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Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - BA Series High Power Aluminum Cased Wirewound

Multiple Wattages up to 1KW

Scalable, Custom Lengths Available

Custom Terminations

Thermal Cutoff Available

Heatsinkable Chassis Mountable

Ohmite has been the leading provider of resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications for over 80 years. The company's full complement of resistor construction i... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Ceramic Heatsink for TO-220 and TO-247

The unique design (patent pending) of the WC Series heat sinks combines a tin plated, solderable, integral cam clip with an compressed ceramic heat sink body for an all-in-one solution to through-hole mounting of TO-220, TO-247, and TO-264 packages. These self-aligning heat sinks feature solderable feet and an integrated clip with 13.2 (lbf) of force on the center of the device to enhanc... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Heatsinks for common aluminum resistors

Ohmite introduces the HS series of extruded alumium heatsinks. The HS series was designed specifically for the popular aluminum housed resistors. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Aluminum Clad Wirewound Resistor

Wirewound resistor assemblies are encapsulated in cement. THis package is commonly attached to a frame or heatsink to increase the power dissipation. The extruded profile includes mounting holes to ease of installation. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Heatsink with Cam Clip System

The CR series extruded heatsinks offer a (Pat Pending) cam clip system. The simple and easy to use Cam Clip can secure a wide variety of active and passive component packages which require proper heatsinking to operate safely. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - SOT-227 Capable of 600 Watts

The new TGH600 is built around a standard SOT227 package size. Most products in this package size are capable of 200 watts. The TGH600 triples that wattage with 600 watts of power dissipation with proper heatsinking. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Ohmite TAP650 Series Planar Resistor

The TAP650 series of thick film heatsinakble resistors are ideal for low profile high wattage applications. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - 4 Terminal Current Sense

The FC4T series is produced in a flip chip design providing outstanding specifications at a lower cost. The FC4T series carries a range of resistance from 0.005-0.100 ohms and a TCR down to 50ppm. Another great specification is the 0.5% tolerance in all values. Combining tolerance, values, and stability in a cost conscience package draws attention from a multitude of engineers. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. -  Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) from Ohmite

The FST series Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) from Ohmite provides predictable resistance change based on temperature. The SMD chip based design is offered in the popular 0805 size. The FST series is manufactured using a thin film process and contains Palladium (Pd) in the terminations. The Pd is known for its stability and allows a clean connection, helping to eliminate any therm... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Low Profile Adjustable SMD Potentiometer

The SMU series offers a maximum power dissipation of 1/4 watt. The SMU is designed to keep the lowest profile. This is done by having the adjustment location on the top of the potentiometer. The adjustment of the full range of resistance can be accomplished with a single turn. This provides the user with a quick adjustment. The adjustment can also be completed with either a flat head or... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - FC4L Series Four Terminal Current Sense

Ohmite extends its FCSL Series with this 4-terminal Kelvin type FC4L derivative in a 5-watt package. Employing the same Ni-Cu-Mn resistive element this product affords the user an added advantage of a built-in 4-terminal design with 2 larger electrodes for current management and 2 smaller electrodes for current measurement. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - M Series Heatsinks

M series patented (Pat. No. 7,151,669), high performance, low cost, configurable, scalable and compact heat sink with matrix clip system for TO-247 and TO-264 packages. This powerful heat sink provides the easiest assembly, largest surface area and smallest footprint. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - D Series Heatsink

Ohmite D Series heatsinks provide an innovative solution for SMT compatible semiconductors and resistors. The unique design (Patent Pending) combines tin plated, solderable rods with an aluminum extruded heat sink body. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - HCLB Series WireWound High Current Load Bank

The choice when conditions demand top-notch performance, these resistor load banks are commonly used for dynamic braking on Transit applications or where high current handling and wattage are required. Ohmite's unique Oval Edgewound design allows for more wattage in smaller a package. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - ARCOL AP725 Series Surface Mount Power Resistor

ARCOL AP725 Series Surface Mount Power Resistor features up to 20 watts of power dissipation... (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - CS5 Series High Power Current Sensing Resistor

The CS5 is a high power precision current sensing resistor designed with four terminals. This resistor series is distinguished by excellent long-term stability & TCR. The Kelvin connections allow high precision measurements even with low resistance values. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - EY Series Ceramic Composition Energy

EY Series are designed for high energy applications Up to 400 joules of energy handling. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Current Sensing Resistors by Ohmite

Current Sensing Resistors are the newest and fastest growing products in the industry today. These surfacemount designs monitor the current in a circuit, and translate that into a voltage that can be easily measured and controlled. (read more)

Ohmite Manufacturing Co. - Variable Mount Heatsink

Ohmite introduces this new versatile heatsink design. This new design can accommodate several different industry packages. This design also lets the customer choose a mounting style using screws or clips for secure mounting to the heatsink.

These one of a kind heatsinks are offered in a vertical (free convection cooling) or horizontal format (forced convection cooling) to fit cust... (read more)