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Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Guide to Ceramic Resistors

What is a ceramic composition resistor?

Ceramic Composition resistors are composed of a mixture of a finely ground insulator and conductor which is compressed into a cylindrical shape. Terminals are attached and an insulation coating is applied to the outer body of the resistor. The resistance is controlled based upon the ratio of the insulator to conductor mix.

Ceramic is... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Guide to Power Resistors

What is a power resistor?

Power resistors are used to dissipate energy by converting it to heat. They are designed to maintain stable performance under heavy loads and to handle thermal conditions safely.

Power resistors are usually physically larger than other resistors, and are designed for higher loads—typically over one watt. Calculating the power rating of these... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Aerospace Power Resistors & Voltage Resistors

When it’s mission-critical, you can’t have a supplier flying blind. That’s why our 90 years of expertise in aerospace, avionics, and defense is indispensable. Ohmite-patented technologies and engineered excellence deliver superior electromechanical systems. We develop custom solutions and key resistive and voltage control products for the widest range of customers, incl... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Thermal Interface Materials - Heatsinkable Devices

Modern electronics design comes with many challenges, with reductions in size, weight, and cost being huge drivers in development of new technology. Many devices that run at higher frequencies, higher power, or more compact form factor require a well-conceived thermal management strategy, where multiple are used to keep devices cool. In the past, cooling fans were often the first line of... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Contributing Factors of EMI Filter Performance

Passive electrical filter design consists of inductors and capacitors in various configurations, and possibly using resistors to discharge capacitors or dampen circuit resonance. In an ideal world, inductors increase impedance with higher frequency, and capacitors decrease impedance with higher frequency, while resistor values do not change. However, this is not the case in real applicat... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Precision Shunt Now Available with Nickel Plating

Ohmite's precision alloy SHA Series shunts are now available with optional nickel plating. These shunts offer good long-term stability and can withstand pulse current several times higher than rated current. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - New OU/OUM Composition Resistor from Ohmite

The OU/OUM are ceramic composition resistors ideal for high energy, high voltage, and high surge applications. They have a high energy pulse capability (10 Joules for 10ms) for their small size. The OU/OUM is available in two packages to suit different board designs: through-hole axial or SMD MELF. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - The Charge of Powering Up EVs Quickly

It’s hard to miss the biggest coming revolution in transportation: electric vehicles. Sports cars, sedans, pickup trucks, semis, heavy equipment in agriculture and construction—even alternative transportation like electrified miniature cars, bikes, and scooters.

The reason is a bad case of gas. Not indigestion, but greenhouse gas. To keep climate change in check, CO2 e... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - New 1/2 Watt Ceramic Resistor from Ohmite

Ohmite is proud to announce the addition of the OW series to the OX/OY series of ceramic composition resistors. The OW series is a 0.5 watt version of the OX/OY series, and is ideal for circuitry involving surges, high peak power, or high energy. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - ES-600: Automotive Grade Current Sensing Module

The ES-600 is a high precision, Automotive grade current sensing module. Unlike basic shunts, the ES-600 includes all required circuitry and software to measure voltage drop and monitor current on an ongoing basis. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Testing Power Sources with Resistive Load Banks

Resistive load banks are assemblies of high-power resistors that convert large amounts of electrical energy into heat. These devices have two main applications: Testing power sources and acting as a “dump” for circuits that needs to discharge energy. In this blog we will look at the testing applications, while a future blog will look at their use as energy absorbers.

A... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Power Resistors Put the Brakes on Medical Motors

Feedback loops are the bread and butter of control systems. To prevent something from spiraling into larger and larger oscillations or spiked values, it’s critical to bring them back into normal ranges.

Not only is that the case for electrical circuitry, but for physical systems. Any moving device under the power of a motor of any sort typically needs a braking system to con... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Regular Power vs. Ceramic Power Resistors

Having to dissipate more than five watts of power in your circuit topology? You need a power resistor. They are important in many applications: power infrastructure, dummy loads, braking systems for trains using electric motors, automotive applications, snubber resistors to manage current fluctuations, current sensing, bleeders to discharge capacitors, current balancing in semiconductors... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Introduction to Different Power Resistor Types

In demanding design parameters, specialized components can be necessary. When the power to dissipate is at least 5 watts, that means power resistors.

All resistors dissipate energy and generate some heat. Power resistors differ in the larger amounts of energy they can burn off as heat, through a challenging application of Ohm’s law. That requires designs that will let the co... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Medical Versus Regular EMI Filters

EMI shielding is common in all sorts of applications: telecommunications, consumer electronics, computers, industrial, military, and more. One of the most common and important implementations is in power. By the nature of their functions and designs, power sources and supplies commonly generate electromotive interference in the form of radio waves. Appropriate shielding protects devices... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - All the Moving Parts in Transportation

The transportation industry is one that in whatever form it takes—cars, trains, heavy construction equipment for construction or agriculture, tractors, snowmobiles, military ground vehicles, elevators, escalators, and more—is constantly on the move. So, there’s an irony in that one of the important components in circuitry design for the sector is one that doesn’t... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - How to Select a Heatsink

Operating temperature and thermal performance are directly related; the lower, the better – and the higher a device’s reliability. Thermal management is more critical than ever for electronic product design as semiconductor devices continue scaling smaller with higher power densities.

