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OFIL Systems - Rotating Machines and Partial Discharge Detection

Rotating Machines and Partial Discharge Detection: A Comparison Between a Solar Blind UV Camera and the Blackout Test (read more)

OFIL Systems - Electrical Grid Inspections - Environmental Impact

The Impact of Optimizing Electrical Grid Inspections on the Environment

A recent environmental report by the US EPA revealed that the electric power industry contributed over 25% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2020 alone. This is closely followed by the industry sector, with around 24% of the total GHG for the same year. From this data, you can see the cruci... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Cost Savings assessing corona in substations

Listen to Andrew Rizzetto, Service Line Manager, Field Services of Overhead Lines at Kinectrics HV lab talk about how assessing corona #partialdischarge in electrical substations leads to cost savings and extends the life of overhead lines. He talks about the extensive testing he does of line hardware, structures, insulators, switches, and connectors using a daylight corona camera, such... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Benefits of Using DayCor® During Commissioning

The awareness of engineers to the effects of electric corona PD & arcing on assets’ reliability led to the proliferation in the use of DayCor® daytime corona cameras. As non-destructive testing equipment (NDT), DayCor® cameras provide information on the condition of HV & MV infrastructure without damaging the tested elements so that these can keep on f... (read more)

OFIL Systems - How does UV radiation affect conductors?

67 million people in the southern states of Brazil in January 2002 were left under a power blackout due to a failure of 460 kV conductors. Investigation showed that the external aluminum layer of the ACSR conductor was fractured, showing static deformation marks and dynamic fretting wear tangential marks. A reliable and fast NDT inspection with a UV camera proved to be efficient in ident... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Get a UViGrapher Diploma and earn 16 PDHs

Looking to become a professional UV camera operator? Seek promotion? Want to be the expert in your organization that knows what UV cameras reveal? Interested in professional education hours?

Join Ofil’s CITI – the Electric Corona Inspection Institute. Get a diploma and earn 16 PDHs. Visit and send your details. We’ll get back to you. (read more)

OFIL Systems - Helicopters Use DayCor® ROM For Aerial Inspection

Helicopters that fly over powerlines, a risky task that involves professional operators, have now an amazing stabilized gimballed payload – DayCor® ROM. A benchmark for any aerial powerline inspection system. It incorporates innovation, ergonomics, flexibility and accuracy. Not less than perfect. Made in Austria by professionals for professionals. (read more)

OFIL Systems - Electric Corona PD - A Detrimental Phenomenon

Seeing electric corona PD turned into a must. The weather changes, precipitation, and the levels of pollution are game changers for the reliability of electric utilities. DayCor® UVollé by Ofil is a valuable NDT equipment that every lineman should use when assessing the condition of high/medium V facility.

UVollé Corona Camera pinpoints in r... (read more)

OFIL Systems - See Hidden UV Signals of Corona PD using UAS

Drones with cameras like DayCor® micROM are increasingly being utilized by utilities to discover unknown electrical design and hardware issues.
DayCor® cameras detect invisible UV signals of electric corona & display them in their original location. Drones carrying a micROM camera can shorten investigation time and provide true HD imaging for reports & for proactive... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Driving & Inspect Overhead Power Lines

Vehicle Mounted Inspection System

DayCor® Ranger HD is a vehicle-mounted inspection solution for HV power lines. RangerHD benefits from the unique capabilities of DayCor® technology, implementation incorporating UV-HD camera, in combination with a high-quality IR-HD sensor camera, both mounted on a durable, stabilized, full featured, high-speed pan & tilt positioner.

(read more)
OFIL Systems - Extended Drones Functionality for Utilities

DayCor® micROM HD is an innovative corona camera designed for use on UAV. It is electromagnetically shielded, small and light with ready interfaces to communication protocols. micROM HD is the first micro HD camera with dual sensors UV & Visible, capable of detecting and imaging corona in daylight. micROM HD is offered with or without Plug-N-Play integration solution (... (read more)

OFIL Systems - UAV-Inspect Powerlines w/Bi-spectral UV Cameras

DayCor® micROM bispectral UV-Visible camera with optional gyro stabilized plug-N-play solution to inspect overhead lines

Watch the video (read more)

OFIL Systems - Special DayCor® Discount at Commercial UAV Expo

Ofil, in booth #107 at the Commercial UAV expo, offers a special discount on its DayCor® micROM HD corona camera for drones valid until September 15, 2022. MicROM HD camera will be displayed at the show which takes place in Las Vegas during September 6-8. 2022. (read more)

OFIL Systems - HD Corona Cameras Dual Use: Visible & Ultraviolet

High-end handheld corona camera for daytime inspection of electrical apparatuses in/outdoors, with special emphasis on imaging definition, sensitivity and functionality. Luminar HD camera is manufactured under adherence to rigorous quality control standards.

