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Lapp Tannehill - Heat shrink that encapsultes to reliably seal

Dual wall heat shrinkable tubing has inner walls of adhesive or encapsulant in order to reliably seal out moisture from sensitive electrical components and connections. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Does your CAN Bus Cable strip easily?

With complex and additional functions being added to on and off-road vehicles, CAN bus data cables can help reduce wiring, electronic interference, and provides high-speed network communication. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The perfect medical connector-light and watertight

The ODU MINI-MED® will always come in handy when a light, space-saving and watertight cable assembly is required. The ODU MINI-MED® can be easily mated and has a break-away function to ensure the quick disconnection of plug and in-line receptacle or receptacle. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Super 33+ tape is used in all-weather situations

Super 33+ is designed to perform continuously in ambient temperatures up to 105C and is conformable for cold weather applications down to -18C (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Expandable sleeving is a great alternative

Flexo® PET is used where cost efficiency and durability are critical. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Is braid an ideal shielding material?

Tinned copper braid is an ideal shielding material for short-run cables providing easy radial termination in various applications, and provides additional shielding efficiency. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - PTFE Standard wall tubing is cost effective

PTFE tubing that conforms to AMS3653 is a cost effective alternative that can be used for electrical insulation up to 260C and other applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Can your cable endure a harsh environment?

Multi conductor can endure harsh environment conditions, surface abrasion, and even contact with flames. Versatile in application and used in many different applications from small electronic to large factory automation. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Everything you need to hook up anything

There's an infinite amount of hook-up wire that can be used to hook up anything-whether it's as straightforward as a control cabinet or as a machine tool on the factory floor, a high temp oven, or off-road construction equipment. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Superfast data transfer with HITRONIC®

The Lapp Group’s HITRONIC® fiber optic cables are unbeatably fast and secure when transferring large amounts of data. They ensure the superfast data transfer is completely free of interference and is protected against monitoring. Even electromagnetic interference can’t affect a HITRONIC® cable! (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Automotive wire for harness in cars, trucks, buses

Automotive wireis classified in two categories. PVC and Cross-link. The difference between the two is that cross link can withstand higher temperatures than PVC automotive wire (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Do you want to modify your existing cable?

With a custom cable solution, there is no limit to your application. When off the shelf products won't work for you, we can help you create the perfect cable for your application. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Are you searching for Nema HP-3 Type E, EE, ET?

Don't get into a panic if you can't source Nema HP-3 type E, EE, ET wire. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Do you use medical tubing as a process aid?

MT-LWA is a 2:0 to 4:1 heat shrinkable, crosslinked medical grade modified polyolefin tubing product designed for process aid application for minimally invasive medical devices. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - <HAR> Multi-standard hook-up wire

<HAR> is an internationally approved hook-up wire that was designed to meet North American and European market requirements. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - THHN can be used in wet or dry locations

May be used as fixture wire, machine tool wiring, or appliance wiring material. THHN is not to exceed 90C or not to exceed 75C in oil or coolants. THHN has a slick nylon outer jacket for easy pulling (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Custom color combinations for hook up wire

Wire striping is the process of adding an additional color or colors to the wire or cable jacket. Contrasting stripes allows an easier identification for users. When using multiple wires that are similar, in one application, custom color combinations will ensure a smooth installation (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Is your security alarm cable safe enough?

You need a security cable that provides reliable connection of all the components required to deliver the safety, security, and convenience that home and building owners demand. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Are you looking for a VFD Slim Cable?

ÖLFLEX® VFD SLIM Cable features a reduced diameter shielded ideal for VFD drives, motor applications, web presses, HVAC, conveyors, and any on/off or slowdown/speed up applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - EPIC® Connector Kits to make electrical connection

Kits include all components needed to make electrical connection. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - ThermoThin Wire will save you space and weight

Alpha Wire’s new ThermoThin hook-up wire addresses your need for a high-temperature wire that saves space and weight. ThermoThin is versatile enough to use within many industries, but It is well suited for oil and gas, semiconductor, energy generation and productions, and military applications where space is at a premium and extreme temperatures must be withstood. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Add shielding easily and quickly using braid

Most electronic and communications equipment require grounding or EMI/RFI shielding. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Don't let your portable cord tie you up!

