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Pivot Point, Inc. - SLIC Pins™ - Safer and Faster Assembly

The Self Locking Implanted Cotter Pin is a pin and cotter all in one!
Strong spring-loaded plunger features easy insertion ramp and the vertical face at rear prevents backing out. This patented design is ideal for blind holes or where cotter pin access is limited.
The SLIC Pin™ eliminates co... (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - SLIC Pins - Real World Applications

As SLIC Pin™ technology continues to grow in popularity, the variety of applications where SLIC is revolutionizing assembly continues to expand. View our SLIC Pins applications guide to see real world applications where SLIC saved time and improved an application. (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - Quick-Release Detent Pins

Ball detent depresses and springs up for "quick release" applications. Used as a convenient way to adjust or remove accessories on equipment. Standard sizes are made from low carbon steel, zinc plated and customs in any material. Rigid quality control procedures ensure a consistent fastener you can count on. Choose a detent pin made to your exact specifications! (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - How Quick-Release Detents are Made

Ever wonder how we make our quick-release detent pins? How does the ball stay in?? Check out our "How Quick-Release Detent Pins are Made" whiteboard video to learn. (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - Steel Lanyards

Automated assembly process provides some of the lowest prices around!

Pivot Point offers a selection of high-quality lanyard assemblies 3/64" to 1/8" cable diameter for component retention and restriction of movement. These lanyards are typically attached to pins and other fasteners to prevent loss or used to limit the movement of lids, doors, panels and legs.

Pivot Point s... (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - Quick-Release Pins/Devices

Quick-Release solutions from Pivot Point Inc. include Push-Button Ball-Lock Pins, Detent Ring Pins, Detent Clevis Pins, Pull Pins and Ball Plungers. Pivot Point manufactures both stock and custom Quick Release products which are available in numerous sizes, configurations, materials... (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - Bow-Tie Locking Cotter Pin

The Bow-Tie Locking Cotter Pin works like a Hair Pin Cotter but locks itself on! (US Patent #'s 6,135,693 & D431,181. Foreign Patents Pending).

Push or pull the cotter leg into hole, the Bow-Tie snaps into a zero-tension locked position. It is easily released by lifting the loop and sliding off, but reduces the risk of being accidentally knocked or vibrated off, as with Hair P... (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - Ball Lock Pins (Standard and Custom)

Ball Lock Pins have a push button that initiates ball action and retraction. Positive locking design combines secure fastening with "quick release" ease of removal. Double ball design increases retention capabilities.
Our unique design features both a one-piece, cold formed body for increased durability and cost-effective manufacturing. See product features below!
Stock... (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - Auto-Lock Safety Pull Pins

Pivot Point's new Auto-Lock Safety Pull Pin features a retractable tip that locks into an extended (forward) position automatically. Conventional spring-loaded pull pins do not lock forward, allowing unintended retraction and disengagement due to vibration, movement and irregular mating holes. (read more)

Pivot Point, Inc. - Custom & Standard Quick Release Pins & Fasteners

Can't find the exact fastener solution for your application? Contact us! We specialize in Personalized Engineered Solutions! We'll work with you to develop the ideal fastener solution to suit your specific application; and we'll also provide preliminary prints and samples. Have a design in mind? Fax or email your sketch for a quote- we can often recommend cost saving alternatives. We off... (read more)