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NBK America LLC has promoted these products / services:

NBK America LLC - Micro Screws Down to S0.6

NBK offers Miniature screws and precision screws with a nominal diameter of M2.6 and less. The minimum sizes are S 0.6. They are made of various materials, and have many head shapes.

These screws have some available adjustment services to help ensure they fit the needs of ones project. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Flexible Flanged Shaft Couplings

- Simple structure comprised of a flange and coupling bolts. Easy to mount.

- Bushings can be replaced just by removing coupling bolts. This makes maintenance and service easy. (Bolt sets and Rubber bushings sold separately as required. )

- While it absorbs lateral, angular or axial misalignment, it also prevents noise by absorbing torsional vibration. It will not transmit... (read more)

NBK America LLC - Clean Titanium Fasteners :M1.6-M10

We added a new size/type for Titanium Screws Line up.

They are lightweight, non-magnetic, and chemical resistant.

Chemical polishing and brightening processing improve the screw surface. Furthermore, the screws are cleanroom washed, cleanroom packed, and comply with clean specifications that require no oil or foreign matter deposits. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Readily Available Structural components

NBK has a lot of readily available structural components.
Examples inlcude: Roller Chain Bolts, Turn Buckles, Joint Nuts and more (read more)

NBK America LLC - NBK’s Spherical Washer are available from M3 size!

NBK's spherical washers "SQW(S) series", have excellent alignment absorption capability. They are used in pairs, a concave and convex set. They can absorb misalignment of up to 3 degrees. Available sizes range from M3-M24, and they are made of either Stainless Steel or Steel. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Automate Your Patrol Gauge Inspections!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new business, LiLz Cams (IoT Cameras)! With the introduction of LiLz Cams, you can automate manual patrol inspections for meters and gauges, leading to significant enhancements in work efficiency, safety, and labor cost reduction especially in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Steel Mills industries. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Turnbuckles for Roller Chain Tension Adjustment

Turnbuckles For chain tension adjustment.

Use the same thread fitting length for both-side roller chain bolt SRCSRCS.

For linkage with a roller chain, a roller chain joint link or offset link is required. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Hexalobular Extra Low Profile Miniature Screw

New Miniature Screw series: Hexalobular Socket Extra Low Profile Screws (read more)

NBK America LLC - NBK's Tantalum Hex Socket Head Screws
  • Tantalum hex socket head cap screws.
  • Tantalum is a material characterized by excellent chemical resistance and high specific gravity.
  • With excellent corrosion resistance to strong acids such as sulfuric acid, it is also resistant to aqua regia.
  • The specific gravity is approximately twice that of general steel and stainless steel.
(read more)
NBK America LLC - Quick Positioning Brackets

Brackets that can be positioned the touch of a button.
While holding down the button, move the bracket to the location it should be fixed.
Release the push button to fix the bracket in place.
Pushing the button again enables the bracket to be moved to another, new desired position. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Auto-Positioning Unit - Improve productivity

By using NBK’s Auto-Positioning Units instead of Handles, many merits can be observed:
Reducing setup time on a varied product line.
Eliminating manually operated setup errors.
Improving efficiency in difficult to reach workplaces.
Reduced wiring due to wireless communication. (read more)

NBK America LLC - High Strength Stainless Steel Screw

●High-intensity stainless steel hex socket head cap
● Tensile strength 1000 MPa (145,000 PSI),0.2% proof load 800
MPa (116,000 PSI)

● The proof load is approximately 1.8 times that of
general stainless steel hex socket head cap screws;
so smaller screw diameters and reduced
quantities are available to save space a... (read more)

NBK America LLC - Chemical Resistance Screws

NBK offers Chemical Resistance Screws which protect both the thread and screw head from various chemicals. We feature screws both metals and plastics that can resist high acidic levels.

There are numerous applications for these screws and numerous services to ensure that the screws precisely fit the needs of one’s project. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Clamping Screws

NBK offers Clamping Screws which use screw thrust for fixing and position of workpieces. We have many ball tip shapes and materials which can be selected based on application.

There are many applications for these screws and helpful services to ensure the screws precisely fit one's application.

