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Palomar Technologies, Inc - Precise temp control for glass-to-metal sealing

With the Glass-to-Metal Seals market size expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future, it’s important to understand the requirements for developing high reliability microelectronics packaging. Glass-to-metal seals are extremely important in some critical applications within aerospace & defense, medical devices and the automotive industries. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - WEBINAR: Packaging Development 6G & Quantum Comms

If the arrival of 5G communications took many by surprise, the detailed and high-profile development of 6G is an altogether different story. Yet for all this advancement, some of the most critical packaging developments are taking place using adapted legacy processes. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Successful Void-Free Die Attach w/ Vacuum Reflow

WEBINAR: Successful Void-Free Die Attach using Vacuum Reflow Systems

There are many factors to consider when it comes to achieving desirable die attach and lid seal bonding; one of the most important of these factors is solder interface voiding. Voids in the solder interface contribute to various failure modes including overheating via non-uniform dissipation of heat and high mech... (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Paper: Global Trends in Logistics Sensor Packaging

The next few years hold out sensor opportunities concomitant to the spectacular growth in global robotics. One of the key drivers for the latter is logistics; from small to large scale, from warehouses measured by the square meter, to airports measured by the square mile. It is within these arenas that the most advanced sensor device development is taking place... (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - White Paper: Efficient Manufacture of IR Sensors

The market for the IR sensing devices has been growing steadily, but in recent years, the market experienced a rapid growth. Several factors drove the market. Among them, the sharp increase in the need for surveillance cameras and, with COVID-19, remote temperature sensing. The growth of smart building technology added more demand for IR sensors as well. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - 3880-II Die Bonder Maximizes Productivity

The new Palomar 3880-II die bonder is based on Palomar’s proven 3880 die bonder design but now includes options to even further maximize productivity, reduce programming time by up to 95% and improve the overall bonder productivity. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Manufacturing RF power amplifier assemblies

The production of RF power amplifiers necessitates both high volume and high quality. In general, finding a balance between maximizing throughput and meeting the required performance metrics, such as thermal conductivity of the bond between the die and package is crucial in any application, but is especially important in markets with growing demand. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - What’s the right packaging equipment for photonics

The photonics market is continuing to explode with a new report showing that just the European photonics market is growing at double the rate of global GDP – outperforming EU GDP and EU industrial production by three to five times, respectively*. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Replace your 2460/6000/8000 with 8100 Wire Bonder

Replace your Palomar 2460/6000/8000 with the most technologically advanced fine wire ball bonder: the Palomar 8100 Wire Bonder.

For making interconnects between an integrated circuit (IC) and to other electronics or a PCB, there is nothing more cost-effective and flexible than using a fine wire ball bonder. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Wire Bonding for RF and Microwave Devices

The Palomar 9000 Wedge Bonder is a high-speed fine wire wedge and ribbon bonder driven by voice coil technology in the bond head. This machine has interchangeable 45-60° and 90° deep access wedge clamps and operates across a single large 304 x 152 mm work area. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - High Reliability IR Microbolometers, IR Detectors

The construction of uncooled IR Microbolometers is based on the MEMS sensor with the specific number and size of the pixels to generate the thermal image. The SST 3150 creates high reliability MEMS packages. Packages are hermetically sealed with very low vacuum and moisture levels for extended, performance. The 3150 provides vacuum levels as low as 10-7 Torr, and temperatures to 500°C. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Automating Semiconductor Packaging & Assembly

The Palomar 3880 Die Bonder component placement die attach system features a state of the art, integrated Z-Theta bidirectional 8-tool bond head, making it the fastest, most reliable, and flexible multiple die bonder on the market. Designed based on industry-proven capabilities, the 3880’s versatility includes both eutectic & epoxy die attach, flip chip, and a range of options. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - EPIC-UK Purchases Palomar 3880 Die Bonder

Palomar Technologies, a global leader in delivering total process solutions for advanced photonics and microelectronic device packaging, announced today that Electronics and Photonics Innovation Center (EPIC) has purchased a fully loaded 3880 Die Bonder. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Palomar Technologies partners with Fraunhofer IISB

We work with research institutes around the world to contribute to the development and advancement of techniques and technologies. Our work results in new processes, products, or applications for customers. Palomar Technologies subsidiary, SST Vacuum Reflow Systems is working closely with the Fraunhofer Institute in the area of high-quality, void-free power module packaging for electric... (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Achieving <1% voiding in GaN die attach processing

The die bonding, or die attach process, consists of attaching a die/chip to a substrate or package. This attachment can be performed with either eutectic solder or adhesive. SST Vacuum Reflow Systems, a Palomar solution published an article in Chip Scale Review which discusses the eutectic solder die attach where the preform is an alloy comprising a mixture of two or more dissimilar meta... (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Prototype to Production for Biophotonics & Medical

