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Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Gas Detector-TA-2100

Mil-Ram's RS 485/4-20mA 3 or 4-Wire smarter Gas Detector for Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Gas Detection. Sensor chemistry eliminates common interfering gases. Mil-Ram's sensor technology eliminates zero drift and corresponding false alarms. Now available suitable for use in SIL 2environments. (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - Chlorine Gas Detector

Mil-Ram Technology's 3 or 4-Wire smarter Chlorine Cl2 Gas Detector features unique no false alarms sensor technology specifically optimized for continuous duty service under demanding field conditions... (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - TA-2100 Catalytic LEL Combustible Gas Detector

MIL-RAM'S New RS 485/4-20mA 3 or 4-Wire smarter Gas Detector - TA-2100 for LEL Combustible Gas Detection. Hundreds of different combustible/flammable gases and vapors detected utilizing reliable catalytic bead type sensor element. Now available suitable for use in SIL 2 environments. Methane, propane, hydrogen, natural gas and many more. (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - VOC Gas Detectors

MIL-RAM'S TA-2100 for VOC Gas Detection - RS 485/4-20mA 3 or 4-Wire smarter Gas Detector. VOC toxic gases and vapors can be detected utilizing our PID Photo-Ionization Detector specifically designed for continuous monitoring. The VOC Gas Detector is optimized for demanding industrial applications and environments. (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - Hybrid Gas Detection Controller - TA-2016HB

New Hybrid Gas Detection Control Panel - Model TA-2016HB -16-Channel Wall Mount Controller that combines Analog 4-20mA and Digital Gas Detectors, for maximum flexibility. Network Modules available including Alarm Stations, Remote Relays and other Network Modules to achieve desired functionality. (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - Modbus RTU Remote Relay Module

New Remote Modbus RTU Relay Module provides four (4) relays (SPST, 10A @28VDC, resistive, 12A @120VAC, resistive) in an explosion-proof enclosure for field installation at any point on the Modbus RTU network. Full or half-duplex RS-485 connection. Independent control of each relay from Modbus Host (PLC) to acknowledge gas alarms or fault conditions. Requires 12VDC or 15-30VDC power. (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - CALIBRATION KITS and Accessories

CALIBRATION KITS for numerous Toxic and Combustible gases, Splash Guards, Dust Guards, Duct Mount Adapter Kits, Sensor Extender Cables, Relay Modules, RS-485 Modbus RTU, Power Supplies, Wireless Telemetry, Network Hubs, and Custom Configurations. (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - Sensor Technologies for Gas Detection

Featuring MIL-RAM's no false alarms patented electrochemical sensors, infrared, catalytic, photo-ionization detectors and solid-state -thermal conductivity. (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - TOX-BOX Single Gas Portable Detector

Fixed system features packed in a rugged, portable gas detector designed for dependable service under demanding field conditions. Battery or continuous AC adapter operation. Available with any MIL-RAM Toxic/LEL/Oxygen/VOC sensor... (read more)

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc. - TOX-BOX CO2 Natural Gas Analyzer

Analyzer single gas online portable gas detection system. Analyzes CO2 contamination in natural gas pipelines. Local alarms and relay outputs. (read more)