Keeping ones clamp secure while still transmitting force to the workpiece these... (read more)

NBK America LLC - Non-Magnetic Screws

NBK offers Non-Magnetic with low permeability screws for FPD manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and electronic equipment requiring non-magnetic properties.

They vary in material as well as head shape with varying amplitude permeability.

These screws also can be serviced to help ensure they are the correct product for one’... (read more)

NBK America LLC - Captive Series

NBK has standardized knob, pull and screw products to help prevent fall out issues.
Use NBK's Captive Series for food machinery, packaging machinery and chemical manufacturing equipment that require CE Marking compatibility and measures to help prevent contamination. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Tamper Resistant Screws

Tamper Resistant Screws require specific tools to fasten and remove. Commercial screwdrivers and wrenches cannot fasten or remove these screws.
They are also referred to as anti-theft or tamper-proof screws. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Screws with Ventilation Hole

NBK Screws with Ventilation Holes!

Applications: Vacuum devices, vacuum chambers, FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, and electron microscopes. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Low Profile and Small Head Screws

NBK offers several varieties of low profile and small head screws for space saving!

These screws vary in sizes from M2-M10 & 6-32 UNC - 10-32 UNF and are composed of various materials.

NBK carries simple low head screws as well as special low head screws which have additional capabilities.

We also have additional services to make sure the screws you acquire are t... (read more)

NBK America LLC - Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Screws

NBK has a large variety of screws suitable for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Anti-Galling/Seizing/Sticking Screws
  • Hardening the screw surface prevents screw seizing / sticking.
  • Unlike platings or coatings, there is nothing adhering to the surface, eliminating concerns about contamination due to stripping during tightening.
  • Suitable for preventing seizing and sticking in environments where lubricant cannot be used.
(read more)
NBK America LLC - Ball Rollers Transport Heavy Objects Swiftly

The main ball is surrounded by several sub balls to ensure the ball rolls smoothly. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Plastic Low Profile Screws

Low Head Screws, made with Plastic alloys.

Sizes: M3, M4, M5, M6

Materials: PEEK, RENY, PPS

Head Height: Up to 1/4 of common socket head cap screws.

Recess: Hexagon or Hexalobular (Torx) (read more)

NBK America LLC - Clamp Levers (with Flat Washers for Slotted Holes)

Clamp levers with flat washers for slotted holes that prevent falling and rotation and enable position checking.
Washers are built into the relief cut section to prevent them from falling off.

https://youtu.be/9dTZWqbxjQE (read more)

NBK America LLC - Vibration Resistant Treatment Service

Even if the tightening force is lost, the return rotation is suppressed, preventing the screws from falling off. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Specialty Metal Screws

Tantalum, Tungsten, Hastelloy, Inconel, Molybdenum and more, NBK can make screws with various specialty metals. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Nylon Patch Screws
  • The friction of the nylon adhered to the thread suppresses the return rotation of the thread.
  • Even if the tightening force is lost, the return rotation is suppressed, preventing the screws from falling off.
(read more)
NBK America LLC - Ball/Pin Plungers for Positioning

NBK’s Plungers are mechanical components for positioning and fixing workpieces.
A spring is built into the main body of the plunger so the ball or pin at the tip sinks into the body when a load is applied, and is returned to its former position by spring force when the load is removed. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Clamping Screws with Eccentric Head
  • When the screw is tightened, the workpiece is strongly clamped by the head, which is decentered from the shaft center of the screw. The wedge effect creates a large clamping force with low tightening torque.
(read more)
NBK America LLC - ”Adjust” Metal Washers
  • There is a variety of outside diameters and thickness relative to normal plain washers.
  • For securing seating surface on the long hole position and engagement of materials with low marginal seating surface pressure such as aluminum and resin.
  • ​As a collar and a spacer, it can adjust the cumulative error in assembly.
  • Steel and Stainless Steel a...
(read more)
NBK America LLC - Insulation Couplings

NBK’s Insulation type (plastic slit type) coupling series was made to assist our customers with their multitude of needs. Our standard plastic couplings however, are not limited to just the MSXP series. We also custom make plastic couplings based on customer’s needs including use in harsher environments and environments which require precision. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Disk Type Couplings

Our new, XH series of Disk-Type Couplings is a step above the rest for the following four reasons!

