer Exceptional Environmental Protection

Joyce stainless steel screw jacks are specifically designed for positioning and lifting applications that are located in wet, corrosive and harsh environments, but the benefits do not end there. Material properties of stainless steel also offer benefits in cold weather environments. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Motor Starters –Simple to Sophisticated

Motor starters are the heart of control systems. Basic models from Joyce/Dayton include extend and retract push buttons for momentary operation and an illuminated power-on light lets operators easily determine if there is power to the system. Choose the horsepower and frequency you need. But perhaps you need more. We build custom motor starters and controls to meet c... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Lifting Jacks for Harsh Conditions

Stainless Steel Screw Jacks

Joyce stainless steel screw jacks are specifically designed for positioning and lifting applications that are located in wet, corrosive and harsh environments. Metallurgical properties of stainless steel allow it to remain ductile even at very low temperatures.These mechanical jacks are available in 2 ton through 25 ton capacities. Upright or inverted j... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Finish with the Right Controls Package

Whatever your system requirements - programmable positions, synchronized travel, variable speed, or position accuracy - Joyce/Dayton engineers have a solution. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Stainless Jacks in Industrial Processing Equipment

Joyce stainless steel jacks are specifically designed to provide the durable option needed for process equipment that operates in caustic or wash down environments. Jacks in 2-25 ton capacities feature 316 or 17-4 stainless and bronze exterior. Smaller jacks and actuators capable of lifting up to 1-ton, feature aluminum housings with stainless lifting screw (304) and input worm sh... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Synchronized Controls for Lifting Systems

Synchronous Controls by Joyce are an ideal choice for the smooth operation of multi-jack lifting system. When the use of shafting is NOT an option, choose synchronous custom controls designed to meet your specific lifting system and travel speed requirements. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Jacks & Actuators for the Food Packaging Industry

Joyce/Dayton offers Jacks and Actuators for packaging systems, filling heads, conveyors, lifts, converters, and tilt tables. We customize our Electric cylinders, Machine screw jacks, and Stainless steel jacks to meet your requirements.

Contact Joyce for all your packaging needs: Wash down , Food Grade, Special Finishes, Stainless steel, and Custom jacks and actuators. (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Screw Jacks for Linear Motion Applications

Satisify linear motion needs with Joyce Dayton worm gear Machine and Ball screw jacks. Lift and precisely position loads (250 pounds to 250 tons). Upright or inverted these jacks operate at full capacity in tension or compression. Machine screw jacks are available in single lead, self-locking designs while ball screw jacks offer high efficiency travel and require a brake motor to hold po... (read more)

Joyce/Dayton Corp. - Ball Screw Jacks - Size and Motorize

Motorized Ball screw jack systems are available in 2-ton to 30-ton capacities. Compact and efficient, these motorized ComDRIVEs combine ball screw jakcs with gear reducer and brake motor. Standard ComDRive systems offer travel speeds up to 55.5 inches per minute. Our JAX Online software makes sizing fast and easy. (read more)

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Joyce/Dayton Corp. is pleased to announce that protective bellows and covers are now available directly from Joyce. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.


Joyce/Dayton is pleased to announce JAX Online web-based linear motion design software application. Intuitive and easy to use, JAX Online software is the fastest way to specify the right jacks and components for ideal lifting and linear motion systems.