PHOENIX CONTACT USA has promoted these products:

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Managed switch for diverse networks

FL SWITCH 2000 gives machine and automation networks higher-level capabilities! (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Premium low wattage power supplies

New QUINT POWER additions with high reliability in space-limited applications

Phoenix Contact has added compact AC/DC power supplies ranging from 30 to 100 W to the premium QUINT POWER family. With these new low wattage additions, control engineers can select a more precise power supply for their low-power applications, while still getting advanced QUINT POWER features, suc... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Phoenix Contact updates Ethernet HART® multiplexer

Now compatible with Emerson’s AMS Device Manager

A firmware update is available for Phoenix Contact’s Ethernet HART multiplexer that adds support for the ARCOM protocol, enabling connectivity with Emerson‘s AMS Device Manager asset management software, which helps avoid unnecessary downtime by providing a window into the health of intelligent field devices... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW)

Phoenix Contact introduces Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW)

Cabinet Confidence LLW is the industry’s most comprehensive warranty program

Phoenix Contact USA customers now have access to the automation industry’s most extensive limited lifetime warranty policy. The warranty applies to a wide range of Phoenix Contact products and is exclusive to U.S.... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New voltage options for TRIO POWER

Expanded range of power supplies

New options make TRIO POWER suitable for wider range of applications

Phoenix Contact’s TRIO POWER family now has a wider range of voltage options, as well as power supplies for maritime and 12 V NEC Class 2 applications. The new additions ensure reliable power in the same space-saving design as other TRIO models.

T... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - SafetyBridge Technology for Axioline format

Functional safety for performance I/O system

SafetyBridge Technology now available for Axioline format

Phoenix Contact’s SafetyBridge Technology (SBT) is now available on the Axioline F I/O system. The new SafetyBridge I/O modules (logic, 8-point input, and 8-point solid-state output) record and output safety-related signals for easier and more flexible... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Online Connector Configurator

Design engineers can find the right connector for a specific application in just a few clicks, with Phoenix Contact’s new connector configurator. The online tool features filter images and menus, 2D and 3D downloads, and an easy-to-use interface, so the designer can configure the exact PCB terminal block connector desired.

Designers can choose from many customization options... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - UL Listed fiber-optic patch cables

New zip-cord patch cables in accordance with ANSI/UL 746C

Phoenix Contact now offers UL Listed fiber-optic patch cables. The patch cables (including both cable and connector) are the first of their type to meet ANSI/UL Standard 746C, which describes special requirements for plastic materials used in electrical or electronic applications.

These patch cables range fro... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Modular housings for embedded systems

Design flexibility for PCBs

Modular housings for embedded systems and other PCB form factors

Phoenix Contact’s new Universal Case System (UCS) gives design engineers a flexible housing option for nearly any printed circuit board (PCB) project. This family of IP40 enclosures can accommodate multiple PCBs in embedded systems and other PCB form factors.

(read more)
PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Space-saving surge protection

Space-saving surge protection

Versatile SPD range starts at just 3.5 mm wide

With modules starting at just 3.5 mm wide, the new TERMITRAB Complete surge protective devices (SPDs) can protect up to 572 signals on one meter of DIN rail. In addition to this ultra-narrow option, Phoenix Contact’s newest SPD line includes variants that meet many specific meas... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Four-level Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact’s four-level terminal blocks make motor connection easy. The space-saving terminal blocks use Push-in connection technology (PT) for nominal cross sections up to 10 AWG, 28 A, and 600 V UL.

