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PHD, Inc. - Needle Cylinder for Blow Molding

Direct OEM solution, rugged design, standard internal shock pads, long life, reduced maintenance and downtime (read more)

PHD, Inc. - Automated stamping for part identification

Major Benefits
• Provides cost-effective solution for identification stamping, staking, crimping, and forming.
• High clamp force produces characters in draw quality steel at only 70 psi [4.8 bar]
• Eliminates downtime associated with changing or replacing characters
• Three sizes available to fit your application requirements
&bul... (read more)

PHD, Inc. - Pneumatic Identification Stamping Clamp

Operates quietly in 0.2 seconds, eliminates downtime required for changing or replacing characters. (read more)

PHD, Inc. - Pneumatic or Electric Pick Heads

PHD offers both electric variable pick heads and pneumatic fixed pick heads. Pick heads can change the spacing of an array. For example, product may come off a conveyor line at spacing of 25 mm, but to place the product in the packaging it may need spread to 40 mm. (read more)

PHD, Inc. - Workholding Clamps Increase Productivity

All of PHD’s workholding clamps are robust actuators; featuring enclosed mechanisms for protection from weld splatter, long life, superior performance, mounting choices, and weld field immune switches. PHD clamps offer the best delivery and the lowest cost in the industry. (read more)

PHD, Inc. - New Series EGRR Electric High Capacity Gripper

Narrow width, long jaw travels, high grip force, large moment capacity, rugged design, true parallel jaw motion, with servomotor control on jaw acceleration, velocity, and position feedback. (read more)

PHD, Inc. - New Design! Series PLK Modular Pin Locating Clamps

PHD Series PLK Pin Locating Clamps have been updated. This new drop-in replacement, design offers more pin styles and pin diameters, providing the flexibility to meet application requirements in a standard package (read more)

PHD, Inc. - High clamping force on a lightweight body

Completely enclosed pin, lightweight, compact, built-in locking system, best delivery. (read more)

PHD, Inc. - Let us assist you with your automation needs

Built on the foundation of long-life products for industrial automation, PHD Optimax® products are actuators designed to meet machine builders’ performance requirements at a competitive price. These economical, efficient, and reliable actuators provide customers with an alternative choice to PHD’s standard “built-to-order” product line, delivering even more so... (read more)

PHD, Inc. - The PHD Optimax® The Price Alternative

The PHD Optimax® Series ORQ Pneumatic Compact Rotary Table features a double rack and pinion system providing increased output torque while eliminating backlash at the end of rotation. The Series ORQ has drop-in metric mounting to match the global standard, and is available in 6 bore sizes. (read more)

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PHD is honored to be recognized by Automation World magazine and its readers as a “First Team” honoree for Leadership in Automation 2015 in the category of Hydraulic/Pneumatic.