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PREMIUM S.A. - High Tech Industry Power Supplies

The industrial sector is increasingly demanding and when it comes to high technology, the specifications and needs increase the complexity of the final products. With the rising of industry 4.0 and the internet of things (IoT), applications are specializing and increasingly require a reliable source of energy to make a difference. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - Custom Power Supplies, Inverters and Converters

We offer our solutions to the industrial market, being some of them in high-tech machinery, railway, energy or defense applications. Having over 38 years of experience and a highly trained team haves allowed us to position ourselves as technological leaders in power solutions. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - 260VA DC/AC Inverters

The OCS-260 series is composed of sinusoidal inverters of up to 260VA apparent power and are presented in a very compact format. We have the rail version (EN50155) and offer multiple mounting options. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - 200W DC Uninterruptible Power Supply

The UPS series (uninterruptible power supply systems) ECS-200 offer up to 230W of power and have the possibility of battery disconnection by low battery. Its assembly is simple in different options it offers (surface, DIN rail and rack). (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - 48V DC UPS With Remote Monitoring and Control

The EPS-120 are 120W and 48V DC UPS with remote monitoring and control. They are specially designed for applications for 4.0 Industry, the Internet of Things and smart grids. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - EDT-150 150W (275Wpf) 3 outputs UPS Ethernet

The EDT-150 are 150W DC UPS for 12V batteries and offer outputs of 12V and 48V. They are specially designed for applications in the 4.0 industry, Internet of Things and smart grids (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - CCS-60 Railway 50-70W DC/DC converters

The CCS-60 series consists of DC/DC converters up to 70W. All models comply with the EN50155 standard and are presented in Eurocard 3U format in addition to having remote inhibition. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - ECS-100 100W DC uninterruptible power supply

The ECS-100 are robust UPS (uninterruptible power systems) that offer up to 100W. Its mounting is simple in all options: surface, DIN rail and rack. In addition, all models have independent alarms for supply failure and low battery. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - ODS-3000 Industrial and Railway DC/AC Inverter

The ODS-3000 is a one phase 3000VA DC/AC Inverter designed for both industrial and railway applications that offers adjustable and pure sine wave output voltage via RS232. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - CRS-60 Industrial 50-60W DC/DC converter

The CRS-60 DC/DC converters offer up to 60W and adjustable output voltage. All models are compact and have been designed for all types of industrial applications. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - Power Supplies for Hostile Environments

We are aware of the role of an energy conversion system in equipment that has to work intensively in hostile environments, so we optimize our solutions to the maximum to meet the most demanding specifications and standards. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - Power Supplies for High & Medium Voltage Plants

The proper performance of energy transformation centers is essential and to premium the key is to offer a reliable and efficient product. Over 35 years in the industry make us the perfect partner for projects in high & medium voltage plants and smart grids applications. (read more)

PREMIUM S.A. - Railway Power Supplies

We manufacture robust and highly reliable products that meet the demanding regulations of the rail sector offering a long life of the solution. (read more)