Every level has a function shaft for easy potential distribution, reducing wiring costs. A large-surface marking option clearly identifies every motor connection. Each ter... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - UL Listed AC-UPS battery backup solution

A simplified battery backup solution

The new TRIO AC-UPS saves cabinet space while improving maintenance ease

Phoenix Contact now offers a UL Listed AC-UPS battery backup solution ideal for applications that need to minimize cabinet space. The TRIO 750 VA-AC UPS is an off-line UPS that provides 600 W of power from the integrated 3.4 Ah valve-regulated lead-aci... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Durable surge protection for reliable power

Surge protection devices for safe and easy installation and maintenance

Phoenix Contact completes its Safe Energy Control (SEC) product line with durable, UL Recognized surge protective devices (SPDs). Ideal for meeting small footprint requirements with high-energy handling capabilities, these pluggable devices include local and remote status indicators, and reversible keye... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Twin Push-in terminal inserts

Easier connection for heavy-duty connectors in common transmission lines

The new Twin-PT contact inserts from Phoenix Contact are the first HEAVYCON inserts available with Push-in termination for two conductors per contact. This enables two conductors to be wired in one contact point easily and without special tools.

With these inserts, the user saves time, installat... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - MINI Analog Pro easy installation in tight spaces

The newest module in Phoenix Contact’s MINI Analog Pro family increases flexibility in analog signal duplication, thanks to easy software configuration. Due to modern electronics and design, the 6.2-mm module can isolate inputs and outputs to 3 kV.

Sometimes referred to as a “signal splitter,” the module actually duplicates the analog input value offering a maxim... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New triple-rated IECEx, ATEX, & CID2 HazLoc relays

The first-ever slim relay family with triple ratings for hazardous locations

Phoenix Contactnow offers the only electromechanical slim relay family with triple ratings for IECEx, ATEX, and Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. While Phoenix Contact has offered dual-rated relays that meet both the European and American standards since 2015, the relays now also meet the IE... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Electronics enclosures for rugged applications

Environmental case system (ECS) protects against extreme elements

Phoenix Contact’s newest enclosure system protects electronics from potentially damaging elements commonly found in outdoor applications and extreme indoor environments. The two-piece, sealed environmental case system creates IP66, IP67, and NEMA 6 ratings with a latch or screw-locking method.

Th... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Make serial devices network-capable

Serial device servers and gateways make network migration easy

Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of serial device servers and gateways that gives automation engineers an easy and cost-effective way to connect control systems and field devices.

Performing routine maintenance, upgrades, or expansion of control systems can lead to a communications gap between legacy... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Axioline provides real-time control and remote I/O

Fast and flexible automation

Axioline provides real-time control and remote I/O with easy installation

Middletown, Pa. – Phoenix Contact introduces Axioline, a real-time control and remote I/O system for high-speed data acquisition common in machine-building applications.

Like all Phoenix Contact controllers, Axiocontrol (AXC) is programme... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - VL2 1000 industrial PCs

Industrial PCs for simple applications

VL2 1000 offers fast processing times, high uptime, and appealing design

Phoenix Contact introduces VL2 1000 industrial PCs, equipped with Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail processors for fast processing time in simple applications. These entry-level box and panel IPCs feature an optional CAN interface, screen... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New Phoenix Contact’s Infomobile has hit the road

‘Cabinet Confidence’ Infomobile

Phoenix Contact vehicle shows how products work together to maximize efficiency

The newest edition of Phoenix Contact’s Infomobile has hit the road. The vehicle features a “Cabinet Confidence” theme, demonstrating how Phoenix Contact products work together to provide cost-effective, flexible soluti... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - High-density, direct connections

Phoenix Contact now offers direct plug-in connectors in a double-row configuration, ideal for high-density PCB connections. The new SDDC 1.5 connector system, featuring “SKEDD” plug-in technology, can accommodate four to 32 conductors.

SKEDD technology enables direct connection to the PCB via through-contacted bore holes, without the need for tools or an additional hea... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New CBMC circuit breaker from Phoenix Contact

Compact and configurable circuit breaker

Phoenix Contact’s CBMC has NEC Class 2 approval

The new CBMC circuit breaker from Phoenix Contact combines a compact design with custom configurability. It is also Phoenix Contact’s first circuit breaker to receive NEC Class 2 approval.

The CBMC measures just 36 mm wide and has four channels to prote... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Class I, Div. 2 circuit breakers

Phoenix Contact introduces the HMC series of circuit breakers, the company’s first 120 V AC hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers for use in Class I, Division 2 applications.