1. The transmission torque in the new series has been improved by 1.5 times.

2. The new series is compact, with a lower cost.

3. The new series features an expanded range of standard bore diameters.

4. The new series also features a standardized longer coupling. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Slit Type Couplings

NBK has many slit type couplings which help motors in various applications. The zero backlash slit couplings are made with many materials allowing use in conditions that typically may induce fear of rust or corrosion. These couplings can be set screw or clamping type and have a many available outside and bore diameters. We can rebore your coupling’s shaft holes to fit your needs. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Bellows Type Couplings

NBK Bellows Type Couplings are suitable for Servomotor and Stepping Motor. It has zero backlash as motion control type of couling. As for Applications, it is suitable for Actuators / High precision XY stages / Semiconductor devices / Encoders and more. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Jaw Type Couplings

NBK’s wide variety of jaw type couplings allow for elite motor production at high torque values. These couplings can be set screw or clamping type and have many possible outside and bore diameters. We can rebore the coupling’s shaft holes to fit your needs. With 4 unique spacers and 2 fit patterns you can customize the coupling to be prepared for higher max torque or allow mo... (read more)

NBK America LLC - Oldham Type couplings

The strong features of oldham type couplings are their "High allowable misalignments" and "Small Eccentric Reaction Force" .

Coupling bodies made of : Aluminum alloy, steel, or stainless steel

Spacers materials: Polyacetal, PEEK, or VESPEL

Shaft inner diameter ranges: Φ1 ~ Φ35 mm in metric / Φ1/4 ~ Φ7/8 in inch

Fixing method: Set screw, clampin... (read more)

NBK America LLC - High Gain Rubber Type Couplings (XG Series)

The High Gain Rubber Type Couplings, Anti-Vibration type couplings, are a step above the rest for the following 5 reasons!

1. Reduction of Stabilization Time

2. Speed Unevenness Suppression

3. Vibration Suppression

4. Quietness

5. High Torque

A White Paper is available using the following URL.

https://www.nbk1560.com/~/media/PDF/en-... (read more)

NBK America LLC - Anti-Vibration Couplings

NBK's Anti-Vibration Type Couplings are a step above the rest for the following 5 reasons!

1. Reduction of Stabilization Time

2. Speed Unevenness Suppression

3. Vibration Suppression

4. Quietness

5. High Torque

White Paper is available in the following URL.

https://www.nbk1560.com/~/media/PDF/en-us/coupling/XG2%... (read more)

NBK America LLC - Anti-Vibration + High Rigidity Coupling

The vibration-absorption capable disk type coupling XGHW-C has a dynamic vibration absorber on the high rigidity disk. It enables vibration absorption and use of higher motor gain levels when compared to regular disk types, thereby also allowing a shorter stabilization time. https://youtu.be/yPQ0ToPTESw (read more)

NBK America LLC - Wireless Positioning Units

These units automate positioning mechanisms by use of a feed screw.
By replacing the feed screw operating handle with our Wireless Positioning Units (read more)

NBK America LLC - Springs with fully customized slits (Flexus)

This is a multi-functional part made of various materials with slits and the portion between the slits works as a spring. Simple structure made of various materials with slits. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Suitable Couplings For Precision Motion Control

NBK's Anti-vibration type couplings: XG-series are superior in vibration absorption and are most beneficial when used in combination with servomotors in particular.


White Paper is available in the following URL.

https://www.nbk1560.com/~/media/PDF/en-us/coupling/XG2%20White%20Paper%2020191029 (read more)

NBK America LLC - Quick Positioning Brackets - For Square Shafts

Brackets for convenient positioning on square shafts. (read more)

NBK America LLC - Super Knobs

Super Knobs are mountable with commercially available hex head bolts and hex nuts.

https://youtu.be/uv2GRmXHYVQ (read more)

NBK America LLC - Shaft Collars/Set Collars

Shaft colors are used to assist stoppers, mounting and fixing objects to shafts. (read more)