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McGard Special Products Division has promoted these products / services:

McGard Special Products Division - Limit Manhole Access

Learn more and watch a DuraShield video (read more)

McGard Special Products Division -  Advanced Manhole Security... DuraShield®

The DuraShield® is the most advanced, high level manhole security device available. Even the most aggressive attacks will be deterred by what many have referred to as a "bank vault door" of protection. Secure your manholes from terrorists, thieves, saboteurs, vandals and protect your system with one strong manhole security device. (read more)

McGard Special Products Division - McGard Super Strength Fire Hydrant Lock

McGard's Hydrant Lock is a super strength ultimate security solution. (read more)

McGard Special Products Division -  Manhole Security with ManLock

McGard - Secure your manhole cover to its frame with McGard ManLock high security lock bolts to keep out intruders. Simple yet effective manhole security by way of a patterned bolt head helps to prevent unwanted access to any manhole cover, drainage grate, steel access panel or hinged vault door. (read more)

McGard Special Products Division - Pipe Locks... prevents unauthorized siphoning

McGard Special Products - you can secure pipe shut-offs reliably and quickly with The Intimidator Pipe Lock. The Pipe Lock prevents unauthorized siphoning of oil and gas from wells, remote storage tanks, and other containment areas (read more)