Heatsinks and other enhanced cooling solutions are an effective means of reducing pow... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Medical Grade EMI Filters meet all Standards

The Ohmite range of Medical Grade EMI Filters meet all the relevant medical grade Standards and requirements.

The Ohmite AFM series of Power Entry Modules are designed for currents of 1 to 15 A and for single-phase circuits up to 250 VAC. The filters are approved according UL and CSA and are RoHS compliant.

Power entry modules are available with dual fuses and dual throw sw... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - RoHS Compliant Metal Element Kelvin Resistor

Ohmite's FK/GK Series is a low-resistance, 4-terminal element resistor with a power rating up to 5W. This product offers excellent long-term stability and is ideal for mounting on DCB/IMS substrates. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - PCS Series with high precision current sensing

Available in three sizes (1206, 2512, and 2728) the PCS Series offers low resistance values to 0.50mΩ. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Heatsink solutions for BGA and PBGA applications

Ohmite now carries a line of heatsink solutions that are specifically designed for your BGA and PBGA applications. Ohmite's heatsinks provide a low-cost thermal solution for these specific packages in multiple sizes. Our heatsink solutions can be attached to devices with adhesive thermal tape, making installation as seamless as possible. Custom heatsinks are available upon request.

(read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - The solution for high wattage surface mount chip

Thick Film High Power Chip Resistor

Ohmite has the solution for high wattage surface mount chips. The ALN series thick film chips offer 3.5 watts of power dissipation in a 2512 package size. This is accomplished with the use of an Aluminum Nitride substrate. Aluminum Nitride (AlNi) dissipates heat far more efficiently than standard Alumina or Ceramic substrates. Ohmite has enginee... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Heatsinks designed with a cam clips system

f you are using popular IXYS devices or the Ohmite CS10 series, look no further than the VR series extruded heatsinks to complete your design. Each heatsink is designed with a cam clips system ( Pat Pend) for these popular device types. The VR series also accomodates TO-220 and TO-247 devices. Remove the guess work involved for heatsink selection by choosing the VR series for your high w... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Highly capable Thermistor Power Chip

The TX series is the first thermistor released by Ohmite. The TX series is avaiable in 3 sizes (0402,0603, and 0805). The B-constant of the TX series is taken at 25°C to 85°C with values ranging from 2750K and 4700K. With AEC-Q200 compliance available, your automotive applications await this highly capable thermistor series.

F e a t ure s
• High mechanical streng... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Thermal Pads for Heatsinkable Devices

There are multiple high power heatsinkable devices on the market. Most if not all require pastes, materials, or grease between the heatsink and the device to meet its full potential. Turn to Ohmite for your Thermal Interface Material (TIM) solutions. Ohmite offers TIM's specifically cut to device footprints with no messy grease or paste. The Ohmite TIM's fill air voids and do not require... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Inlet Filters/Power Entry Modules

Inlet filters/power entry modules are widely used for interference suppression purposes in computers, peripherals, and other hardware devices. The modules combine an IEC inlet with an integrated filter in a single unit. Ohmite power entry modules are offered in multiple combinations including power switches, fuses, and/or mounting variations. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - 3 Phase - Single Stage Filters

A 3-Phase filter reduces unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise for such applications as frequency converters, motor drives, and other applications where this EMI interference needs to be reduced. Ohmite offers multiple series in bookshelf and chassis mount designs. To further expand the offering a wide max current rating and multiple voltages are offered.

Learn More (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Dual Stage - Single Phase - Chassis Mount Filters

Dual mode filters offer higher levels of attenuation. Ohmite offers multiple filter series in a dual mode configuration with max current levels up to 50 amps. These chassis mount filters are also available in low frequency version for additonal differential mode rejection in lower frequencies.

Learn More (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Single Phase Filters - Chassis Mount Filters

Single-Phase Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Filters are general-purpose filters designed to suppress undesirable electrical disturbances in power lines. Single-Phase EMI Filters limit the amplitude of interfering voltages on AC power lines and prevent them from propagating into or out of the filtered equipment. Ohmite filters using a chassis mount design provide a great connection to... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - EMI filters - when space is at a premium

PCB - SIngle Phase - Through-Hole Filters

Ohmite offers PCB mountable through-hole EMI filters for those applications where space is a premium and current values are low. Ohmite offers a singular case size with multiple current ratings to satisfy multiple applications.