The UL-approved products utilize a fully sealed hydraulic-magnetic design that allows for accurate power switching and reliable overcurrent protection. Each breaker is rated for 50 V DC, and breakers up t... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Phoenix Contact Wide-range DC voltage transducers

Phoenix Contact’s newest DC voltage transducer has a user-friendly programming interface and optional push-in connection technology (PT). The MACX MCR-VDC transducer family recently secured UL/cUL Listing, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

The new transducers have the same footprint and technical capabilities as the obsolete MCR-VDC-UI-B-DC transduc... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - DC/DC power converter-photovoltaic applications

Phoenix Contact’s new UNO Solar DC-to-DC power converter connects directly to a solar array. The UNO Solar converts high voltages from DC strings to 24 V DC, eliminating the costs and hassle of trenching for combiner, re-combiner, and inverter control for anti-islanding applications.

The UNO Solar accepts the 300 to 1000 V DC input generated by the array and converts it to e... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Portable card printer for industrial use

Mobile printer for use in the field and around the shop

Phoenix Contact introduces Thermomark Prime, a portable card printer ideal for both on-site and stationary identification, in and around the industrial control cabinet. The Thermomark Prime features integrated marking software for direct input of data, drop-in ink cartridge for easy loading, and automatic material dete... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - BL FPM monitors withstand wide temperature range

Phoenix Contact has expanded its product line of robust HMIs and industrial PCs to include new wide-screen, multi-touch industrial monitors. The new Basicline flat panel monitors (BL FPM) are ideal for operation in rough industrial environments with an ambient temperature range of -10°C to +60°C.

All monitors are equipped with a VGA, DVI-I, and DisplayPort interface, facil... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - PCB connector-new SKEDD direct plug-in technology

Phoenix Contact’s new SDC 2.5 connectors plug directly into the PCB via through-contacted bore holes. This eliminates the need for an additional header and the soldering process, reducing component and process costs.

The connectors feature Phoenix Contact’s “SKEDD” plug-in technology, for easy PCB mounting without tools. The geometry of SKEDD contacts is si... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - DIN rail power supplies with time monitoring

New QUINT POWER can be configured specifically to the application

The newest generation of QUINT POWER power supplies gives control engineers improved configuration and diagnostics to ensure reliable power to the control system. Phoenix Contact has added near-field communications (NFC), real-time monitoring, coordinatedsurge protection, and a configurable DC output characte... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Easy mobile printing-Phoenix Contact’s Thermofox

Thermofox from Phoenix Contact is an easy-to-operate, handheld printer for small labeling projects in the field or around the industrial panel shop. Thermofox makes it easy to swap material cartridges for terminal block markers, shrink sleeves, self-laminating wire wraps, and indoor/outdoor vinyl tape. For power, the Thermofox accepts standard AA batteries, or a rechargeable lithium-ion... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - PT 2,5/S-QUATTRO terminal blocks

High-density multi-conductor terminal blocks

Achieve high wiring density in minimal space

Phoenix Contact introduces PT 2,5/S-QUATTRO terminal blocks. These four-position terminal blocks occupy the same amount of space as the company’s two-position terminal blocks. This allows for a high wiring density without sacrificing space across the DIN rail.

(read more)
PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Multichannel circuit breakers

Multichannel circuit breakers for CID2 use

High-density, programmable electronic circuit breaker approved for use in hazardous locations

The CBM (circuit breaker multichannel) from Phoenix Contact has received Class I, Division 2 approval. This approval makes the CBM suitable for use in hazardous locations such as oil refineries, offshore platforms, and waste... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Phoenix Contact’s FAME 3 Test System

Safe testing for switchgear applications

Phoenix Contact’s FAME 3 system simplifies complex switching operations

Utility engineers and technicians can now complete complex switching operations in a single procedure with Phoenix Contact’s FAME 3 Test System (Fast and Modular Energy). The touch-safe testing system features ring-lug terminal connectio... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Rapid shutdown for rooftop PV systems

Phoenix Contact’s new SOLARCHECK RSD (Rapid Shutdown) gives solar panel installers an NEC 690.12-compliant solution for the safe, rapid shutdown of rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems. National Electric Code (NEC) 690.12 dictates that all rooftop solar PV systems must have a rapid shutdown function to protect first responders from electric shock in the event of an emergency.

S... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Modular high-density housing

High density I/O options with one housing

The ME-IO housing system from Phoenix Contact features front connection technology and up to 36 push-in connection points. Create your own configuration with our ME-IO configurator.

Design engineers can build custom controller with Phoenix Contact’s ME-IO housing

With the ME-IO housing from Phoenix Contac... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - UL 489 Listed branch circuit breakers

TMC 8 circuit breakers provide overload and short-circuit protection

Phoenix Contact now offers a new line of UL 489 Listed circuit breakers – the TMC 8 series. A trip-free design increases safety against closing during an overcurrent event, while the snap-action mechanism eliminates contact welding and reduces contact wear.

These UL 489 Listed circuit breaker... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Series 7000 managed switches from Phoenix Contact

Series 7000 managed switches from Phoenix Contact

New managed switches for high availability EtherNet/IP networks

Phoenix Contact now offers Series 7000 advanced managed switches. The switches support the Device Level Ring (DLR) redundancy mechanism. With recovery times of less than three milliseconds, a switch-over can be performed quickly in the event that a... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Latching connectors for LED applications

Phoenix Contact’s PTSM miniature connectors are now available with a secure latching mechanism. The latch makes it easy to lock connectors together in lighting and other space-critical applications.

The locking feature, which does not require any special tools, is compatible with existing PTSM headers. This creates maximum design flexibility, as the various PTSM connectors c... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New Dual-rated CID2 and ATEX Relays

Space-saving PLC relays meet standards for American and European hazardous locations

Phoenix Contact now offers PLC relays that are dual-rated for ATEX and Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations. While Phoenix Contact has offered hazardous location relays for several years, the new additions meet both European and American standards.

Like Phoenix Contact's oth... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New Phoenix Contact M12 power distribution boxes

Phoenix Contact introduces M12 power distribution boxes designed for field-based power supply voltages of 24 V. These distribution boxes, in combination with standard M12 power cables of 4x10 AWG conductors, can eliminate voltage drop that occurs across long cable runs.

The distributor has four T-coded M12 receptacles with a current load of up to 10 A per channel. Each of the eigh... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - First-ever AC UPS with UL 1778 HAZLOC rating

QUINT UPS-IQ 500 VA suitable for CID2 locations

Phoenix Contact’s QUINT UPS-IQ 500 VA AC UPS has received UL 1778 Recognition. This is the first-ever industrial control cabinet AC uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to be certified for Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.

This AC UPS uses Phoenix Contact’s proven IQ technology to increase system... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - New MINI PRO analog signal conversion transducers

New options in analog signal conditioning

Narrow analog set-point relay and analog-to-frequency modules

Phoenix Contact has added two new analog signal conversion transducers to its space-saving MINI PRO analog family. Like other MINI PRO signal conditioners, the new set-point relay and analog-to-frequency transducer measure just 6.2-mm wide and are easy to install i... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Powerful 6-mm safety relays

Powerful 6-mm safety relays

The new PSRmini relays from Phoenix Contact are the world’s slimmest safety relays. At just 6-mm wide, the PSRmini allows for 6 A, force-guided safety connections, but at a 70 percent smaller footprint than standard 22.5-mm safety relays.

PSRmini safety relays come in two form factors, “slim” and “compact.” T... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - UNO-UPS, V DC uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Compact uninterruptable power supply

Cost-effective UPS features integrated battery

Phoenix Contact introduces the UNO-UPS, a compact 24 V DC uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The UNO-UPS provides standby power in the event of an AC mains power loss. The cost-effective UNO-UPS is suitable for use with compact controllers, PLCs, HMIs, and other low-power devi... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Checkmaster 2-Modular test device-surge protectors

Checkmaster 2 enables convenient, safe, and fast testing

The Checkmaster 2 modular test device makes it easy to check the health status of Phoenix Contact surge-protection plugs. The Checkmaster 2 thoroughly checks protective elements such as spark gaps, gas-filled surge arresters, voltage-dependent resistors, and suppressor diodes in a single test cycle.

