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NewAge Industries - Hose Holders: Solution To Tubing Management

Hose Holders by AdvantaPure®, a brand of NewAge Industries, reduces tripping hazards, contamination, and tubing and hose damage during the transfer of liquids from one vessel to another.


    • Visible colors help reduce tripping hazards
    • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
    • Secures hoses of various sizes
    • Raw ma
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NewAge Industries - Nylobrade® Phthalate Free, NSF Listed PVC Hose

Phthalate Free Nylobrade® Clear PVC Hose from NewAge Industries is NSF-51 listed. This braid-reinforced PVC hose is made from non-toxic raw materials that conform to FDA and USP Class VI standards for use in food contact applications. Its NSF listing makes it a good choice for drinking water applications, and food processing applications. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Clearflo® 70 Phthalate-Free PVC Tubing

Clearflo 70 is an ideal tubing solution for brewing and other beverage applications and for the transfer of fluids, gases and air in the medical device and health care markets. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Silcon® Silicone Tubing

Made from FDA-sanctioned ingredients, SILCON's most outstanding property is its resistance to temperature variations from -100°F to 500°F (-73°C to 260°C). This advantage, plus its good electrical properties and ability to self-extinguish, makes SILCON an excellent choice for appliance and computer applications. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Silbrade® Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose

Silbrade® reinforced silicone hose from NewAge® Industries offers flexibility and durability for fluid transfer while enduring temperatures between minus 99°F and 350°F (minus 72°C and 176°C). Contains no sulphur or other acid-producing chemicals; resists ozone and U.V. Made in USA. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Tough Polyurethane Tubing for Air & Fluid Transfer

NewAge® Industries manufactures Superthane® unreinforced polyurethane tubing in two formulations: ester and ether. Both offer the traits polyurethane is known for, namely durability, natural flexibility, excellent weathering characteristics and good chemical resistance. Superthane is free of DEHP, phthalates, BPA and conflict minerals. Made in USA. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Braid Reinforced PU Hose for Pressure Applications

Urebrade® transparent braid reinforced polyurethane hose offers higher pressure capabilities than unreinforced tubing and smooth interior surfaces for unobstructed flow. It is resistant to weathering, fungi, repeated flexing, tearing, impact, abrasion, radiation exposure, oils, greases, and fuels. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Nylon Tubing for Pneumatics and Fluid Transfer

Nylotube® nylon tubing for pneumatics and fluid transfer is well stocked in sizes up to 1" O.D. Nylotube is lightweight with excellent bend radii and pressure ratings. It resists solvents, alkalies, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungi, and molds. The tubing also offers corrosion and abrasion resistance and can withstand repeated flexing without fatigue or fracture (read more)

NewAge Industries - Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing

Platinum cured for the highest degree of purity, Silcon® Med-X is particularly suited for applications in the medical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and health and beauty industries. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Platinum-Cured Braid Reinforced Silicone Hose

Silbrade® Platinum braid-reinforced silicone hose is platinum cured for a higher degree of purity, and the hose's reinforcement allows for increased pressure capabilities over unreinforced silicone tubing. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Tubing of Viton™ For Superior Chemical Resistance

NewAge Industries Vitube® tubing is made of Viton™ synthetic rubber. The material provides a wide range of chemical resistance along with superior performance, especially at high temperatures. It has the flexibility and good mechanical properties of conventional synthetic rubbers, but its heat and chemical resistance go well beyond the range of other... (read more)

NewAge Industries - Class VI Medical Grade Silicone Tubing

Called Silcon® Medical, this tubing meets USP Class VI requirements. Its low surface energy helps to resist adhesion and does not support bacteria growth. The tubing is highly elastic without the need for plasticizers, making it a preferred option for life science use. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Clearflo® Ag-47 Antimicrobial Tubing

Clearflo® Ag-47, NewAge Industries' antimicrobial tubing, is available in 17 sizes, ranging from 1/8" through 1" I.D. The NSF-listed (NSF-51) tubing protects liquids from harmful bacteria that can result in taste transfer, odors and illnesses and is designed for applications such as beverage and dairy transfer, water lines, and chemical transfer. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Crush & Kink Resistant Food Grade PVC Suction Hose

Vardex® PVC hose is well suited for fluid or air transfer. Made of clear, chemical-resistant PVC and reinforced with spiral steel wire for durability, Vardex handles both pressure and full vacuum. Applications include air supply, water feeds and discharge, food and beverage supply, vacuum lines, coolant feeds, material handling, and chemical transfer... (read more)

NewAge Industries - Suprene® TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber) Tubing

Suprene® TPR Tubing offers excellent flex fatigue and good tear resistance - an ideal choice for peristaltic pump applications. FDA grade is autoclavable to ensure cleanliness. Industrial grade offers good resistance to U.V. radiation, ozone, chemicals and other fluids. Handles applications where oil may splash onto the tubing and is well suited for outdoor use. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Braid-Reinforced Silicone Hose for Medical Use

