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Pasternack - Pasternack Expands Millimeter-wave Waveguide Antenna Product Line

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has expanded its offering of mmWave waveguide antennas to address the growing number of 5G and other high-frequency applications. (read more)

Pasternack - New High Frequency Waveguide Straights, Bends and Twists

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has just launched a new series of waveguide straight sections, bends and twists that are commonly used in satellite communication, radar and airport security system applications. (read more)

Pasternack - New Class AB High Power Amplifiers with Optional Heatsinks

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has just launched a new series of high power, Class AB broadband amplifier modules that incorporate GaN, LDMOS or VDMOS semiconductor technology.  (read more)

Pasternack - Comprehensive 5G Solution Portfolio

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, announces a comprehensive portfolio of 5G RF solutions serving the urgent needs of engineers and technicians around the world with high-grade RF components and cable assemblies shipped same-day to support 5G innovation, testing and deployments. (read more)

Pasternack -  RF Coaxial Test Cables

Pasternack RF coaxial test cables are high frequency assemblies used for various precision and testing applications. Our coaxial test cables category consists 18 GHz test cable assemblies, 26.5 GHz armored test cable assemblies, 40 GHz armored test cable assemblies... (read more)

Pasternack - MIL-DTL-22641 Aluminum Waveguide to Coax Adapters

Pasternack's 50 new waveguide to coax adapters feature aluminum construction for reduced weight and compatibility with existing aluminum systems. Furthermore, they are compliant with MIL-DTL-22641 in terms of their electrical performance and mechanical dimensions. (read more)

Pasternack - Same Day Military-Grade High-Rel Cable Assemblies

Pasternack is changing the paradigm for Hi-Rel cable assemblies, enabling customers to have parts shipped the same day the order is placed. This is a game-changer for these assemblies, where the standard specification and ordering process in the industry has involved weeks or months. (read more)

Pasternack - 5G RF Solutions from Pasternack

Whether you’re building the future of enhanced mobile broadband or designing applications for IoT and mission-critical communications, Pasternack has your 5G RF component requirements covered with the industry’s broadest selection of RF actives, passives, interconnects and antennas for the next generation.  (read more)

Pasternack - Millimeter-wave Waveguide Antennas Up to 220 GHz

Pasternack's new line of millimeter-wave waveguide antennas consist of 85 new models that cover broad frequency ranges of 40 to 220 GHz, feature waveguide sizes ranging from WR5 to WR19 and offer gain ranging from 3.5 dBi to 25 dBi nominal. (read more)

Pasternack - Skew Matched Cable Pairs for 40 GHz and 67 GHz

Pasternack's expanded product line is made up of seven skew matched cables offered in 40 GHz and 67 GHz versions, three original models and four newly released. These delay matched cables feature polarity indicators for matched cable ends and are available with 2.92mm or 1.85mm connectors. (read more)

Pasternack - Input Protected Low Noise Amplifiers

Pasternack's new line of input-protected low-noise amplifiers consists of 12 different models that cover a broad range of frequency bands from 10 MHz to 3.5 GHz. These designs exhibit typical performance that includes low noise figure levels from 0.8 to 1.6 dB, high-small signal gain ranging from 25 to 40 dB, and low VSWR levels from 1.3:1 to 1.5:1. (read more)

Pasternack - Temperature-Conditioned Low-Loss RF Cables

Pasternack's new series of pre-conditioned, low-loss, high-reliability cable assemblies consist of 128 basic configurations from three different cable types for a total of more than 1100 part numbers that are all available for same-day shipping. These cables provide operating frequencies to 18 GHz and VSWR as low as 1.35:1. (read more)

Pasternack - mmWave Removable End Launch PCB Connectors

Pasternack's new line of high-speed end launch PCB connectors is comprised of 16 models in four end launch connector interfaces: 1.0mm (110 GHz), 1.85mm (67 GHz), 2.92mm (40 GHz) and 2.4mm (50 GHz). They provide VSWR as low as 1.10:1 and a wide bandwidth that supports high data rates. (read more)

Pasternack - Coaxial Cable with PIM levels of < -160 dBc

Pasternack's new series of low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies consists of 18 standard configurations that boast PIM levels of < -160 dBc. This product line is made with lightweight, flexible UL910 plenum-rated SPP-250-LLPL RF coaxial cable which can operate in temperatures from -55°C to +125°C. They are offered with connector types: 4.3-10, 7/16 DIN, 4.1/9.5 mini-DIN and Type-N, (read more)

Pasternack - RF Dummy Loads / Terminations

RF dummy loads (also know as loads and terminations) are available in 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 7/16 DIN, BNC, C, Mini SMB, Mini SMP, N, QMA, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP and TNC connector types. RF dummy loads from Pasternack are available in two categories, feed-thru and RF load. (read more)

Pasternack - Custom Low-PIM Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Pasternack's line of low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies now consists of 160 standard configurations that boast PIM levels of < -160 dBc. These high-performance, low-PIM cable assemblies are constructed with flexible, lightweight, UL910, plenum-rated, SPP-250-LLPL, RF coaxial cable which can operate in temperatures from -55°C to +125°C. (read more)

