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Mactac - Cold and bold. Arctic Cold Temperature Tapes

Cold and bold. That’s what customers think about Macbond® Arctic Cold Temperature Tapes. (read more)

Mactac - Foam Bonding Guide

If you’re a fabricator or converter and you don’t have the Mactac Foam Bonding Guide, you’re missing out! This go-to resource helps quickly and easily determine what Mactac adhesive will work best with your foam bonding application. (read more)

Mactac -  Industrial Tape For A Wide Range Of Applications

Look no further than Macbond® HSA440 Acrylic Tapes. Highly versatile and designed for use on everything from building and construction to fabrication, electronics, automotive, signage and countless other applications. An added bonus: This 100-percent solids, solvent-free performance line is environmentally and economically friendly! (read more)

Mactac - Low Surface Energy Adhesive Tapes

Low Surface Energy Environmentally Friendly Adhesive Tapes for Automotive Interiors

Adhesives are a mainstay in automotive assembly play a significant role in laminating/assembling automotive interiors for aesthetic/ performance reasons. As automotive exteriors & vehicle performance have become similar among models, manufacturers have focused on interiors to help... (read more)

Mactac - Reduce Sound/Vibration - Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Sound and vibration reduction is a common need. Automotive manufacturers need to reduce the “buzz, squeak and rattle” in modern car designs, RV manufacturers need to reduce the vibration and noise created by joining plastic and metal components, and the building & construction industry needs to create a quiet interior environment free of floor squeaks and distracting ambi... (read more)

Mactac - Low-VOC tapes perform without concern

Solvent-free acrylic tapes solve tough adhesion problems while offering a safer bonding solution for an array of applications. CleanTapes meet the JIS-A-1901 standard for 13 critical substances. (read more)

Mactac - Show your product off with great label technology

From fresh to frozen and everything in between, learn about roll label solutions for a huge array of food, beverage, cosmetic and pharma applications. (read more)

Mactac - Webinar: Macbond Essentials of Adhesive & Tape

When selecting the best adhesive for your application, do you ever wonder if you should choose an acrylic or rubber adhesive? (read more)

Mactac - NEW tapes & adhesives product selection guide

Whether you need mounting & bonding for medical & industrial applications, or vinyl signage for vehicles, consumer packaging or overlaminates, Mactac can help (read more)

Mactac - Materials for performance & speed in construction

Today's builders and designers have to balance performance with installation and assembly speed and safety. Learn how pressure sensitive adhesive tapes can improve your installation process, provide safety for your workers and reduce drying times to speed installation. (read more)

Mactac - Bonding Surface Energy, Polymer Types Applications

The Essentials of Bonding - Surface Energy, Polymer Types & Applications WEBINAR Do you want to learn about the science of bonding and why certain adhesives work on some surfaces and not others? Do you want to understand when to use a rubber adhesive or when to use an acrylic adhesive? (read more)

Mactac - FDA Approved Adhesives for Direct Food Contact

CHILL AT®FDA Direct and 711VHP adhesives both comply with FDA regulation 175.125 for direct food contact surface of labels applied to poultry, dry and processed food and raw fruits and vegetables. (read more)

Mactac - Rubber Rivet Tape replaces mechanical fasteners

Immediately bonding to most surfaces Macbond® Rivet Tapes replace mechanical fasteners and promise less clean up than liquid adhesives. Ideal for metal, wood, polyethylene, polyproylene, glass and more. (read more)

Mactac - Foam Bonding Guide - resource for fabricators

An excellent resource for fabricators and converters, the guide aids in adhesive selection for foam bonding applications – from gaskets, seals and gap filling to thermal and acoustical insulation, vibration dampening, filtration, dunnage, cushioning and everything in between. (read more)

Mactac - Innovation Adhesive & Tape Manufacturing WEBINAR

The Problem: Are you struggling to find the right adhesive solution for your application? Are you having problems finding a reliable source? Are long lead times and quality issues keeping you up at night? (read more)

Mactac - New ‘Print and Stick’ IMAGin M-Dot Floor

Indoor floor graphic material is directly printable, features an innovative dot-pattern adhesive, and slip-resistant surface (read more)

Mactac - Mactac and ARMOR Partner

Bring the Labeling Industry Thinner, More Sustainable Thermal Transfer Solutions (read more)

Mactac - Sustainable Thermal Transfer Labeling Solutions

New Optiscan® products feature thinner caliper facestocks and thin BLOOM® hi.mpact™ liner (read more)

Mactac - Mactac Launches Cannabis Labeling Solutions

New cannabis labels feature superior form and function (read more)

Mactac - Mactac Expands PUREapply Adhesive Offering

Proprietary adhesive is unlike any other on market, offering both initial open time and ultimate secure adhesion (read more)

Mactac - Newest Edition of Popular Foam Bonding Guide

Industry-preferred resource offers latest updates and guidance in adhesive-foam selections (read more)

Mactac - Mactac Launches MacBond FBR899 Series Tapes

New workhorse product line adheres to nearly every surface, features highest-tack rubber adhesive available (read more)

Mactac - Macbond Essentials Bonding and Laminating Line

New product line features Mactac’s most versatile adhesives, offers performance and value (read more)

Mactac - Tapes for Protective and Diagnostic Equipment

Solvent-free, skin-friendly industrial foam and medical tapes aid medical community (read more)

Mactac - Security Labels on Food Applications

Food delivery labeling solutions for consumer safety (read more)

Mactac - First BioPreferred PSA Manufacturer

Mactac Recognized as First BioPreferred Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturer by USDA

Adhesives use renewable resources and bio-based materials (read more)

Mactac - Hotel Security Label Seals

Security closure labels indicate hotel rooms haven’t been accessed since cleaned (read more)

Mactac - Boosting label performance & profitability

Mactac offers the labeling industry a way to boost the bottom line. At 1.7-mil, this Glassine paper liner is thinner than traditional liners – saving costs and increasing profitability for converters and end-users alike. With Bloom hi.mpact, less is more. (read more)

Mactac - Permahold Mounting & Bonding Tapes

The Permahold™ mounting line of adhesive tapes has been created to support today's graphic and sign industry. The macmount® White Foam Tape is perfect for general mounting, ADA signage, wall signage and displays. (read more)

Mactac - MacBond® Arctic Cold Temperature Tapes

New from Mactac® Industrial Tapes, MacBond® Arctic Cold Temperature Tapes can be applied at temperatures as low as -10°F. This enables customers to extend the winter season, work in cold storage without issue, or use one versatile tape for all applications. (read more)

Mactac - Your Label Solution for Any Application

Mactac Roll Label business specializes in the manufacturing of PSA-coated papers and films in roll-to-roll form. (read more)

Mactac - Cost-Effective Solutions to Medical Tape Need

From direct skin contact to wound management and medical device assembly applications, Mactac's Medical Tape Products business designs and manufactures medical-grade adhesives for use throughout the healthcare industry.  (read more)

Mactac - Industrial Tape Needs met by Mactac!

Offering solutions for nearly any bonding, mounting or fastening need,Mactac's Industrial Tapes Products business ensures specially engineered, high-quality tapes that perform how they should, when they should.  (read more)