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ODU-USA, Inc. - ODU-MACĀ® Blue-Line high voltage module

Connector manufacturer ODU expands its proven ODU-MAC® Blue-Line portfolio: A new 6 contacts high-voltage module will be available soon. It combines a compact size with convincing performance. Up to 1500 V can be transmitted per contact. And all this with a small space requirement of only 2 units for 6 contacts. (read more)

ODU-USA, Inc. - Fiber Optic Products for Military Use

Revolutionary Fiber Optic Products for Military Use (read more)

ODU-USA, Inc. - Fiber Optic Data Transmission Connectors

The Challenge of Data Transmission in Operating Room Situations
In operating theatres, there is a demanding environment that places high demands on data transmission. The solutions must not only transmit the data at high speed, but also be immune to interference and electromagnetic interference. (read more)

ODU-USA, Inc. - Robust ODU connectors and sealing technologies

Corrosion resistance and reliability in military applications (read more)

ODU-USA, Inc. - Applications for sealed connectors

In the deep sea, for power generation and high‐voltage applications, ODU’s sealed connectors are used wherever absolute tightness is required under challenging conditions. (read more)

ODU-USA, Inc. - Vacuum tight connector systems
  • Connector systems with standard tightness
  • Vacuum‐tight connector systems with glass potting technology for extremely high pressures
  • Many years of know‐how for customized special solutions
  • Complete autoclavable solutions
(read more)
ODU-USA, Inc. - ODU Military and Security Connectors

ODU Military Connectors are highly reliable, SMALLER-LIGHTER- FASTER connectors that can withstand harsh operating and environmental conditions (read more)

ODU-USA, Inc. - ODU Medical Connectors

ODU Medical Connector solutions are highly reliable connectors designed for medical electronic equipment, including diagnostic & imaging, patient monitoring devices, surgical and treatment tools, dental applications and disposable equipment (sensors, catheters). (read more)

ODU-USA, Inc. - Contact Systems for High Current Applications

Highly customized contacting solutions are ODU’s core competence. The requirements for connectors, especially in the automotive sector, have changed significantly over the last 10 years. (read more)

ODU-USA, Inc. - Contacts for electric vehicle charging

Our automotive division specializes in contacts for electric vehicle charging and hybrid vehicle charging applications. (read more)