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Kollmorgen Corporation - Why DC Motors in Robots?

Typically, when thinking about a DC motor, you really are talking about a DC permanent brush type motor. Apply DC power, adjust voltage and current levels to control it with a simple amplifier - you have a dc system solution. Add in feedback and you will have pretty good control. Mobile robots need to run off of a battery source, thus the need for a DC solution. (read more)

Kollmorgen Corporation - We make your robots move

Trending in the automation world these days is the merging of the collaborative robot and the AGV, creating a mobile Cobot with the navigational capabilities of today’s AGV’s. This opens new opportunities in warehouse logistics that improves the entire supply chain. With additional power demands created by this combination, innovative motor and drive solutions become paramount. (read more)

Kollmorgen Corporation - Servo Boxing Robots see the action

See new automation technology, Industry 4.0 solutions and Servo Boxing Robots. Kollmorgen will bring our motion-centric automation solutions to Automate! Booth visitors will be treated to a variety of product exhibits and exciting live demos, including Kollmorgen’s popular servo boxing robots (read more)

Kollmorgen Corporation - Compact AC Synchronous Servo Motors

The AKM®2G Series, the latest generation of synchronous servo motors from Kollmorgen, features design sizes with performance levels between 0.3 and 10 kW. With continuous torque increases of up to 30% versus traditional servos, machine builders and OEMs can substantially increase machine throughput and proficiency without increasing the mounting size of the motor. (read more)

Kollmorgen Corporation - Multi-Axis Motion Controller in a Stand-Alone Unit

Kollmorgen's PCMM controller delivers maximum performance from an embedded controller, capable of running small, machine modules, to complete 20+ axes machines and I/O. It packs a powerful PLC, Motion Controller, and EtherCAT master into a small package. (read more)

Kollmorgen Corporation - Frameless Brushless Motors

Kollmorgen's KBM™ Series Frameless Brushless Motors are designed to be directly embedded in your machine, using the machine's own bearings to support the rotor. With a huge selection of standard motors-plus the ability to quickly and cost-effectively incorporate co-engineered modifications-you can choose an exact-fit motor providing highest performance in a compact space. (read more)

Kollmorgen Corporation - Hybrid Stepper Motor

Kollmorgen's PMXTM Series Hybrid Stepper Motors are designed with versatility, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness in mind. They provide high torque in a small package and come in a wide range of standard sizes, constructions, windings and options. (read more)

Kollmorgen Corporation - Decentralized Multiaxis Servo Drive System

Distributed around the machine with highly integrated functionality and unrivaled connection technology, the
new AKD™-N servo drives from KOLLMORGEN can be installed in the vicinity of the motor thanks to robust
construction and IP67 protection rating. AKD-N offers a complete solution for the next generation of machine
design. (read more)