Linear Systems has promoted these products / services:

Linear Systems - Field Effect Transistors Guide Sensor Applications

Read this comprehensive White Paper on the benefits of Field Effect Transistors in ow noise amplifier applications for
photo diodes, accelerometers, transducers, and other types of sensors (read more)

Linear Systems - Headphone Amplifier Evaluation Board

This headphone amplifier evaluation board is a complete, low-power stereo audio amplifier for high-fidelity line-level output and headphone applications. It consists of Linear Integrated Systems JFETs along with a number of other parts mounted on a circuit board. (read more)

Linear Systems - Download 2021 Data Guide of Discrete Components

Download Linear Systems' 2021 Data Book to see all our devices in one single document, giving you a complete overview of our portfolio. We hope that makes it even easier for you to find the right product for your design. (read more)

Linear Systems - Analog Switches for High Speed Switching

LINEAR INTEGRATED SYSTEMS announces the immediate availability of SD5400 / SD5000 Family of Quad N-channel Enhancement Mode Lateral DMOS Analog Switches. (read more)

Linear Systems - LSK489 Ultra-Low-Noise Dual JFET

Linear Integrated Systems announces the availability of the LSK 489 low-noise, low-capacitance dual N-Ch JFET designed for all (audio and non audio) low noise applications. (read more)