The Checkm... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - CES Multigates handle up to 37 cables

New Cable Entry System product offers another panel feed-through solution!

Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of its Cable Entry System (CES) product line with the addition of the CES Multigates. These space-saving, metal-reinforced cable entry plates have double-membrane sealing, which ensures a high degree of protection (IP66/67).

The CES Multigates can handle... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - Finger-actuation UT-MTL knife disconnects

Phoenix Contact’s newest knife disconnect terminal blocks feature a quick and safe finger-actuation mechanism for test and measurement applications. The UT 4-MTL and UT 6-MTL’s finger levers enable technicians to safely perform circuit-polarity checks and troubleshooting without disrupting service.

The MTL lever does not require a tool to actuate. It extends above and... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - TRIO power supplies feature push-in connections

Highly efficient power supply pairs with high-density circuit protection

TRIO power supplies feature push-in connections

Phoenix Contact’s new “TRIO POWER” power supplies are the first generation in the TRIO POWER family to have push-in connections, allowing fast and easy installation. The TRIO power supplies are designed for low-cost yet adv... (read more)

PHOENIX CONTACT USA - iPad app showcases product innovations

Phoenix Contact USA’s new iPad app showcases the company’s latest innovations. The app is available for free download at, or by searching for “Phoenix Contact USA” in the iTunes app store.

The app acts as a digital library. Phoenix Contact will release multiple issues per year, depending on the number of ne... (read more)

News articles and press releases for PHOENIX CONTACT USA:


The warranty applies to a wide range of Phoenix Contact products and is exclusive to U.S. customers who register and use Phoenix Contact power supplies and surge protection to protect electronics in their applications.


The students designed and built the “Jiggy Jukebox,” which gives music lovers a voice into the music selection at proms, radio stations, and even restaurants.


The main objectives of developing the new PowerSync controller line were to further increase system reliability, availability and make Capstone microturbines easier to use for both end-user customers as well as Capstone distribution partners.


Design engineers can find the right connector for a specific application in just a few clicks, with Phoenix Contact’s new connector configurator


In the wake of the massive WannaCry ransomware incident, Phoenix Contact is encouraging healthcare facilities and other businesses to take preventive steps to protect their systems from the next malware attack.


Phoenix Contact’s QUINT POWER power supply has won a Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award, the publication recently announced.


The new generation of Valueline panel PCs from Phoenix Contact have received the renowned German Design Award 2017. The panel PC series impressed the international jury with its attractive design and powerful technology.


Phoenix Contact has partnered with Miller Mechanical Specialties (MMS) in the process automation market. In this new channel initiative, MMS will help customers apply Phoenix Contact’s process infrastructure technology.


Phoenix Contact and Cross Company’s Instrumentation Group have partnered to help process engineers improve the measurement, control, and connectivity of their field devices


The new SPTAF 1 connector family from Phoenix Contact features a low-profile body and three user-friendly spring-lever options (IL, EL, LL series).


Phoenix Contact Innovation Ventures GmbH, the venture capital company of the Phoenix Contact Group, completed an investment in Windesco Inc. Windesco provides Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for the wind industry.


President Barack Obama today visited the Phoenix Contact booth at the Hannover Messe in Germany. The president and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Frank Stuehrenberg, Phoenix Contact CEO, and Jack Nehlig, president of Phoenix Contact USA.


Phoenix Contact USA has entered into a strategic partnership with exida LLC to provide functional safety and cybersecurity assessments.


Phoenix Contact, a leader in industrial connectivity and automation, has been named the Top Plant of 2015 by Plant Engineering magazine. The Top Plant program, established in 2004, honors outstanding manufacturing facilities in North America.


Phoenix Contact has received a 2015 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence for its combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) system.


Phoenix Contact’s Designline industrial PC recently won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 in the “Industry/Skilled trades” category. The International Forum presented the award at a gala in Hamburg, Germany, on February 27.