LuminarHD incorporates Ofil’s benchmarked DayCor® proprietary technology ensuring daytime operation wit... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Inspection Results Should be Reported

coronaWise is a software to handle corona related information colleted by maintenance teams and inspectors using corona cameras. coronaWise aims at helping utilities organize and manage large quantities of video clips and photos recorded during inspections and use them for reports and analysis.

Organizations seek to create their own maintenance history as a means to reveal trends... (read more)

OFIL Systems - How can Utilities Benefit from UAS

Utilities need data that is readily, easily, & cost-effectively available
Ofil remote sensing DayCor® bi-spectral UV-Visible HD cameras for drones aim exactly that. Providin high quality data capture close up & detailed photos of a variety of potential issues & equipment defects. Maximize intelligence, gather & deliver HD imagery & video that help avoid unexp... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Oil Spill Advanced Scanning System


ORSOLAR line - a powerful high-speed oil-spill monitoring multispectral advanced inspection system that adds visual information about existing floating slicks and sheens, their boundaries, thickness and location. ORSOLAR fits variety of airplanes gimbaled payloads.

Based on UV polarization imaging, ORSOLAR streams out clea... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Compact Fiber Optic IMU Gyro Stabilized Gimbal

DayCor® ROMlite is a state of the art compact stabilized gimbaled aerial inspection system. ROMlite hosts up to 4 optical sensors such as IR, UV, TV and LRF, collecting concurrently data by complementary technologies. This multi tasking system offers flexible combinations of selected high definition (HD) sensors, per mission and need. ROMlite utilizes a single cable of rugged fiber,... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Smart grids - increase efficiency and reduce costs

The idea is Efficency

Smart Grid – a dynamic electrical system where at any moment power flows from an available generating station to consumers and the network architecture gets constantly reconfigured to meet momentary power needs and power availability. The direction of power flow in the transmission lines are constantly changing. It is characterized as freq... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Automatic Inspection-Railways Electrical Networks

Automatic & Autonomous Inspection System for Railways Electrical Networks

DayCor® RailHD is an automatic autonomous corona and arcing partial discharge detection system designed for fast inspection of electrified railways. The system inspects, displays, processes, records and generates reports for prognosis of the electrical traction condition. RAIL HD is... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Handheld Corona Cameras-Find Faults Fast & Precise

Compact handheld corona cameras for daytime inspection of electrical apparatuses indoors and outdoors, with special emphasis on ergonomic design and intuitive simple operation. UVollé cameras are manufactured under adherence to rigorous quality control standards.

UVollé family incorporates the DayCor® technology, and features thereby very high sensitiv... (read more)

OFIL Systems - DayCor ROM - Aerial HD Inspection System

Aerial inspection system to detect faults on OH grid lines. Fly high, fast as far as needed ROM fits all. Ofil offers combinations of high-end remote sensing technologies with best performance cameras and software architecture as brilliant solutions for aerial scanning. ROM is compatible with FAA\EASA STC certification, it is light in weight, simple to install and matches most helicopters (read more)

OFIL Systems - ORsolar - seeing offshore Oil Spill slick & sheen

ORSOLAR is an oil spill imager that provides visual information about existing floating slicks and sheens, their boundaries, thickness & location. ORSOLAR is a high speed solution that can be carried by airplanes with small gimballed payloads. Due to the incorporated components ORSOLAR performance is outstanding providing high resolution high definitions images and videos. (read more)

OFIL Systems - Fiber Optic Stabilized Gimbal for Helicopters

DayCor® ROM HD for helicopters scanning oil pipes, OHTL, firefighting, vegetation, mapping etc. Combinations of HD IR, UV, RGB, Photo sensors in a fiber optic stabilized Gimbal. RTCA DO160G standard (read more)

OFIL Systems - The Ideal Overhead Lines Inspection Practice

According to a DayCor® User

“Each has its advantages and disadvantages yet the multi-spectral method combines the 3 effectively to improve the detection accuracy”

