Macawber Group has promoted these products / services:

Macawber Group - Pneumatic Conveying for Long Distances

Long distance conveying up to 1 km. Can handle up to 100 t/h depending on distance.

Air consumption is minimized compared to other pneumatic conveying systems.

Dust-less, fully enclosed system maintains environment and adheres to federal and local requirements. (read more)

Macawber Group - The Original Dome Valve

No other valve can achieve as long of a life in harsh environments like the Dome Valve. We are the original designers and patent holders of the Dome Valve. (read more)

Macawber Group - The Macawber Ashveyor

Multiple feed points on one conveying line

Dust-less, fully enclosed system eliminates dust spillage. Environmentally responsible.

Efficient and simple controls; system operates on demand only.

10 ESP feed points can be handled on just one conveying line. Dramatically reduces piping requirements.

All ash and combustion by-products can be h... (read more)

Macawber Group - No more dust spillage

Dust-less, enclosed operation keeps the environment clean. No more dust spillage. (read more)

Macawber Group - Ideal for lower tonnage transfer requirements.

Ideal use for lower tonnage rates, but still achieves the same distance as the larger models. Cast body design saves on first cost. Extremely efficient; with low air consumption and on-demand operation. (read more)

Macawber Group - The Macawber Sandpump

The most efficient/economical way to move sand with low air consumption (read more)

Macawber Group - Materials We Can Convey

Our systems can convey a wide variety of materials from foods, minerals, chemicals, cement, pharmaceuticals, sand, biomass, plastics, ash and much more. We have been conveying these materials for decades and are confident we can be the solution to your process. (read more)

Macawber Group - Pneumatic Conveying Experts

Macawber Group has over 35 years of experience designing pneumatic conveying systems for a wide variety of bulk materials. (read more)

Macawber Group - Full Scale Witness and Test Facility

We offer full-scale testing and reports on the conveying characteristics for your specific material. We invite you to visit the facility to witness a demonstartion and learn more about our advanced conveying experience (read more)

Macawber Group - Macawber Celebrates 40 Years

Macawber Engineering celebrates 40 years in business. During the decades that followed Macawber Group of companies expanded to US, India, China and Brazil. All of the companies have continued to focus on dense-phase pneumatic conveying becoming highly specialist experts with the ability to convey successfully difficult to handle materials and often called to assist when other conveying m... (read more)

Macawber Group - Macawber Pressure Valves DOME VALVE®

Orginally patented in the late 1970's, the DOME VALVE® is unique in its ability to open and close with a tight pressure seal in environment where abrasive materials are passing (read more)

Macawber Group - Valves and Pressure Vessels

We are the original designers of the Dome Valve®. The valve is uniquely designed to close and seal in a variety of extremely harsh environments; and has a proven track record of robust performance and industry acceptance. (read more)

Macawber Group - Macawber Group - Macpump

The Macpump is a perfect choice to achieve long distance conveying at high tonnage rates, up to 300 t/h. (read more)

Macawber Group - Airlift & Flow Aids

Flow aid devices like our Airlift®are designed improve the performance of pneumatic conveying systems by ensuring the quick and smooth filling of the conveying vessel (read more)

Macawber Group - Macawber Group Controlveyor

Macawber Group - Designed to meet your process injection requirements. The Controlveyor is capable of handling process varying back pressure to maintain an injection accuracy of 3% using a unique pressure balancing process. (read more)

Macawber Group - Cementveyor®

Cement conveying has typically been a dirty and inefficient process through the use and misuse of screw pumps and rotary valves. This is no longer required with Macawber systems. We eliminate the need for screw pumps and the high energy requirements and maintenance they require. (read more)

Macawber Group - Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Macawber provides products, engineering and maintenance services for Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying of abrasive or fragile materials such as ash, sand, cement, foods, chemicals and more. (read more)

Macawber Group - Dome Valve for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Originally patented in the late 1970′s, the DOME VALVE® is unique in its ability to open and close with a tight pressure seal in environment where abrasive materials are passing. No other valve can achieve as long a life in harsh environments. (read more)