Peroxide-cured Silbrade® Medical silicone hose is manufactured with an open mesh polyester braid incorporated within walls of silicone for elevated pressure capabilities. The hose meets USP Class VI requirements and contains no animal-derived ingredients. (read more)

NewAge Industries - How Custom Printed Tubing Solved Leaks-Case Study

A NewAge Industries’ customer had a problem that was costing them a great deal of money. A tubing-to-fitting connection used to supply water in an assembly was leaking, and a lot of money was being spent on service calls and repairs. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Ether-based Polyurethane Tubing for NSF-61 Uses

Ether-based Superthane® polyurethane tubing is manufactured from resin listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-61) for use with potable water. This durable tubing resists attack from fungi and withstands prolonged humid conditions. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Polyurethane Tubing Stocked in Ester-Based Formula

The ester-based version of Superthane® polyurethane tubing is made from raw materials that are free of animal derived components and REACH compliant. Additionally, the tubing has no DEHP, phthalates, BPA or conflict minerals. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Co-Extruded Hytrel®-Lined PVC Tubing

Hytrel-lined PVC tubing provides the flexibility and durability of PVC with a liner of inert Hytrel. The co-extruded tubing is made from FDA-compliant ingredients. Hytrel’s resistance to oils, high temperatures, gas permeability, and the adherence of particulates make it ideal for applications such as air sampling, computer equipment, etc. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Spiral Reinforced PVC Suction Hose

Newflex® PVC hose is spirally reinforced to handle both positive and negative pressure applications. Its advanced design allows the use of light-weight, corrosion-resistant PVC in place of bulkier and heavier ply-wrapped rubber hose. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Co-Extruded Plastic Tubing (PE-lined EVA Tubing)

Polyethylene-lined EVA tubing is a co-extruded product that combines the functionality of polyethylene (PE) with the flexibility of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and is used in applications such as food and beverage processing, chemical transfer, appliances, computer equipment, laboratories, fluid feeds and drains, and more. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Silicone Tubing for Purity & Wide Temp Range

NewAge® Industries offers a broad line of tubing and hose products made from this versatile material, including platinum cured silcone tubing and silicone hose to ensure the least possible extractables. Our state-of-the-art, clean rooms are designed for manufacturing products particularly suited to medical and pharmaceutical applications. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Polypropylene Tubing vs Costlier Fluoropolymer

Prolite® polypropylene tubing is a semi-rigid product used in applications such as potable water supply, food processing, beverage transfer, chemical lines, dispensing equipment, environmental monitoring, refrigeration, compressed air, electronic equipment and household appliances, and more. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Polyurethane Tubing Resists Petroleum Products

Polyurethane has properties of both plastic and rubber, making it ideal for applications such as air tools, oil-based product transfer, granular material transfer, oxygen and gas lines, fluid feeds, pneumatic control systems, and more. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Three Fluoropolymer Tubing Materials Stocked

Fluoropolymer’s non-stick property allows transport of viscous, sticky materials without line clogging. Almost totally inert, fluoropolymer can be used with virtually all industrial solvents, chemicals, and corrosive materials, even at elevated temperatures. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Push-On Style Hose Eliminates the Need for Clamps

Nylobrade® Push-On Braid Reinforced PVC Hose is specially designed for use with push-on style barbed fittings, eliminating the need for clamps. The hose features a blend of nitrile rubber and PVC reinforced with polyester, resulting in a lightweight, abrasion-resistant fluid and air transfer product. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Plastic Barbed Tube Fittings for Soft Tubing

Thermobarb® barbed fittings are available in nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, and PVDF for use with tubing made from PVC, silicone, polyurethane, and other flexible tubing materials. Thermobarbs are lightweight and easy to install. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Brass Fittings Offer Durability for Tough Uses

Thermobarb® brass barbed fittings provide an added layer of durability to tubing connections. Designed for general purpose applications, the fittings pair well with plastic tubing and reinforced hose made from materials such as PVC and polyurethane. (read more)

NewAge Industries - LLDE Polyethylene Tubing is Lightweight, Durable

Zelite™ linear low density polyethylene (PE) tubing from NewAge® Industries is made from non-toxic, 100%-virgin-grade raw materials that conform to FDA standards. It's made in USA and works with easy-to-use push-to-connect fittings. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Comparison of Fittings For Plastic & Rubber Tubing

When you’re using plastic tubing or rubber hose, you will, in most cases, need to attach it to something ... a piece of equipment or another section of tubing. Fittings or connectors are a common means to accomplish this and come in many different materials — polyethylene, nylon, PVDF, fluoropolymer, stainless steel, brass — so you can select the best match for your a... (read more)