A 660KV DC transmission line connects 2 provinces in China Yinchuan and Jiaodong spanning 1335 km, including 3.3 km over the Yellow River. Composite insulators were selected for the line... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Stability vs. Power Loss – Cost Considerations

Predictive Maintenance

The stability and reliability of power delivery have always been a major concern of electrical utilities and were given higher priorities than the power losses issues. According to the World Bank report [1] dated April 2014, the average annual calculated electric power transmission and distribution losses in the world is about 8%. This annual figure represen... (read more)

OFIL Systems - OEM Multipurpose Block HD Corona Camera

Models: UV-EYE, UV-EYElite DayCor® UV-EYEs are bi-spectral UVc-Visible solar blind block cameras for OEM integration. Ofil’s UV-EYES are robust, rugged and light in weight. They are used for daytime corona & arcing inspection. The incorporated DayCor® technology ensures high sensitivity to ultraviolet (UVc) radiation, which is manifested in excellent detection and pinp... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Who Needs Corona (UV) Cameras?

Owners of high/medium voltage infrastructure are aware of existing hidden corona that keeps deteriorating their assets. To eliminate corona and cure their installations, maintenance teams must get the exact location of faults, of the kind provided by DayCor® Luminar. Luminar is the most sensitive HD corona camera and the most popular worldwide. (read more)

OFIL Systems - Seeing the True Corona Phenomena

The need to see corona on high|med voltage apparatuses is obvious, considering the proven link between corona, faults & grid reliability. Maintenance teams seek immediate adamant investigation results like those provided by DayCor® UVollé corona camera. UVollé detects reveals pinpoints, records videos & displays clear true image of the fault & its severity (read more)

OFIL Systems - Fiber Optics Affect Airborne Inspection

For helicopters to film high quality footage of OHTL while flying the sensors selection is not enough. Collecting quality information from air depends on the stabilizing gimbal and on the channel through which information is streamed from the sensors to the CPU. DayCor® ROM uses a fiber optic mono cable to link the sensors to the CPU and recorder, ensuring the highest lossless data c... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Vehicle Mounted Inspection System

DayCor® Ranger HD Models: UV | MS

Inspection is semiautomatic, letting operators the option to configure preset shooting positions and profiles and control recording. DayCor® Ranger HD is remotely controlled by the operator who sits inside the vehicle. The detecting unit is mounted either on the vehicle roof or elsewhere, depending on the desi... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Aerial Corona Camera Core


ROMeye HD is a corona imager that incorporates a UVc detector and a HD visible camera allowing seeing UV corona discharges in daylight and recording their sight. Corona is invisible to the human eye and can only be seen with bi-spectral UV-Visible corona imagers.

ROMeye HD is a high-end camera core that incorporates Ofil’s proprietary Day... (read more)

OFIL Systems - Innovative corona camera designed for use on UAV


DayCor® micROM HD (read more)

OFIL Systems - Multispectral Vehicle Mounted OHL Inspection

DayCor® Ranger by Ofil, HD imaging system for driven overhead grid lines inspection. Preset directions, best IR & UV HD sensors. Semi-automatic operation. Pan & tilt precise control. Mil spec. (read more)

OFIL Systems - DayCor Rail Automatic Traction Monitoring Solution

Innovative solution for traction monitoring, automatic report generationg, UV corona detection to manage electrical faults. DayCor® Rail is an automatic corona inspection system, mounted on a Maintenance cabin operates automously, captures corona and reports location and severity. Rail provides on the fly images of the tested infrastructure condition. (read more)

OFIL Systems - Multi Sensors Driven Inspection System

UV camera & IR camera - multi sensors inspection system mounted on vehicles to scan OH T&D lines and collect multiple data in a single drive. Improve maintenance practice by consolidating inspection technologies into one platform. Sensors include UV corona, HD, IR cameras that complement each other, and their findings provide a comprehensive view of the apparatuses. (read more)

OFIL Systems - Corona Testing - Advanced Education

November 18-20 Atlantata GA. Registration is on NOW.

Join CITI - corona inspection training institute to gain a UViGrphaer diploma and be qualified to perform professional inspections using UV technology. Get the tools and the knowhow that will help you benefit from UV technology. Get the methodology of UV inspection. Enjoy the knowledge and 20 Professional hours. (read more)