From Prototype to Production for Biophotonics & Medical Device Packaging Assembly

The medical device market is expected to significantly diversify and almost double in value to $90 billion by 2025, but vendors face significant cost and packaging challenges if they are to successfully exploit these opportunities. Learn more about the advanced development protocols drawn... (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - High Accuracy Pattern Recognition for Die Bonding

When it comes to microelectronics and photonics packaging assembly, components such as die are placed onto packages. All automated die bonding systems require some type of vision processing for the machine to accurately locate the component before picking and placing the part. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Flexibility for Semiconductor Prototyping

Process development can present many challenges in the die attach market when the optimal process or package design varies drastically. Specifically, the interconnect methods can include conductive epoxy, solder paste, sintered paste, eutectic preforms, wire bonding, flip-chip with ball bumps, etc., which all require different technologies and equipment. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Palomar 8100 Wire/Ball Bonder

The newest Palomar fully automated, thermosonic high-speed, ball-and-stitch fine wire bonder capable of ball bumping and customized looping profiles. Based on Palomar’s proven wire bonder design and incorporating the latest productivity technology and operator ergonomics, making it the next generation of fine wire bonders. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Palomar Technologies New 8100 Wire Bonder

Palomar Technologies today announced the availability of their new Palomar 8100 Wire Bonder. The new 8100 wire bonder is a fully automated, thermosonic high-speed ball-and-stitch wire bonder capable of ball bumping and customized looping profiles. Based on Palomar’s proven wire bonder design, the Palomar 8100 incorporates the latest productivity technology and operator ergonomics. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Automated Epoxy Die Attach

Epoxy die attach, sometimes referred to as epoxy die bonding, is the most commonly used die attach method. Whether dispensed or daubed via single pin or stamp transfer, it is a more cost-effective solution compared to eutectic bonding; this is due to lower material and process costs. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Lid Sealing vs Seam Sealing - Electronic Packages

While lid sealing has been around for many years and is considered a legacy technology, it is helpful to revisit the topic and consider how lid sealing compares to seam sealing. By understanding the technology and its typical uses and within the context of individual package designs, the ability to determine which method to select improves the likelihood of success. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - 25% Discount on SST 3130 w/Trade-In of DAP Furnace

Palomar Technologies announced that SST Vacuum Reflow Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Palomar Technologies, is offering a 25% discount off the retail price of the SST 3130 programmable vacuum reflow oven with the trade-in of an SST DAP series furnace. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Power Modules Fuel the EcoPower Revolution

Electric power stands at the center of the ecopower revolution, and at the center of the center stands the power module. Within this particular ecosystem, two principle types dominate power modules: the metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor or MOSFET power module and the insulated-gate bipolar transistor or IGBT power module. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - SST 8300 Series Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System

The SST 8300 Series is an automated vacuum pressure soldering system designed to deliver a reliable low-void, flux-less solder process using precise combination of vacuum and gas pressure.  Featuring conveyor belts and a Cartesian gantry, the system provides high volume, high reliable packages through precise control of the soldering process. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - 5100 Vacuum Pressure Furnace

The SST 5100 is a vacuum and pressure furnace that provides precise automatic control of heating and cooling ramp rates. This system allows for heating up to 500°C and cooling in an inert gas environment from vacuum levels below 50 millitorr to pressures up to 40 psig. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - 3130 VACUUM PRESSURE FURNACE

The SST 3130 is a vacuum and pressure furnace that provides precise automatic control of heating to 500°C (1000°C optional) and cooling in an inert gas environment from vacuum levels of below 50 millitorr to pressures exceeding 50 psig. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Palomar 6500 Die Bonder

The Palomar 6500 high precision component placement Die Bonder is designed for high-speed, fully automated precision component assembly and offers extraordinary micron-level placement accuracy for photonic, wireless, and medical applications. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - Palomar 9000 Wedge Bonder

The Palomar 9000 Wedge Bonder is a high-speed fine wire wedge and ribbon bonder with optional interchangeable clamps for 45-60° and 90° deep access bonding on a single machine. (read more)

Palomar Technologies, Inc - SST 3150 High Vacuum Furnace

The SST 3150 is a high vacuum furnace that provides advanced packaging capabilities in vacuum levels as low as 10-7 Torr, and temperatures up to 500°C (1000°C optional). The clean-room compatible system may also be configured to allow for in situ separation of lid and package, getter firing and sealing of MEMS packages. (read more)

Turnkey die attach and wire bonding services with state-of-the-art contract manufacturing assembly services that are capable of ultra-high precision die attach, wire bonding, ribbon bonding, and die sorting.

Palomar’s highly skilled in-house engineering staff and technicians remain close to Palomar's design & manufacturing engineers, providing a close feedback loop and r... (read more)