NewAge Industries - PVC Tubing Covers a Wide Range of Applications

PVC tubing and reinforced hose from NewAge® Industries is well suited for applications as varied as food and beverage processing, chemical transfer, medical appliance components, fuel and oil lines, protective jacketing, and sight gauges. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Coiled FEP Tubing

Coiled FEP fluoropolymer tubing is a natural choice when applications call for the physical performance of fluoropolymer combined with flexibility. The tubing, called Coiltef™, begins as standard, straight-wall, semi-rigid tubing and is heat set into a permanent, retractable coil for nearly unlimited flexibility. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Corrugated FEP Fluoropolymer Tubing Bends Easily

The corrugations in this normally rigid tubing allow for a nearly zero bend radius. Called Corrtef™, the tubing is easily flexed and designed to bend around equipment and machinery without the need for additional tubing-and-fitting connections. Corrtef can be extended or compressed without affecting the tube’s I.D. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Convolutions Make Stiff PTFE Tubing Flexible

Contef™ convoluted PTFE fluoropolymer tubing offers spiral construction that allows far greater flexibility than straight-walled PTFE tubing. The translucent tubing offers excellent chemical and electrical properties and is well suited for applications involving pure or caustic fluids, robotics, and spray systems. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Fittings Installation Videos Show Proper Steps

Instructional videos from NewAge® Industries show the proper techniques for installing fittings onto plastic and silicone tubing and reinforced hose. Styles of fittings include barbed, push-to-connect, compression, and cam operated. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Food-Grade TPR Tubing is Autoclavable

Suprene® food-grade thermoplastic rubber tubing is suitable for food and beverage processing, peristaltic pumps, appliances, cosmetics packaging and other clean uses. The tubing withstands temperatures up to 275°F. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Thermoplastic Rubber Tubing for Outdoor Use

Industrial grade Suprene® TPR tubing provides exceptional resistance to UV, ozone, and other chemicals. It's well suited for outdoor use and offers excellent resistance to flex fatigue and tearing. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Oetiker Ear Type Clamps

Oetiker ear type clamps "breathe" and adapt to the expansion and contraction of hose affected by thermodynamics or aging - no need to retighten. These clamps are lightweight and compact, which is important when bulky screw-type clamps can interfere with limited space applications. They also provide a tamper-proof seal without damage to the hose. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Plastic Push-to-Connect Fittings for Rigid Tubing

Plastic (acetal) push-to-connect fittings, called Newloc®, offer durability with light weight and are available in both inch and metric sizes. Newloc fittings work best with rigid and semi-rigid tubing such as nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, and fluoropolymer. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Push-to-Connect Fittings Stocked in Durable Brass

Easy-to-use, push-to-connect brass fittings offer the strength and reliability of durable metal in a connector that installs with no tools. Called Newloc®, the fittings have no flow restrictions and provide higher temperature and pressure ratings than their plastic counterparts. (read more)

NewAge Industries - A Fluoropolymer Tubing System for Pure Fluid Flow

Fluoropolymer material is recognized for its excellent resistance to heat — up to 500°F continuously. Lesser known is its usefulness in extremely cold temperatures. It will remain reasonably flexible to -100°F. Fluoropolymer tubing and fittings are available from NewAge® Industries for a complete, fluoropolymer fluid transfer system. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Plastic Cam Operated Couplings

Durable Cam Operated Couplings made from nylon and polypropylene offer strength without the weight their metal counterparts. The couplings are stocked in types A, B, C, D, E, F, DP, and DC in sizes from 1/2" to 4". (read more)

NewAge Industries - Get Hose Clamps That Won't Rust or Corrode

These easy-to-use clamps, made from durable nylon, provide a metal-free alternative to securing fittings and tubing. Called Kwik Clamp™, they feature a patented double row of teeth to ensure a strong hold yet are easy to install and remove. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Tubing Manufacturer's Blog Offers Buying Tips

NewAge® Industries, a manufacturer of plastic and silicone tubing, offers an informational blog on their site. Highlighted are Tubing Tips designed to help engineers and buyers consider all aspects of the tubing selection process. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Compression Fittings for Pure Fluid Applications

With a fitting body made from virgin, high purity PFA fluoropolymer, Pureloc® compression fittings are ideal for pure fluid applications where contamination-free systems are used. This includes semiconductor manufacturing, food and beverage processing, medical and biomedical, laboratory, chromatography equipment, and chemical applications. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Hand Tools for Cutting Plastic Tubing and Hose

NewAge® Industries stocks two cutting tools to safely and easily cut flexible or semi-rigid PVC, rubber, silicone, TPR, polyurethane, polyethylene, nylon, fluoropolymer, latex, and polypropylene tubing and braid-reinforced hose. (read more)

NewAge Industries - Natural Latex Tubing is Stretchable and Flexible

Known for its extreme flexibility, latex is among the most flexible and elastic rubber materials in use today. In tubing form, it's resilient and maintains its memory after repeated bending, stretching, or pulsating forces. (read more)