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MonoDAQ - MonoDAQ-U-X

Small, Powerful, and easy to use device. In just a matter of minutes you can prepare a setup to acquire and analyze almost every analog or digital signal. (read more)

MonoDAQ - vibration accelerometer

General purpose IEPE accelerometer with Sensitivity: 10 mV/g or 100 mV/g ,Resonant frequency is 28 kHz and a Noise level is 3 to 5 mg. (read more)

MonoDAQ - Isolated Digital Inputs

Robust, isolated digital inputs are suitable for reading data off digital sensors as well as for demanding test automation tasks. Three power supply voltages (5V, 12V and device voltage supply level) available on the front connector. EtherCAT interface, signal and power over the same cable. (read more)

MonoDAQ - isolated Strain Gauge Amplifier

Any bridge configuration, programmable excitation, extremely low noise - MonoDAQ-1xSTG has it all to acquire data from strain gauges and load cells. And it even has a 50 V range and a current input. Data is transfered over EtherCAT to a PC running powerful and easy to use DEWESoft data acquisition software. (read more)

MonoDAQ - Acceleration measurement

High precision vibration measurements are best done with an IEPE accelerometer. MonoDAQ 1xACC provides high quality signal conditioning for IEPE sensors. Data is transfered over EtherCAT to a PC running powerful and easy to use DEWESoft data acquisition software. (read more)

MonoDAQ - IEPE Vibration Accelerometer

High performance IEPE accelerometers are the basis for high quality vibration measurement with MonoDAQ 1xACC amplifiers. DJB A/120 is a general purpose IEPE accelerometer available in two versions with different sensitivity. (read more)

MonoDAQ - EtherCAT to Analog Low-latency Analog Output

Low-latency, high precision analog ouptut with excellent dynamic performance (92dB SNR, -90 dB THD). Under 100 microseconds of EtherCAT-to-analog delay possible. (read more)

MonoDAQ - Isolated Strain Gauge Amplifier

Isolated strain gauge amplifier with EtherCAT interface:

Full, half and quarter brigde (120, 350 ohm)

Voltage input (50 V, 10 V, 1 V 100 mV)

Current input (20 mA, 2 mA)

Voltage excitation 0..24 V unip., 0..12 V bip.

Current excitation 0..22 mA

Input coupling: DC, AC 1 Hz (read more)

MonoDAQ - USB to Measurement Sensor Adapter

The MonoDAQ-U-X is a USB device with reconfigurable front-end. (read more)

MonoDAQ - Custom Data Acquisition Signal Interfaces

Providing specialized front ends, software integrations and complete measurement systems with application and fast engineering support. (read more)

MonoDAQ - MonoDAQ-E-AO

EtherCAT device with analog output:

High precision (0.1% +-1 mV)

Excellent dynamic performance (92dB SNR, -90 dB THD)

Low latency: under 100 us EtherCAT-to-analog delay (from real-time EtherCAT master) (read more)

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An efficient MEMS transducer network has been developed specifically to check the structural health of bridges starting from the acceleration measurement to monitor the frequency and speed variations.