Pasternack - Waveguide Gain Horn Antennas

Gain horn antennas (also known as a waveguide horn antenna) are part of our huge selection of waveguide antennas. Pasternack standard gain horn antenna is manufactured with a WR-28 input and a waveguide to coaxial transition adapter. (read more)

Pasternack - MIL-DTL-17 RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Pasternack's military-grade, high reliability MIL-DTL-17 BNC to BNC cable assemblies feature a male BNC connector on each end of the assembly. Our BNC to BNC cable assemblies and are ideal for use by defense and aerospace, transportation and communications industries. (read more)

Pasternack - RF Coaxial Lightning Surge Protectors

Pasternack RF coaxial lightning surge protectors (also known as lightning arrestors, suppressors) product line is passive microwave components that protect against high electromagnetic pulses (EMP) or extreme power surges, typically caused by lightning strikes. (read more)

Pasternack - RF Calibrated Noise Sources

Pasternack coaxial RF noise sources (also known as noise generators) are diode-based microwave components that produce white noise for system performance evaluation such as noise figure. RF noise sources / noise generators from Pasternack are commonly used in production and lab test environments. (read more)

Pasternack - RF Phase Shifters

Pasternack RF phase shifters are passive microwave devices used to change the phase angle of an RF signal. Our variable analog RF phase shifter designs have consistent amplitude across all phase states and low insertion loss making them ideal for RF applications. (read more)

Pasternack - SPDT Electromechanical RF Relay Failsafe Switch

Electromechanical RF relay switch from Pasternack is a SPDT design. Our SPDT electromechanical RF switch uses N connectors at 50 Ohm. This N RF relay SPDT switch has a maximum frequency of 12.4 GHz and maximum power of 700 Watts. (read more)

Pasternack - Programmable and USB Controlled RF Attenuators

Programmable attenuators, also known as voltage controlled attuators, are available in 50 Ohm impedance. Our voltage controlled programmable attenuators are available with SMA connectors and RF dB attenuation values that range from 1 dB to 63 B. The frequency range of our voltage controllede attenuators is from 1 GHz to 18 GHz. (read more)

Pasternack - Unequal Split Power RF Tappers

Pasternack unequal split power RF tappers product designs are also known as unequal couplers, power dividers or splitters, cross band couplers and signal samplers. Many of our unequal RF couplers / tappers are RoHS and REACH compliant. Unequal RF tappers from Pasternack are available with (read more)

Pasternack - RF Rotary Joint Connectors 6 -18 GHz

RF rotary joint unions from Pasternack are manufactured to precise radio frequency component standards for applications such as rotary antenna systems such as air traffic control radar, air radar, ship radar, vehicle radar, other rotating radar antenna applications and more. (read more)

Pasternack - High Frequency Power Dividers - Low Insertion Loss

Pasternack Debuts New High Frequency Power Dividers that Deliver Low Insertion Loss and are Available with Same-Day Shipping. Pasternack's new line of high frequency power dividers consists of 17 new models with an operating frequency range from 26.5 GHz to 67 GHz. Additional features include SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm connectors, (read more)

Pasternack - High Power Coaxial Limiter

Pasternack's high power RF limiter line now consists of 13 unique models that provide low leakage power to sensitive control components in the receiver chain while offering good suppression of even-order harmonics under hard limiting. (read more)

Pasternack - High Frequency RF Couplers

Pasternack's new line of high frequency RF directional couplers consists of 24 models that have a high maximum operating frequency range from 26.5 GHz to 67 GHz. These new couplers deliver excellent isolation, low insertion loss and very good return loss. (read more)

Pasternack - High Power RF Fixed Attenuators - 6 GHz and 18 GHz

Pasternack now offers 31 high power, fixed attenuators which offer attenuation levels of 3 dB, 6 dB, 10 dB, 20 dB, 30 dB and 40 dB. Additionally, in-series connector gender interfaces are available in male-female configurations with both SMA and Type-N connector options. (read more)

Pasternack - Frequency Divider Modules - 0.1 GHz to 20 GHz

Pasternack has launched a new line of frequency divider modules that cover broadband frequencies from 0.1 GHz to 20 GHz. Rugged and Compact SMA Connectorized Packages. Comprehensive selection of 28 different prescaler models, broad selection of divide-by-ratios ranging from 2 to 40. (read more)

Pasternack - Coaxial RF Surge Protectors with 4.3-10 Connectors

Pasternack’s new surge protectors are available with either male to male or male to female 4.3-10 connectors and feature VSWR as low as 1.12:1, low insertion loss, maximum input power as high as 500W, a surge current rating of 20kA, multi-strike capability, and the lowest let-through energy in the industry. (read more)

Pasternack - Rugged Tunnel Diode Detectors

Pasternack's comprehensive offering includes 26 models of tunnel diode detectors that feature rugged Germanium planar construction and operate over octave and broadband frequencies that range from 100 MHz to 26 GHz. (read more)