Mornsun America,LLC has promoted these products / services:

Mornsun America,LLC - AC/DC Converter series for Smart Home White Goods

MORNSUN recently launched a new AC/DC converter Series LD03-20BxxWG, which is targeted at smart home white goods. The new LD03-20BxxWG series feature compact size, high efficiency, high reliability, high cost-effective, and multiple protections, which is suitable for industrial electronics devices, commercial official, smart house-white goods and consumer electronics applications. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - Automotive Compact Size High Isolation Transformer

NEW! MORNSUN launched a totally new product - automotive compact size high isolation transformer TSHT5.8-01. This new TSHT5.8-01 transformer not only has a high isolation voltage 3000VDC, features compact size and cost effective, but also meets AEC-Q200 standard. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - DC/DC Converters/Compliance Dual Output/Railway

EN50155 Compliance Dual Output DC/DC Converters for Railway- URA1D-(X)LMD-10WR3 Series

MORNSUN launched its new dual output DC/DC converters URA1D-(X)LMD-10WR3 for railway applications, as an extension of MORNSUN 10W single output railway R3 DC/DC converters. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - New 6-16A Non-isolated POL DC/DC Converter

MORNSUN New 6-16A Non-isolated POL DC/DC Converter K12T Series

MORNSUN released a non-isolated POL DC/DC converters K12T series. The K12T series features compact SMD package and provides an output current of 6A, 10A, 16A, and their output voltage can be accurately adjustable from 0.75V to 5.0V. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - NEW:20W High Isolation Medical Power URH-LP-20WR3

MORNSUN new high isolation URH-LP-20WR3 series targeting medical application is designed to meet safety standard 60601-1 3rd edition for 2xMOPP and EN62368 standard. This new URH-LP-20WR3 series features low leakage current (<5µA) and 8mm transformer creepage & clearance to ensure the safety of patients. It also offers...... (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC -  Dual Isolated Regulated Outputs DC/DC converters

Mornsun recently added four new series with dual isolated regulated outputs to its wide input R3 DC/DC converters family, URD-S-3WR3, URD48-YMD-10WR3, URD-LD-20WR3 and URD480524D-30WR3 series. These four new series adopt international standard pins, have strong EMI ability and good compatibility. Besides, the series provide a 4:1 ultra wide input voltage range, and deliver efficiencies u... (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - 200-1100VDC Wide Input Voltage 120W Power Supply

MORNSUN recently launched enclosed 120W PV120-27Bxx series which offers four output voltages-12Vdc, 15Vdc, 24Vdc, and 48Vdc. The PV series provides six output power-5W, 10W, 15W, 40W, 120W, and 200W, which can meet different power requirements in different applications such as photovoltaic power generation, energy storage BMS and high voltage inverter etc. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - Two-channel Isolation Transceiver for RS485

MORNSUN recently announced a two-channel 485 isolation transceiver module TD5(3)22D485H-Aseries, to assist fast signal response in industries of power grid, industrial control, transportation and instrumentation, etc. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - Cost-effective Compact Size AC/DC Converters

MORNSUN cost-effective AC/DC converters LDE/LHE series integrate internal components,the volume decreases by 20%. They feature the isolation voltage of 4000VAC,EMI performance meets CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - 40-60W Cost-effective AC/DC Converters LHE series

MORNSUN launched new AC/DC Converters, LHE40-20Bxx and LHE60-20Bxx series. These two new series with high isolation of 4000VAC are compatible with our first generation series LH40-10Bxx and LH60-20Bxx. Product design complies with IEC/EN/UL62368 standards. With the launch of LDE40-20Bxx and LHE60-20Bxx series, the entire LHE series provide powers of 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 40W and 60W. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - 35-350W Enclosed Switching Power Supplies

MORNSUN 35-350W enclosed switching power supplies feature complete EMC tests and protection,high efficiency and wide selection, which are ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial control, industrial automation machinery, intelligent security, smart grid, IoT, mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic instruments, intelligent building, and household appliances. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - Open Frame AC/DC Converter

Mornsun's open frame AC/DC converters ranging from 3-65W feature low cost, high efficiency, high reliability and compact size, which can be operated with universal AC input or DC input voltage and can be used in industrial, office and civil applications. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - PCB Mounted AC/DC Converters

Our standard 1-60W AC/DC converters have a variety of options of multiple I/O voltage combinations and multiple protections - that can meet your requirements of applications such as industrial control, power electronics, IoT, etc. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - Non-isolated Switching Regulators

Mornsun non-isolated DC/DC converters of K78 series are high efficiency switching regulators. The products are featured with high efficiency, low loss, low radiation and have no heat sink requirement, which make them ideal for industrial control, instrumentation, and electric power applications. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - EMC Filters for Power Converters

Mornsun EMC filters are used to enhance the EMC performance in the applications with power converters. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - Flyback AC/DC Power Supply Contol ICs

Power range is from 0.1W to 60W. Simplify circuit design and reduce material cost. Typical applications: USB compatible adapters of consumer electronics (mobile phones, tablet computers, set-top boxes, etc.) and charger, auxiliary power supply, industrial power supply. (read more)

Mornsun America,LLC - Hybrid Integrated IGBT Drivers

Mornsun hybrid integrated IGBT drivers can be used in the applications that need grid amplification drive. They can realize the safety electrical isolation between the power semiconductor and control circuit with the high-speed optical coupling. (read more)