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Metal Cutting Corporation - The wrong precision cutting method could cost you

The wrong precision cutting method could cost you But choosing the right one can be complicated (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Wire Cut EDM Advantages and Disadvantages

For most people,‭ ‬the topic of wire cut EDM advantages and disadvantages is about how the method stacks up against laser cutting,‭ ‬3D manufacturing,‭ ‬or traditional machining for multi-axis shaping of metal.‭ ‬These days,‭ ‬lasers in particular seem to be the primary culprit in any decline of wire cut EDM applications.‭ (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - The Quandaries of Calibration Standards

They’re Either Simple and Obvious — or They’re Not We’ve talked before about many of the geometric parameters that appear on drawing specifications, as well as some of the methods used to measure and inspect parts such as the precision metal … (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - What Is Calibration Tolerance?

Specifying a Device’s Capabilities and How It Is Calibrated Here at Metal Cutting Corporation, calibration tolerance is yet another important aspect of our Quality Management System (QMS). (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Learn the basics of tungsten wire, its properties & applications

Even though tungsten wire’s widespread use in incandescent lighting has faded with the growing popularity of CFLs and LEDs, it continues to be a product that has a large number of diverse applications, for many of which there is no known substitute. In this free guide, find out why tungsten remains one of the most widely used refractory metals. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Cylindricity in GD&T

What Is Cylindricity and How Is It Measured? (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Specialty Metals for Medical Device Applications

Stainless steel in its different varieties, including 304, 316, 316L, and others, is the material that forms the backbone of the medical device industry. However, other metals are important and are becoming even more so. That’s because as science progresses, it also pushes the boundaries of metallurgy — clearing the way for both the creation of new applications and the use of... (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - The Human Factor in Metal Inspection

Are Visual or Mechanical Inspections by Humans Ever Truly 100%? (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Dimensional Issues in Metal Cut to Length

For metal cut to length, which is a crucial activity of our business, dimensional issues are key. Making sure that we understand our customers’ needs up front, and that we are speaking in terminology that aligns with what the customer is saying, is part of the process. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - 3 Things That Make Precision Metals Precise

How do you define “precision metals” for your product or manufacturing needs? (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Comparison of Precision Cutting Methods

Comprehensive Comparison of Precision Cutting Methods

The wrong precision cutting method could cost you time and money. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Tubes

Precision cut-to-length tubes are available in lengths as short as 0.006″ with wall thicknesses as thin as 0.001″ or inside diameters as small as 0.001″ in virtually any metal required, including coated materials. Tubes can be customized per customer specification to include critical features such as thin walls, capillary IDs, angle cuts, slots, points and holes. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation -  Metal tubes help put the “air” in airbags!

Did you know? Metal tubes help put the “air” in airbags! (read more)

Our manufacturing processes can work with any type of metal. All metals from "A to Z" and everything in between. To offer the best delivery possible, we keep a large inventory of commonly requested metals. If we do not have it, we have years of sourcing experience and an extensive network of suppliers (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Integrated solutions that shorten production times

Combined with our cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing capabilities, our machining centers enable us to offer vertically integrated solutions that shorten production times for difficult to machine small diameter components (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Honing and Lapping Compared

Similar and Yet So Different When talking about the distinctions between honing and lapping in the world of precision small metal parts, the best response might be the two processes are remarkably similar yet fundamentally different. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Deburring in Mass Production of Small Metal Parts

Without a doubt, the key to deburring of small metal parts is to not form a burr in the first place — which, not coincidentally, is one of the underpinnings of our metal cutting business. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - 6 Things to Know About ISO 9000

Throughout our industry, ISO 9000 is a common tool used by companies in developing, deploying, and documenting their internal quality standards. Yet surprisingly, there are some misconceptions about what the ISO quality standard really is. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Sub-micron level tolerances and surface finishes

Our full-service metal grinding center contains:

12 Centerless Grinders
4 Plunge/Profile Grinders
6 Surface Grinders
2 Vertical Double Disk Grinders (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Specialized custom metal polishing results

•Controlled surface finishes as smooth as Ra 1 microinch (Ra 0.025 ㎛) are achievable.
•Can polish customer-supplied complex machined parts including improving laser, stamped and etched component surface finishes.
•Small diameter wire can be mechanically polished in our custom abrasive media to surface finishes beyond the reach of electrochemical-base... (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - 7 Fundamentals of the Centerless Grinding Process

Where Machining Ends, Centerless Grinding Begins

In the machining world, turning gets all the attention. Lathes and mills are the flashy stars — in fact, they ARE machining to most people. However, the centerless grinding process is also very important. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Does Metal Cutting Do Metal Fabrication?

While we don’t consider ourselves a “fabrication company,” we do a lot of fabrication in the sense of producing small metal parts used by our customers to fabricate other larger structures and products across a wide range of applications and industries. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Electrodes Underperforming?

Electrodes Underperforming?

Learn more about Non Defective Bonded electrodes for spot welding applications. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Swiss Screw Machining Could Save You Money

Find out how Swiss Screw Machining Could Save You Money! (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Extend Electrode Life and Improve Weld Quality

Ready to Extend Electrode Life and Improve Weld Quality? (read more)

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Metal Cutting is now providing high quality Tungsten preforms for sinker EDM electrodes. Find out more about our new proprietary composition that is outperforming competitors by 52% on wear resistance when EDMing carbides.


Metal Cutting Corporation (Cedar Grove, NJ) is the largest independent source for burr-free abrasive wheel cut-off metal parts.