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Olympus America, Inc. - 3D Laser Scanning Microscope for Material Analysis

Built for failure analysis and material engineering research, Olympus' OLS5100 3D laser scanning microscope combines exceptional measurement accuracy and optical performance with smart tools that make the microscope easy to use, allowing for smart work flow and faster experiments. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - AxSEAM™ Scanner for Long Seam Weld Inspection

Optimized for long seam weld inspection, such as in electric resistance welded (ERW) pipes, the AxSEAM™ scanner’s simple design minimizes the number of adjustments required when changing pipe diameters, probe separation, or scan orientation. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - Vanta Element™ Handheld XRF Analyzer Testing

The Vanta Element XRF analyzer series provides elemental analysis for fast alloy grade identification and sorting at an affordable price. The series is available in two cost-effective models. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - Microscope Inspections for High-Quality Inspection

The MX63 and MX63L microscope systems are optimized for high-quality inspections of wafers as large as 300 mm, flat panel displays, circuit boards, and other large samples. Their modular design enables you to choose the components you need to tailor the system to your application. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - Turnkey Technical Cleanliness Inspection System

The OLYMPUS CIX100 inspection system is a dedicated, turnkey solution for manufacturers who maintain the high quality standards for the cleanliness of manufactured components. Quickly acquire, process, and document technical cleanliness inspection data to comply with company and international standards. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - OmniScan® X3 Phased Array Flaw Detector for Weld

OmniScan flaw detectors have long been recognized as the workhorse of phased array weld inspection. The X3 flaw detector is even better with setup, imaging, and analysis tools that make weld inspection easier. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - OmniScan X3 for Corrosion & Damage Mechanisms

Phased array for corrosion inspection offers many benefits, including excellent coverage and resolution. But becoming proficient in phased array techniques can be challenging. The X3 flaw detector combines advanced functionality with thoughtfully designed software and simplified menus so that you can get accurate data with fewer complications. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - 5 Reasons to Switch to OmniScan X3 Flaw Detector

Introducing the latest member of the OmniScan™ family - the new OmniScan X3 flaw detector. On top of its high-quality, highly detailed imaging, the OmniScan X3 flaw detector is packed full of innovative simulation and visualization tools that enable you to verify and validate your inspection on the spot. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - OmniScan® X3 Flaw Detector Redefines Phased Array

OmniScan® instruments are recognized globally as the benchmark for portable phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) thanks to their power, reliability and ease of use. The new OmniScan X3 flaw detector elevates the standard with innovations that improve the entire inspection workflow. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - IPLEX GX/GT Videoscope Delivers Ease of Use

With interchangeable insertion tubes and light sources, an 8-inch touch screen, and advanced imaging features, the IPLEX GX/GT videoscope delivers an optimal balance of versatility, imaging capabilities, and ease of use. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - DSX1000 Digital Microscope for Faster Analysis

The new DSX1000 digital microscope combines the quality of renowned Olympus optics with the ease of use of digital technologies. Designed to measure and observe a variety of materials, the microscope offers guaranteed high- and low-magnification accuracy and precision* in a single instrument... (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - LEXT® OLS5000 3D Measuring Laser Microscope

Featuring 4K scanning, an expansion frame, and dedicated objectives, Olympus’ new LEXT® OLS5000 3D laser scanning microscope can acquire surface topography details at the nanometer level with a single click. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - OLYMPUS CIX100 Cleanliness Inspection System

The OLYMPUS CIX100 inspection system is a dedicated, turnkey solution for manufactures who maintain the highest quality standards for the cleanliness of manufactured components. Quickly acquire, process, and document technical cleanliness inspection data to comply with company and international standards. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - EPOCH® 6LT Portable Flaw Detector

Don’t compromise on the inspection capabilities of your flaw detector. The EPOCH® 6LT portable flaw detector combines the functionality of a powerful ultrasonic flaw detection device with a form factor designed to thrive in rope access and high portability applications. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - DSX510 Digital Microscope: All-in-One Imaging

Olympus DSX digital microscopes offer easy, single-click 3D image acquisition, guaranteed measurement accuracy, and up to 9,000x magnification, allowing users of all experience levels to obtain fast, accurate inspection results. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - Vanta™ Handheld XRF Analyzers

Olympus' Vanta analyzer is our most advanced handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) device and provides rapid, accurate element analysis and alloy identification to customers who demand laboratory-quality results in the field. Built to be tough, their rugged and durable design makes them resistant to damage for greater uptime and a lower cost of ownership. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - Magna-Mike 8600 Portable Thickness Gage

The Magna-Mike® 8600 is a portable thickness gage that uses a simple magnetic method to make reliable and repeatable measurements on nonferrous materials. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - MX63 Semiconductor Inspection Microscope

Olympus MX63 semiconductor industrial inspection microscope systems offer easy, accurate, and comfortable observations of micro-structures on wafers up to 300 mm. The microscopes meet international standards including SEMI S2/S8, CE, and UL. Advanced imaging technology delivers clear micrographs, and an ergonomic design helps minimize user fatigue. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - NORTEC 600

Olympus converges its latest advancements in high-performance digital circuitry and eddy current flaw detection into one compact and durable portable unit-the new NORTEC® 600. With its crisp and vivid 5.7 inch VGA display and true full-screen mode, the NORTEC 600 is capable of producing highly visible and contrasting eddy current signals in any lighting condition. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - FOX-IQ Process & On-Line XRF Analyzer

The Fox-IQ provides customized and automated, continuous XRF measurements of Ca to U. It functions in a 24/7 operation for industrial process optimization, increased productivity & improved quality. (read more)

Olympus America, Inc. - Series C Videoscope

Olympus' entry-level videoscope provides exceptional articulation, durability and great optics to get you the image you need. The instrument is built for use anywhere you need it and packed with features usually reserved for more expensive units. The Series C will save you time and money. (read more)