If your facility is like most, you work around various chemicals and oils. You use various motors, machines, and tools both indoors and outdoors. When you work outdoors, you experience a fair range of temperature and humidity variations; even on the same day. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - One plug that handles all your dual pole needs!

An Industry first-Tectran's one-plug solution! A dual pole plug that is universally configured to function with both vertical and horizontal socket designs. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Cable Design for Smart Factories

Smart factories and advanced robots are only as reliable as their key components. Learn about the key principles of cable solutions for today's industrial landscape in our white papers. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Wire and Cable for automotive wire harnesses

Bus cable, primary wire and battery cable are designed for many different automotive environments and to endure harsh conditions. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - How to improve data transmission speed.

ETHERLINE® and UNITRONIC® cables provide rugged and robust connections, greater flexibility and faster response times. These data communication cables will improve efficiency and work flow on your automated factory floor. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Ethernet Cables for a Secure & Fast Connection
  • Designed for harsh industrial applications
  • Standard shielding offers protection from EMI
  • Cables meet Category 5, 5e, 6, 6a or 7
  • PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT conform styles available
  • Suitable for stationary, continuous flex, and torsion applications
  • For FAST Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, or 10 Gigabit Ethernet Service
(read more)
Lapp Tannehill - Ultimate performance in extreme environments

Xtra-Guard® cable brings performance and reliability to the biggest challenges in the toughest environments. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Interior camera systems use Ethernet Can Bus cable

SAE J3117 cables are used in back-up cameras, crash avoidance sensors, land-departure warning systems. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Automotive wire at your fingertips

Back up cameras and crash avoidance sensors need Can Bus Data cables, and automotive primary wire. Automotive wire and cables are used in electical and electronic equipment applications in both the OEM and automotive markets. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Card readers need access control cables

From your home to schools and businesses and more, alarm and security systems are used everywhere you go. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Don't let your productivity be compromised


SKINTOP® has a large number of advantages when compared to other strain relief cord grip products. The SKINTOP® products will ensure uptime, increase productivity, minimize concerns, make your job easier, and save you time and money (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - High data transmission rate for fast info exchange

ETHERLINE® product lines provide dependable real-time control within automated industrial facilities of all types and sizes. ETHERLINE® is more than up to the task in environments requiring more rugged and robust connectors and cables, greater flexibility, and faster response times. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Did you know? SKINTOP® Cable Glands are watertight

Metallic & Non-Metallic cable glands. Used in panels, switches, control boxes, submersible pumps, appliances, and tool applications. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Cable that endures harsh environment conditions

Multi conductor can endure harsh environment conditions, surface abrasion, and even contact with flames. Versatile in application and used in many different applications from small electronic to large factory automation. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The next generation of control cables

By combining better performance and minimum environmental impact, EcoCable uses its mPPE insulation and jacketing to provide all of the advantages in a smaller, lighter control cable (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - EcoWire®-better performance than PVC hook up wire

Alpha Wire’s EcoWire is the latest innovation in hook-up wire, achieving increased performance in a wire that is fully recyclable. EcoWire and EcoWire Plus are environmentally friendly cable alternatives to standard hook up wire. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Secure & Reliable EPIC® Connectors

Whether your application is power, control, or signal/data, the Lapp Group’s EPIC® connectors offer performance you can count on. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Flexible industrial cables that withstand oil

Used in CNC machining centers, grinding machines, bottling equipment, conveyors, processing equipment, assembly lines and control panels. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - The importance of VSWR sweep testing

PTFE dielectric coax cables listed are high temperature, high-performance constructions exhibiting high dielectric strength and low capacitance in proportion to the cable's dielectric constant. (read more)

Lapp Tannehill - Reliable ethernet cables for a secure connection

ETHERLINE® cables provide reliable network communications in the demanding industrial and communication environments where difficult EMI conditions are prevalent. Made up of durable and robust cables and connection components, the ETHERLINE® products offer a secure, fast, and reliable path of Ethernet connectivity. (read more)

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