Nikon Metrology has promoted these products / services:

Nikon Metrology - Nikon BW White Light Interferometric Microscope

Building on Nikon's Industry leading Double Beam Interferometry objectives, Nikon Metrology has launched a series of White Light Interferometry (WLI) Systems, which will set a new the standard in 2D and 3D surface profiling.

Nikon's new Focus Variation with White Light Interferometry (FVWLI) moves the technique in to new ground. With effective height resolution of 15 p... (read more)

Nikon Metrology - New Stereo Microscopes with enhanced performance

Nikon Metrology is pleased to announce the release of SMZ1270, a stereo microscope with the largest zoom ratio in its class, SMZ1270i, a version of SMZ1270 with intelligent features, and SMZ800N with enhanced optics and operability. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - New iNEXIV VMA-4540 Video Measuring Systems

Nikon Metrology is pleased to announce two new CNC video measuring systems, the iNEXIV VMA-4540V and 4540. These products offer a wide field of view, easy operation, and allow the measurement of both large and tall mechanical parts. The new iNEXIV VMA-4540 CNC Video Measuring Systems will be presented at the CONTROL 2014, the international trade fair for quality assurance. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - LC15Dx Laser Scanner

LC15Dx is a high resolution, high accuracy CMM scanner in the accuracy range of tactile measurements. With its smaller field of view, perfectly suits digitizing compact or detailed objects with higher point density and tighter tolerances. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - MCT225 HA: The future of Metrology

This new 'absolute-accuracy' Metrology-CT (MCT) system guarantees that all internal and external geometry is measured efficiently with the highest accuracy. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - LK V-GP High Accuracy Gantry CMM

Made for large scale metrology applications the LK V-GP, with its elevated rails, offers the best of all worlds. High accuracy with maximum volume and full support for a variety of probing solutions including touch-trigger digital, analogue and laser options. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Laser Radar: Next Generation Webinar

The Nikon Metrology’s Laser Radar system has become a proven solution for customers looking to upgrade from the traditional well known CMM.

Register here for the Next Generation Webinar. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - X.Tend your CT scanning capability

Inspect-X 5.1, the latest release of acquisition and control software for Nikon Metrology’s range of X-ray and CT systems. Inspect-X 5.1 now features X.Tend; a new CT acquisition method that enables users to scan taller samples with improved image quality. Inspect-X 5.1 introduces new, high performance, reconstruction workstations that provide world leading reconstruction times. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Nisan Engineering installs new ALTERA CMM

Nisan Engineering installs new ALTERA CMM and retrofits Mitutoyo machine with CMM-Manager software (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Nikon Metrology News Vol.10

Latest Nikon Metrology case studies and product news. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - NEW! - ALTO aluminium bridge CMM - Nikon Metrology

Nikon Metrology broadens their CMM portfolio with the ALTO CMM, a series of small, aluminum design bridge CMMs. ALTO is the perfect inspection solution for manufacturers seeking a cost-effective CMM with easy-to-use software for a variety of measurement tasks. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Nikon InSight L100, the ultimate CMM laser scanner

Nikon InSight L100, the ultimate CMM laser scanner combining productivity and accuracy (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Spring uses laser scanner for quality control

In early 2014, Italian rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing bureau, Spring srl, based in Monteviale, near Venice, decided to reverse-engineer components in-house instead of subcontracting the work. After a thorough market analysis, the company bought a 7-axis CNC articulated measuring arm and a digital laser scanning head from Nikon Metrology. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Prototype parts in the focus of Quality Assurance

The dimensional evaluation of prototype parts is integral to the actual serial production. However, depending on material consistency, traditional tactile measurement cannot provide the necessary integrated overall view of measured components. For this reason, Kiekert AG, the global leader in vehicle locking systems, primarily relies on digital Cross Scanners for prototype inspect... (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Newbury Electronics uses Nikon's X-ray inspection

Printed circuit board manufacturer embraces X-ray inspection for next-generation devices

Subcontract manufacturers of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) for applications such as electric motorbike control, ground movement detection and touch-sensitive sound generation, generally use a number of different tools for quality control. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - X.Tract provides CT-quality inspection results

X.Tract provides CT-quality inspection results of complex, multi-layer electronics assemblies without slicing them. In a rapid and user friendly process, itenables virtual micro-sections in any direction in the region-of-interest. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Inspect-X 4.1 provides sharp images & BGA analysis

Inspect-X 4.1, the latest release of the acquisition and analysis software for Nikon Metrology’s range of X-ray and CT systems, provides improved real-time imaging and advanced BGA analysis. The C.Clear real-time image enhancements provide easy-to-interpret images for fast online defect recognition. (read more)

Nikon Metrology - Laser scanners replace tactile probing

New Case Story: Laser scanners replace tactile probing for body-in-white inspection at FIAT-TOFAS

Turkish automotive manufacturer FIAT-Tofaş is implementing new inspection methodologies for their diagnostic measurements of sheet metal components and body-in-white (BIW) assemblies. (read more)