Lift Products, Inc. has promoted these products / services:

Lift Products, Inc. - Case Study: Fluid Cylinder Production

As a result of this custom engineered and fabrication upender, the customer was able to access all sides of the die during production without below hook rotation thereby increasing safety as well as efficiency. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - Case Study: Assembly Line Work Platform

As a result of this custom work lift platform, the customer was able to meet and exceed production goals for the new transformer assembly line. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - For Mobile Ergonomic Positioning Of Loads.

Electric Drive / Electric Lift Cart For Mobile Ergonomic Positioning Of Loads. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - Roto-Max Work Positioner By Lift Products

Due to the unique design of the Roto-Max, it has a lowered height of just 6.5". This allows for a great deal of flexibility in handling tall loads and varying operator heights to achieve ideal ergonomic heights for the handling of product onto and off of pallets. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - New Box Dumper

The new LPBD hydraulic box dumper is now available featuring simple and secure lock out controls, angle iron AWS welded structural ribs, dual flow control for smooth rotation of containers and a quickly changed restraining bar to adapt to box size. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - Synchronizing Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Separate Lift Tables raise level relative to one another regardless of weight distribution. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - Maxx-Jack MJE40 Pallet Truck

Pallet jacks are the workhorses of numerous industrial and warehousing applications. Many of the ergonomic innovations we manufacture would not be possible without a dependable pallet truck. It is with this understanding of the essential role the pallet jack plays that we offer the Maxx-Jack MJE40. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - MMLA Linear Actuated Lift Carts

MMLA linear actuated lift carts are designed for applications requiring precision, clean rooms, and quiet environments. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - MXPDSR Reach Stackers

The MXPDSR walk behind reach stacker with power steering is an excellent value priced alternative to a sit-down or stand-up forklift. Ideal for material handling applications in which straddle legs would interfere with obstructions or limit load sizes and a short turning radius is desirable. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - Guardian Lift Table

The Guardian Series represents the ultimate in lift table safety with features that are optional or not available on other lift tables. (read more)

Lift Products, Inc. - LPBD Hydraulic Box Dumpers

For controlled dumping of materials from boxes, totes, and crates, Lift Products LPBD series of box dumpers provides a reliable and stable solution. (read more)