Macawber Group - Switch Valves & Flow Diverters

Macawber Group - Switch Valves and Flow Diverters are used in Pneumatic Conveying Systems where there are more than one conveying route, reception point or a combination of the two. Keeping up with customer requirements for versatility has given us an opportunity to develop robust switch valves and flow diverters. (read more)

Macawber Group - Ashveyor

The Ashveyor® system is an effective low cost system for the transfer of ash or dust from a line of feed hoppers from Electro Static Precipitators (ESP) or baghouses. It is low cost and low profile and uses less energy than any other solution to multi-pickup point handling. The conveying vessel is a small casting with a heavy wall and is a simple low cost single piece item. (read more)

Macawber Group - Pneumatic Conveying General Material Handling

Macawber Group consistently delivers superior machines in terms of maintenance and our ability to handle unique materials in a gentle manner makes us uniquely qualified. (read more)

Macawber Group - Sandpump®

The Sandpump® is a development of the Denseveyor® low velocity dense-phase conveying system. It is a value engineered system specifically for the special needs of sand only handling systems. (read more)

Macawber Group - Dome Valve for Robust Valve Applications

The Dome Valve ® is used in a wide variety of applications in almost every process. The unique closing and sealing action of the Dome Valve® enables continuous reliable operation where conventional valves fail to perform. (read more)

Macawber Group - MiniDenseveyor

The well-proven MiniDenseveyor is a low velocity dense-phase conveying system assembly that is widely used throughout all process industries in all countries of the world. Designed specifically for smaller conveying rates, utilizing a heavy-duty cast body to save material and fabrication costs. (read more)

Macawber Group - Macawber Metal Works-Pressure Vessels, Fabrication

Have you lost your best vendors?

After years of close working relationships, vendors have been swept away in the deep economic downturn. Reshaping the supply network will require new relationships and a re-examination of available quality and service. For this challenge, we provide a worldwide comprehensive resource of many types of skills and equipment at your disposal. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Macawber Group:


Macawber Engineering Celebrates 40 Years in Business.


Macawber has been awarded a substantial contract for conveying EAF Dust for a steel mill located in Arkansas. The order includes 28 Ashveyor systems and is expected to be in operation early 2016.


We welcomed Stuart Systems and Air Techniques to our factory for training at Macawber.


New equipment animations are being developed at Macawber to highlight pneumatic conveying and our top equipment lines, including: Dome Valve, Denseveyor, Sandpump, and Ashveyor!


New Valves for Cement Handling Ship for Brazilian Licensee


Special valves have shipped from Macawber. Valves fail safe and closed/sealed upon loss of utility air or power. And they're explosion proof!


We've added another case study, this time with a long time repeat customer.


In early March, Macawber Engineering Inc. held a Sales Representative Training Day. The attendees came from all over North America. The training and equipment demonstrations were all held on the campus of Macawber’s headquarters in Maryville, Tennessee.


Gunjan, our biofuels technology guru leaves macawber. He's heading for greener pastures (literally).


Sometimes you don't have the budget for all new equipment - that's where Macawber Service can help take the equipment you have and make it like new.


A hot summer's day finds several brand-new systems being loaded on a truck destined for Arizona.


An honorable mention in the news media in Sao Paulo.


Ron Chandler accepts role of Engineering Manager for Macawber China, our Chinese sister company located in Shanghai, China


A beautifully complex pressure let-down, pneumatic injection system heads out the door.


Finally had a chance to receive some really nice photos of our little home at Mactenn, and the good folks who keep it running right!


A few words from our President & CEO on the value of ISO 9001, and why we have strived so hard to obtain it.


Another successful hosting session on the Macawber campus.


A Macpump model T150 is being sent to Poland to move 100t/h nearly 1000m!


Leave it to the heat of summer to run some in-depth customer witness conveying tests.


Bateman of S.Africa has joined our sister company, Mactenn Systems of the UK to help represent in African markets.