Cost saving plastic housing designed for standard applications. Protection against interference voltage fr... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Solution for high wattage surface mount chips

Ohmite has the solution for high wattage surface mount chips. The ALN series thick film chips offer 3.5 watts of power dissipation in a 2512 package size. This is accomplished with the use of an Aluminum Nitride substrate. Aluminum Nitride (AlNi) dissipates heat far more efficiently than standard Alumina or Ceramic substrates. Ohmite has engineered a thick film printing process to apply... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - TGHD Series Non-Inductive High Power Resistor

Using the SOT-227 package, the TGHD series features flat type, 100W high power resistors that require an air-cooled heatsink or water-cooling to reach peak performance. These resistors are offered either with quick connect tabs or flywire leads. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - TRH Series All-In-One Solution

Combining our signature thick film technology with a ceramic heatsink, Ohmite has engineered a product that can cover all your needs in one easy to install product. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - KDV Series Low-Resistance Chip

Ohmite's KDV Series is a low-resistance chip resistor manufactured with metal film technology. Available in three standard sizes (0603, 0805, and 1206) the KDV Series is halogen and lead-free and provides long-term stability, high precision current sensing, and a high power capability. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - L4T Current Sense Resistor by ARCOL

The L4T boasts a TCR of 75PPM with 50PPM available as a non-stocked item. L4T is offered in 5000 piece (Paper) reels for 1206 size and 4000 piece (Embossed Plastic) reels in the 2010 package. In anticipation of the release, pricing is already embedded in the CR140 Price Book, out to a million piece column. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - SB Series

The SB Series offers a power rating up to 5 watts and resistance values down to 0.005 ohms. It also provides excellent long-term stability and RoHS compliance. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - JR Series Jumper Chips

The JR Series chips are the first ever jumper chips that Ohmite has carried in its 90+ year lifespan. They are some of the highest rated jumper chips on the market, capable of reaching 100 amps and providing a maximum resistance range of 0.5m - 0.2m ohms. This power rating allows it to minimize the effects on the circuit board. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Tap2000 Series

When properly heatsinked, Ohmite's TAP2000 Series dissipates 2000 watts of power. This gives it the highest power rating of any of the TAP products offered by Ohmite. This resistor is produced with Aluminum Nitride (AlN), giving it a higher thermal conductivity than resistors with the standard alumina. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - TGHG Series

The TGHG Series uses state of the art technology to provide highly reliable, non inductive performance. This resistor is ideal for many current monitoring and controls applications. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - ARG Series

The ARG Series is a high-performance heatsinkable aluminum housed resistor. These aluminum housed resistors are suited to withstand industrial applications that may include vibration, shock, and harsh environmental conditions. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - TKH45 Series

Elimination of multiple thermal layers including metal header for greater thermal performance.

No wire bonds or molding for increased reliability.

Larger resistance area for increased surge handling.

The TKH45 is rated at 45 watts with a thermal resistance of 3.0°C/W in a surfacemount design capable of high wattage dissipation with the proper heatsink and thermal... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - TEH140 Series

The TEH140 series from Ohmite is a totally encapsulated and insulated TO-247 package resistor. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - P Series Heatsink

The P series heatsink from Ohmite uses Forged Pin technology to increase the surface area for greater free air convection. Forced air convection applications will benefit from the ability to force air in multiple directions through the pins. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - LVT Series

TCR’s range from 150ppm to 50ppm depending on the value and size chosen. All popular sizes and values are covered with this series. Sizes include 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - TGHM Series

The Ohmite TGHM series removes the bulk of the standard SOT-227 package, creating an alternative for customers looking for connection options. The Ohmite TGHM relocates the terminations to the side creating a lower profile part. The side terminations use quick connect terminals for an easy connection. These terminals eliminate the hardware and extra assembly time normally associated with... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - BA Series High Power Aluminum Cased Wirewound

Multiple Wattages up to 1KW

Scalable, Custom Lengths Available

Custom Terminations

Thermal Cutoff Available

Heatsinkable Chassis Mountable

Ohmite has been the leading provider of resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications for over 80 years. The company's full complement of resistor construction i... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Ceramic Heatsink for TO-220 and TO-247

The unique design (patent pending) of the WC Series heat sinks combines a tin plated, solderable, integral cam clip with an compressed ceramic heat sink body for an all-in-one solution to through-hole mounting of TO-220, TO-247, and TO-264 packages. These self-aligning heat sinks feature solderable feet and an integrated clip with 13.2 (lbf) of force on the center of the device to enhanc... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Heatsinks for common aluminum resistors

Ohmite introduces the HS series of extruded alumium heatsinks. The HS series was designed specifically for the popular aluminum housed resistors. (read more)