Kooltronic, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Kooltronic, Inc. -  Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers

Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers are the ideal choice for applications that can tolerate operating temperatures somewhat higher than ambient. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Cooling for Wastewater

Enclosure Cooling for Wastewater, Water Treatment & Irrigation Applications (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Centrifugal Blowers and Packaged Blowers

Kooltronic Centrifugal Blowers and Packaged Blowers are a durable and economical choice to cool electrical enclosures using a steady flow of ambient air against differing static pressures. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Thermal Management Solutions for Medical Devices

Thermal Management Solutions for Medical Devices & Global Healthcare Applications (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Why Closed Loop Cooling?

An Introduction to Closed Loop Cooling (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Cooling for Energy Storage Systems

Enclosure Cooling for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) ensure a steady supply of lower-cost power for commercial and residential needs, decrease our collective dependency on fossil fuels, and reduce carbon emissions for a cleaner environment. However, the electrical enclosures that contain battery energy storage systems are often located outdoors and (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Ultra-Slim Depth Enclosure Air Conditioners

The new Access Series Enclosure Air Conditioners from Kooltronic are specially designed for closed-loop cooling in kiosks, ATMs, and electrical cabinets with space constraints that would preclude traditional refrigerant-based cooling units. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Air Conditioners for Hazardous Locations

Kooltronic's patented HL Series Enclosure Air Conditioners are engineered for electrical cabinet cooling within NEC Class I, Divisions 1 and 2 Hazardous Locations. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Electrical Cabinet Cooling Fans & Fan Trays

The Kooltronic line of enclosure cooling fans offers the widest selection of airflow capacities, NEMA types, and mounting configurations in the industry. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Guardian Series NEMA 4 Enclosure Air Conditioners

The all-weather Guardian Series enclosure AC units offer high-performance electrical panel cooling in various BTU capacities, sizes, and voltages. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - GuardianX Series NEMA 4X Cabinet Air Conditioners

The GuardianX Series Air Conditioners are designed specifically for NEMA 4X electrical enclosure applications in harsh, corrosive environments. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - SlimKool Series Narrow Width Air Conditioners

The SlimKool Series compact, all-weather air conditioners feature a narrow width of under 12 inches for convenient mounting on shallow electrical enclosures. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Kooltronic Heat Exchangers

Kooltronic Heat Exchangers offer several enclosure cooling benefits including simple reliable performance and operation, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Enclosure Air Conditioners

Kooltronic closed-loop enclosure air conditioners provide greater operating efficiency, lower power consumption, and longer life for heat sensitive electrical components. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Guardian Series NEMA 4/4X Enclosure Cooling Fans

Rated NEMA 4 or NEMA 4X, the All-Weather Guardian Series Filter Fans are a perfect choice for dissipating electrical enclosure heat loads economically. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Parts & Filters Now Available to Purchase Online!

Kooltronic, Inc. of Pennington, NJ, has rolled out a new self-service e-commerce feature that offers customers the convenience of purchasing spare/replacement parts and filters online. (read more)

Kooltronic, Inc. - Onsite UL Recognized Test Laboratory

Kooltronic, Inc. is proud to announce the renewal of our Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Client Test Data Program Certificate. Having an onsite UL-recognized test lab supports our commitment to delivering the highest quality enclosure cooling products. (read more)