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Master Magnetics, Inc. - The Magnetic ToolMat™ from Master Magnetics, Inc.

Flexible, two-sided magnetic mat keeps tools and parts organized on the go. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetic Bulletin Bars from Master Magnetics, Inc.

Attractive steel bar and magnets turn any surface into a magnetic board (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - 3-in-1 Magnetic Sweeper with Quick-Release

Our newest magnetic sweeper can be used in three different configurations. Clear driveways, factory aisles, trucking terminals, parking lots, construction sites and more. Works over any terrain, in any weather condition. Minimal assembly required. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Material Handling Heavy-Duty Lifting Magnets

Heavy-duty industrial lifting magnets with locking on/off lever (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Shop Safety Magnetic Sweeper Solutions

Master Magnetics Inc. (The Magnet Source®) Shop Safety Solutions- Magnetic sweepers come in a variety of shapes and styles, but all allow for a faster, safer clean-up of debris. The super-powered permanent magnet assemblies—ranging from 12 to 96 inches (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets (Nd-Fe-B) are composed of neodymium, iron, boron and a few transition metals. These magnets are extremely strong for their small size, metallic in appearance and found in simple shapes such as rings, blocks and discs. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Welding Magnets for Safety & Accurate Set Up

Master Magnetics Inc. (The Magnet Source®), Welding Solutions -Designed to keep both hands free to safely work on the project at hand, welding magnets provide an ideal fast and accurate set up.

On/Off magnetic welding squares provide additional flexibility during pre and post welding, allowing the user to determine when to engage with the magnet. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - ON/OFF Workholding Jig Magnets

Workholding Jig Magnets. These neodymium on/off workholding jig magnets are strong, repositionable and easy to use. Simply turn to the ‘on’ position to hold in place and turn to ‘off’ when not in use. Ideal for woodworking. Recommend at least two per jig or fixture. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Material Transfer Magnetic Retrieving Batons

Master Magnetics Inc. (The Magnet Source®), Material Transfer- Designed to assist with clean-up, Magnetic Retrieving Batons are innovative, powerful tools for removing fine metallic filings, turnings or shavings (also known as swarf) created by cutting tools and machinery from wet or dry environments. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Alnico Magnets For High Heat Applications

Alnico magnets primarily are made from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and sometimes titanium. They can be either cast or sintered. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Material Transfer Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifters

Master Magnetics Inc. (The Magnet Source®) , Material Transfer - Heavy-Duty Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifters allow for easy transferring of bulk metal pieces including nails, screws, nuts, washers, eyebolts or other ferrous metal items. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Storage & Organization Magnetics for Manufacturing

Master Magnetics Inc. (The Magnet Source®) Storage & Organization - Master Magnetics also carries a variety of organization options, such as magnetic inventory labels, tool holders and magnet pouches. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetic Graphic System Simple and Cost Effective

Why Use Magnets? Magnetic graphic systems are ideal for when there is a need for displaying frequently changing information or graphics on flat or curved surfaces.

A magnetic system provides the ability to easily change out variable information or graphic elements without having to change the entire sign or graphic display. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - ThinFORCE™ high-energy magnetic sheeting

Thinner, stronger and lighter

New ThinFORCE™ high-energy magnetic sheeting is the latest advancement in printable magnetic sheeting. Engineered for indoor and outdoor applications, ThinFORCE™ provides exceptional magnetic strength in a thinner and lighter magnetic material.

  • Same strength as regular strength 30mil magnetic sheeti...
(read more)
Master Magnetics, Inc. - Flexible Magnetic Sheet Material

Flexible Magnetic Materials for outdoor and indoor applications. Up to 48 inches wide For commercial printers only. Print directly on flexible magnetic material with large format solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inkjet printers. Gloss White Widths of 12” to 40” Standard roll lengths - 10, 25 and 50 ft. Thicknesses of .012” to .060”
.... (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetically Receptive Sheeting

FlexIRON™ is a unique, flexible, ferrous material that attracts magnets. It resembles flexible magnetic sheeting, but actually is a magnetically receptive material. FlexIRON™ can be used with flexible magnetic sheeting and strip, plus ceramic and neodymium magnets. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Gaussmeter with Transverse Probe & AC Adaptor

Easily measure the Magnetic Field Intensity (magnetic flux density) of magnets, magnetic assemblies, electromagnets, motors and more with the DC Gaussmeter. Typical applications include magnet classification, air shipment inspection, measurement of the earth's field vectors, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and more. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Industrial Magnetic Devices from Master Magnetics

As a magnetics leader and distributor, we carry one of the industry’s most extensive lines of magnetic devices for lifting, holding, retrieving and more! From neodymium hooks to heavy-duty lifting magnets capable of transporting up to 2,200 lb., we have the right magnetic solution for your shop, warehouse or plant. (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - Permanent Magnetic Solutions, Master Magnetics

Looking for the right magnetic solution to fit your project? Master Magnetics is one of the top suppliers in the country of neodymium and ceramic magnets, as well as raw magnetic material to fit your OEM and manufacturing needs. Browse our wide selection, or contact us today to learn more about our custom order options! (read more)

Master Magnetics, Inc. - NEW Grade 42 Neodymium Hooks & Assemblies

Powerful industrial strength hooks contain high quality, grade 42 neodymium magnets and can be matched with a variety of our round base magnets and assemblies. (read more)

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