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Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - CTS-150 Field Selectable AC Current Transducer

The CTS-150 has switch-selectable input and output ranges. The unit accommodates change in load conditions without replacement and can minimize your spare parts inventory. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - WPM Wide-Band Power Meter

Accurately measure energy, frequency, and power factor supplied to variable frequency drives and other high harmonic environments. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Intrinsically Safe DC Current Sensor

The ISC series utilizes hall-effect technology, comes in a split core package, and meets the requirements of ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - DC DIN-Rail Voltage Transducer

The DVT7 is a dc voltage transducer with user-selectable input ranges. DIP switch-selectable ranges extend from 50mV to 600V. The output is proportional to a zero-to-Full Scale (F.S.) input for the selected range. Packaging is compact, easy-to-install, with a DIN rail-mount enclosure. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Current Transformer Open Circuit Protection

Current Transformer secondaries are designed to operate into a very low resistance load - ideally, a "short" circuit. When a CT secondary encounters an open or high resistance circuit, it quickly becomes a step-up voltage transformer. It then presents dangerously high voltages that are at a minimum, unsafe, and frequently destructive to the device insulation and surrounding components. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Measurement Outside of 50/60Hz

What happens when you need to measure at other frequencies above 50/60Hz? OSI has developed a number of different transducers which measure both below and above the traditional 50-60Hz range. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Power Display Meter

The power display meter has high accuracy over a wide range of measurement. Additionally, suitable for applications with PWM-generated waveforms such as variable-speed motor controls. Serial communication port options include RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485 or USB. Measures true RMS voltage and current even with the presence of harmonics. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Measure Watts/VARS/Watt(VAR)-Hours (5-500Hz)

The Wxx with MODBUS measures simple to complex waveforms – all with Z540 or ISO 17025 certification. In addition to certification, the Wxx offers high accuracy and a 5-500Hz frequency range all within a DIN-Rail or panel mount package. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Low Cost Optimization: Electrical Sensors

OSI specializes in tailoring existing technology and researching new technology to meet custom electrical measurement needs. Modifications occur in-house, are low in cost, and can quickly be turned around for shipment. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Harmonic Power Measurement: ISO 17025 or ANSI Z540

Measure through the 40th harmonic of 60 Hertz, with ISO 17025 or ANSI Z540 certifications available. Panel or DIN-rail, analog outputs, and ASCII/ MODBUS serial outputs. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Ex Electrical Sensors for Hazardous Locations

When used with appropriate safety barriers these units are recommended for installation in hazardous locations such as offshore platforms and petrochemical plants. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - In a Galaxy VAR VAR Away...

When specifying a VAR (Volt-Amp Reactive) power transducer from Ohio Semitronics, the analog output will indicate if the load reactance is Lagging VARs or Leading VARs. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Sensors Made for the Harshest Environments

Ohio Semitonics manufactures high-quality sensors for battery testing, UPS monitoring, and vehicle testing in Hilliard, Ohio. OSI sensors can measure low DC currents and withstand the harshest environments from high vibration, moisture, and both low and high temperatures. When standard hall effect is not working for you, work with OSI to get exactly what you need. No compromise. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Replace Obsolete Military Grade Electrical Sensors

OSI measures electrical and electromagnetic properties in a variety of commercial, petrochemical and defense environments. We presently supply over 400 measurement devices to over 300 surface and sub-surface vessels, as well as multiple aircraft and land-based systems. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Tailored Current Sensors for Oil Rigs

OSI offers a range of transducers for torque monitoring; note the CT-1147SB for nonhazardous locations. For hazardous location sensors, see ISC Ex Intrinsically Safe Sensors. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Current Transformers for VFD's

The frequency range on the VFCT family extends from 10-500Hz. These transformers also come in three different sizes to fit your existing busbar or cable. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Hall Effect Current Sensors (CTL/CTA)

Benefits of Hall Effect sensors, the non-contact technique, includes high electrical isolation between conductor and sensor output, high overload capability, fast response to input changes and no power consumption on measured circuit. As for a high-speed rail application, the CTL is monitoring DC offsets to the AC signal. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Watt/ Watt-Hour/ VAR/ VAR-Hour Transducer

Ohio Semitronic's Wxx accurately measures power and energy. 50-60Hz, 50-60Hz up to the 40th harmonic, and 10-500Hz frequency ranges. Direct measurement of 1, 5, & 10amps. CT inputs up to 1000amps (calibrated as a system). (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Military Grade DC Current Monitoring

OSI delivers ruggedized AC and DC current transducers to meet the MIL-SPEC requirements of multiple motorized military vehicle environments. As a result, OSI transducers are available in multiple packages, ranges and formats. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Tailored Electrical Sensors

Examples of tailored solutions include transducers with extended frequency, expanded temperature ranges, and additional potting for shock and vibration protection to name a few. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - MVTR & MCTR Transducers for true RMS Calculation

Ohio Semitronics, the leader in the manufacture of electrical sensors and transducers for industrial and military applications, now offers MVTR & MCTR Transducers for true RMS Calculation. This series of single-phase, RoHS compliant transducers provide accurate, economical measurement of voltage and current in applications requiring a true RMS calculation of the transducer input. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Display System Harmonics with APLUS Meter

There is no business like show business when you need to see your system Harmonics. The APLUS meter with TFT display (Thin Film Transistor) shows a bar graphical scene, and will display how your non-linear loads affect the power signature. (read more)

Ohio Semitronics, Inc. - Nano Tech Experiments Require "Quiet" Grounding

Research laboratory experiments are becoming ever more sensitive to external factors, particularly as the facility engages in nano-level experiments. Signals in these experiments are quite small and subject to many external influences. Identifying those influences is critical to maintaining valid research results. (read more)