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Marion Process Solutions - Agitator Design | Does It Really Matter?

Spoiler alert: it does. In fact, this may very well be the most important decision you’ll make for your mixer. Selecting the agitator design best suited to your application is key in ensuring optimal blending, mix times, and effective material evacuation at discharge. (read more)


Learn about three foundational elements of mixer design and how they impact the overall performance and lifespan of your equipment. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions -  Learn how WaveMix can revolutionize your process

WaveMix represents the new wave in thermal processing technology that combines microwave, vacuum and mixing. Wavemix unlocks your potential by using microwave energy to generate returns in your application. Our insight has proven that an agitated bed of material is key to industrial microwave processing of powders, granulars and slurries. No hot spots. No long waits. In short, no... (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - Need a total cannabis processing solution?

Learn more about our unique partnership with ABM Equipment & Kason and how it can help you increase throughput and yields while reducing energy use and other costs. (read more)


Marion makes it easy for you to keep your mixers clean. Don’t compromise on these features when you are choosing an industrial mixer. Customization's such as safety grates and counterweighted doors guard the safety of your personnel. High-grit finishes, welded paddles and carefully sloped troughs ensure the cleanliness of the mixer every time. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - New V Cone Blender

V Cone Blender is perfect for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, with an efficient discharge valve design and no internal moving parts for easy cleaning. The food-grade construction and simple design ensure durability and low maintenance costs (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - NEW Fluidizing Paddle Mixer

Fluidizing Paddle Mixer is gentle and swift, providing a uniform blend in a short time frame. Rapid discharge and easy cleaning are facilitated by the mixer’s patented conical shape. Use this mixer to save time and increase throughput even for sensitive materials. (read more)


Sometimes you just have to whip it – whip it good. Let’s talk about high-speed choppers and the benefits they can deliver in maximizing your mixing operations. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - NEW OX PADDLE MIXER

New Ox Mixer further expands product offering from industry leader. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - Every Marion Mixer is Tailored for the Customer

Every single mixer we make is customized precisely for each application. We’re absolutely confident our mixers will give you superior value. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - Marion V Cone Blender

Classic design for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - Marion Fluidizing Paddle Mixer


Marion Process Solutions - Marion Earns Patent-Pending Status on Hemp System

New solvent-free technology achieves performance breakthrough in purity, throughput and efficiency (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - Mixers for mineral processing,

Whether it’s pastes, epoxy, adhesives, gypsum, fiberglass and resins, or wood compounds, we have a mixer solution that will meet your needs and more. The Marion Process Solutions engineering team are your experts for building and construction, glass, sand, cement, concrete, and soil applications – virtually any mineral is fair game for our machines. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - Marion Debuts Lump Breaker

New lump breaker mixer further expands product offering from industry leader.  (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - Moving, metering, and discharging biomass

Sample Applications:

  • Conditioning for wood pellets
  • Mixing spent dried distiller grains
  • Blending potting soil mixes
  • Pretreatment and metering for bio-digesting
  • Metering for compost facilities
(read more)
Marion Process Solutions - Powders, Flakes, Pellets, or Liquid Coatings

Sample Applications:

  • Powdered epoxy resins
  • Polyethylene and pellet color concentrates
  • Plastic resins, powders, and fiberglass strands
  • Phenolic resins
  • PVC film with pigments
  • Thermoplastic elastomers
(read more)
Marion Process Solutions - SANITATION REDEFINED

Sample Applications:

  • Bakery premixes
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Drink mixes
  • Pet foods
  • Health/Nutrient products
  • Dairy products
  • Dried spices
  • Grain-based products
  • Low temperature drying/cooking
(read more)
Marion Process Solutions - O-Ring vs. Tape Gaskets

You bought a Marion - excellent choice! Based on Marion’s quality, dependability and value it was an easy decision, right? Now comes the hard part: supporting the continual demands of your production environment. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - MADE CUSTOM. ONE AT A TIME - BY EXPERTS.

Mixing, drying, moving or controlling, the Marion Process Solutions team is at the ready to custom design and handcraft your machine, for your needs, for the long haul. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - LET'S TEST

The Marion Test Center contains a variety of industrial mixers and the WaveMix™ technology, so we can verify and optimize your mixing, drying and heating processes before you commit to installing the equipment in your facility. (read more)

Marion Process Solutions - The Marion Test Center

It’s Marion’s commitment that you get the right equipment for your needs, and the Marion Test Center allows you to do that. (read more)